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Cale Yarborough is a famous Race Car driver who appeared in the Dukes of Hazzard as a reoccurring character.


Cale tells Bo and Luke that he knew a man from Hazzard named Skeeter who taught him a lot about cars.


Season 2[]

Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough[]

Cale and his mechanic Garvey are using a small race track he paid for to test a new supercharger that he wants to unveil at the coming Illinois 500. Trying to hide from the Jethro brothers, he and Garvey keep their work a secret.

While driving around the track, he sees a stock car pull up. He pulls up and parks, getting out when Garvey confronts them. He walks up, putting a hand on Garvey’s shoulder and asks Bo and Luke if they have a good excuse for being out there. Bo remarks he didn’t think they needed one. After the boys explain they thought the track belonged to the county, Garvey tells him ‘they got an answer for everything don’t they Cale’ while he takes off his helmet. He sees how surprised the boys are and when Bo says they are from Hazzard, he tells Chet to wait a moment before telling them he knew a man from Hazzard once. He says he taught him a lot about cars when he was young and was called Skeeter. Bo and Luke say they know him and he used to work with their Uncle. He concludes they are alright and  apologizes to the boys saying they can’t be too careful. Bo tells him that’s alright before shaking his hand. He then shakes Luke’s. He offers the boys an explanation and invites them to come see his car.

They show the boys his new computerized, servo-operated, pop off design waste gate. When Bo asks what he means he tells him it’s a turbocharger. He explains he doesn’t want anyone to know about it until the Illinois 500. When Chet says the Jethro Brothers are trying to steal it he says there is no sense in anyone stealing it right now. He says there is still a kink. When Bo and Luke ask to look at it, he tosses his helmet to Bo saying ‘make some dust boys’. They watch the boys drive around the track and he comments they aren’t bad. He comments they are looking good.

When the boys get back he asks how it was, saying it was nice driving and asking how he liked it. Bo tells him he loved it. Luke tells them that he could feel the compression dropping. He suggests regrinding the popping valve and Luke says that is the answer. When they ask how they could, Bo says ‘old Cooter’ could do it and he asks what an old Cooter is.

Garvey and the boys return and they put the turbocharger back together. He checks with all three before taking off around the track to test it. However he ends up spinning out. He tries again and uses the turbocharger and it works. He returns, thanking the boys and offers to let Bo and Luke join his pit crew. They hear Daisy call Bo and Luke and warn them that Boss is working with the Jethro Brother’s to steal the turbocharger. When Chet says they race against them enough, Cale says they drive like they play, dirty. A few moments later Jesse calls the boys and tells them to get back. Bo and Luke apologize and say they will be back before leaving.

Bo and Luke return and apologize for running off. He listens to Chet’s concerns about the race and Bo’s worry about Boss. Luke suggests they pull the turbocharger off and carry it. He agrees to Luke’s plan and after watching Garvey leave he rides with Bo and Luke to the bus stop but they see Rosco and Enos waiting, forcing them to flee. They head to the train depot but are force to turn around again, missing the train. He asks Bo and Luke if there is any other way out of town and Luke suggests Amos Stigger. They go and he meets Amos but learns he can’t help him escape. They hear the sirens and he asks how Rosco and Enos know where they are going. Cale sits in the back as Bo jumps the General over the creek.  He asks if they do that often. Luke says he knows how it is when they get a country boy behind the wheel.

They pull over and he talks to Bo and Luke, saying it’s like they are all in the car with them. Luke says maybe they were and suggests a bug. When they find it, Luke tell him a plan to open the hood and blare the horn in the bug. He nods and opens the General’s hood. After destroying it, Luke tells them he’s got another plan. Cale says when all this is over he’s going to adopt the two of them. Luke says that’s a bad idea as Bo will eat him out of house and home.

At Cooter’s he pulls the bug off his car and smashes it with a hammer. He lets Cooter paint his car to look like the General. He is amused when he sees how confused everyone is by Luke’s plan. Bo and Luke realize the road is blocked and admit they are out of ideas. Cale suggests using the turbo charger. He laughs as they jump over the road block.

They head up for the Illinois 500 and meet up with Chet. He has Bo and Luke added to his pit crew for the race and he comes in first.

Season 6[]

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

While not seen in the actual episode, he was said to particpate in the Tri-Counties 150 race and lost to 'Bo Duke'. While Bo did start the race, it was actually Daisy who finished it.

Season 7[]

Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard[]