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Cam Cutler is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


Cam Cutler was a race car driver. He caused enough trouble that he was banned from all the races. Bo Duke recognizes him from the NASCAR circuit.


Mama Max calls him to come to Hazzard to race for her in an overland race against Bo Duke. He agrees, causing an an accident along the way for run. He arrives to Mama Max’s office and comes in when she calls him, meeting Rosco. Mama Max explains that Cam will be driving Buzz's car 00 on Saturday.

He is in the car with Riker when they see Bo and Luke in the General Lee. He drives up to the boys, signaling that he wants to race. Luke says they can’t and he gets more insistent. Bo is willing but Luke refuses. He tries again and when they still don’t he rams into the General. When the boys refuse again he runs them off the road, causing them to flip.

Bo and Luke approach him in the Boar's Nest as he and Riker brag about what they did. They ask how they can help the boys and Bo says he was hoping to get Cam's autograph, that is if the man can write. Cam goes silent and when the boys are insulted again by Riker a fight breaks out. Bo grabs Cam and pulls him from his chair to the ground. Cam hides under the table for the duration of the fight.

Luke spots him after and he and Bo pull Cam to his feet. Luke tells him to go get a hair cut and Bo says they'll see him at the starting line before they leave. He and the other's go back to Mama Max where he gets an ice pack for his head.

At Mama Max’s insistence, he helps show Rosco the illegal racing engine he will be using during the race.

He watches Riker explain to Buzz the plan and they joke about what else they have in mind for the Dukes.

They start the race and he leaves first due to a trick with taping the boys boxes together. He smirks at the boys before taking off. He keeps ahead of the boys before getting to the first check point and changing cars with Buzz. He meets Buzz at the next check point but Buzz’s car won’t start. Bo, Luke, Enos, and Daisy pull up and when Buzz explains he sabotaged the car he moves to get the part back. Luke stops him telling him he might just want to leave town. Cam runs away.