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Candy Dix is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Candice L. Dix, or Candy Dix, wanted to be a famous singer. Around 1976 she dated Luke Duke, a Lance Corporal in the marines. She also started her singing career. The two break off their relationship and do not see each other for seven years after.


Play it Again, Luke[]

She and Boss Hogg oversee a sign being put over over the Boars Nest by Enos when a fan runs over to get an autograph. She signs it, smiling. A few others come over for autographs too.

She goes back to the trailer, seeing Hoby and Eddie Lee going through some files. She greets Hoby before grabbing her guitar. She tells Eddie Lee that the show is starting and asks if he’s coming. When he ignores her she asks what he’s doing to which he says it’s none of her buisness. She ptus an arm around him asking howcome he can never talk nice to her and she telsl her he’s got a problem and for her not to ask that until he figures it out. She tries to tell him what she meant and he snaps at her, saying all she’s gotta worry about is singing. He orders her to leave him be and upset, she leaves.

She starts the concert and begins singing when she sees three people slip into the back, one being Luke. She tells her band to hold it and turns to everyone saying she is stopping because she wants to dedicate the song to a good friend of her’s before pointing out Luke to everyone’s amusement. She then continues the song. Through the rest of the concert she keeps looking at Luke.

After she goes to the trailer and when she is brushing her hair she hears a knock at the door. She asks who is it and Luke answers a ‘ghost from the past’. Excited, she runs to the door and opens it before hugging Luke who tells her she was great. She says she is so excited he came and Luke and her both apologize for not writing. Luke says she’s crazy before hugging her again and saying she is doing great. Luke asks what she is doing at a place like the Boar’s Nest and she says she wrote some new material and needed a little club to test it out in. Luke says there are many other places just like it. She says she needed to see Luke. Candy tells him she needs his help and Luke says whatever she needs, she’s got it. He adds they have all day to spend together and she says she likes that before they kiss. They are interupted by Eddie Lee and Hoby’s arrival. She introduces the three and says she is spending the day with Luke but Eddie Lee says no. She says nothing can be more important than her seeing Luke. Eddie Lee snaps at her, saying he’s not asking but telling her. When Luke gets upset, she asks him to wait outside, which Luke does.

She exits the trailer with Eddie Lee and Hoby, but Eddie Lee stops her. She protests that she wants to talk to Luke but Eddie Lee refuses. Luke comes over, telling Eddie Lee to let her go and Eddie Lee hits him. Luke hits him back and Hoby hits Luke back. Luke beats up both. Luke then takes her by the hand, helping her into the General with Daisy and Bo as Bo drives them all away. Luke introduces her to his cousins and Bo says she is as pretty as a rainbow and sing like a bird. She thanks him. Bo informs them they are being chased and she says it’s Eddie Lee and Hoby. Bo serves to avoid a truck and stops before him and Luke get out. Eddie Lee and Hoby approach them with guns and Eddie Lee says for her to get out. Luke tells her to stay put and Daisy agrees. She watchs Bo and Luke defeat the two and they get back in the car before driving away again.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and she climbs out of the General. She holds Luke’s hand as they go over and meet Uncle Jesse. Dasiy says that she dedicated a beautiful song to Luke and she explaisn that Luke was the one who gave her the courage to try for a career and when they first met she was a scared little county girl. She wraps her arms around Luke’s arm, saying he helped her believe in herself. Jesse says Luke does that. Jesse offers for Luke to show her around while he and the others make her lunch. She remarks that sweet talking sure runs in that family. Bo says it looks like she got them all figured out and Luke agrees before they leave.

She tells Luke that she thought a lot about him over the years. Luke says he thought about ‘us’ over the years. She is surprised by the word ‘us’ and asks how come Luke never proposed. Luke says he did, about a hundred times in front of his mirror. They hold hands and she says he never asked her. He admits he was scared, he was still in the service and he didn’t know what he was going to do when he got back or if he got back. He adds there was also her career, and he always knew she’d make it if she had half a chance and she didn’t need a husband around to complicate things. She asks him to hold her, which he does before kissing her. Luke leads her over to a log and they sit donw. He asks her about Eddie Lee and she tells him that Eddie Lee wasn’t always like that. She says int the beginning he was real nice, got her play dates, concerts, and a record deal. She says she doen’t know what happened, maybe it was the crowd he was running with, but he started getting into gambling and that was when he started stealing from her. Luke asks why she doesn’t do something and she says she already saw a lawyer. She says the lawyer told her that if she took Eddie Lee to court she could break her contract with him. After Eddie Lee found out, she was told that if she didn’t sing for him she wouldn’t sing for nobody. She says she doesn’t know what to do as she got a kid brother she’s trying to put through college with a family counting on her. Luke helps her down, askign if he never made a promise he didn’t keep. She shakes her head no and he tells her that he promises before she leaves Hazzard she isn’t going to have to worry about it anywmore. She asks how he plans to do that and he says for her just to let him worry about that beofre they kiss again.

They go into the farm house and she sits on the couch between Bo and Luke while all the Dukes have coffee and cake. She asks Luke to run the plan by her one more time. Luke says he and Bo will go file a complaint against Eddie Lee and then the law will pick him up. Luke adds that while he waits for his trial she can stay with them. Bo says when Eddie Lee gets out of jail she’ll be such a big country music star he won’t know what to do with himself. Luke also says she’ll have to stay with him and Bo wherever they go until Eddie Lee is arrested. She thinks for a moment before saying to get the show on the road and kissing Luke.

She rides to town with Bo and Luke in the General. Luke says after Eddie Lee gets arrested, he and Bo will get the pickup and get whatever she needs from the motorhome. She says all she needs is her music portfolio and her guitar. She says Luke has her beleiving everything is going to be alright. Luke says she has his word on it and Bo says even better, she’s got both their word on it. They arrive at the police department and Luke gets out, asking for her and Bo to stay in the car while he goes inside to talk to Boss Hogg. Bo says he is flattered Luke trusts him and Luke says it’s Candy he trusts, causing her and Bo to laugh. A few minutes later Luke comes running out, telling Bo to gun it as they got trouble. Bo speeds out of town, nearly hitting Rosco in the process.

Luke tells her there is nothing to worry about, that they will head over to Chickasaw and contact the state police. She tells Luke that first they were almost killed by Eddie Lee and now they’re both wanted for kidnapping. She asks if she can go back and strighten it out. Luke tells her not to worry and Bo says they are just going to lose Rosco and his friends and find a place to hide her until it gets dark. Bo stops, losing Rosco and runs from Hoby who starts ramming into them from behind. Bo escapes by jumping a hay truck. Stunned, she says she can’t believe that just happened and Bo remarks Eddie Lee is a hard worker. She corrects Bo, saying she meant him jumping and Luke says ‘welcome to Hazzard county’. The boys head back to town.

After arriving at the Garage, she meets Cooter and Daisy takes her upstairs to show her the loft. She notices a phone and goes to it before Daisy approaches her, saying she hopes Candy isn’t thinking of doing something foolish like calling Eddie Lee. She tells Daisy that if she doesn’t go they could get hurt. Daisy says if she goes back it will hurt Luke a lot worse than anything Eddie Lee could do.

Having made up her mind, she calls Eddie Lee in the trailer. She says she will go back to him if he gives her his word that he won’t hurt Luke or any of his kin. Eddie Lee promises and asks where she is, to which she says she is in town. He says he will pick her up in front of the Emporium in thirty minutes and promises that from now on, they will never fight again. She smiles as she hangs up and prepares to leave.

She writes a letter to say goodbye and climbs out of the window. She meets up with Eddie Lee and Hoby and gets in the car with them to leave Hazzard.

She asks where they are going in such a big hurry and Eddie Lee says for a ride. Hoby asks what about her, confusing her and she asks what he’s talking about. Eddie Lee says it’s a 75,000 deal he’s got cooking. She is still confused.

She is confused by their adverson to a police officer and Hoby says for them to kill her now. Horrified she asks Eddie Lee what is going on and he confirms they intend to kill her. She treis to escape but Eddie Lee holds her. Suddenly Bo and Luke force them all into a junk yard where Hoby crashes. Hoby and Eddie Lee throw her out of the car and to the ground in their effort to escape. Luke stops to check on her, helping her up and asking if she’s alright and Bo asks if she’s alright while he runs by. She confirms it to Luke and Luke says for her to stay there as they chase after Eddie Lee and Hoby.

After Bo and Luke capture Eddie Lee and Hoby, she runs over to Luke, hugging him before kissing him.

She decides to do a show at the Boar’s Nest. She sits with the Dukes until Boss announces her on the makeshift stage. She announces to everyone that it’s only thanks to Luke that she is singing at all, so she thinks it’s only fitting he comes up and joins her. The two sing Boulder to Brimingham together. She sings the first verse and lets Luke sing the second. They sing the next part together, Candy smiling at Luke. When they finsih, they kiss.