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Capitol City is a location in Georgia in an unknown county near Hazzard County. It is a larger city and a reoccurring location through the show.


  • Capitol City Youth Center- owned by Henry Flatt and built in 1980 [1]
  • City Morgue [2]
  • Tri-States Press [3]
  • Capitol City Speedway [4]
  • Ed's Cafeteria [5]
  • Law Offices [6]
  • Gabriel's Record Shop[7]
  • County Hall of Records [8]
  • Fine Arts Theater [9]
  • McKinsey's [10]
  • Barber Shop[11]
  • Capitol City Savings and Loans[12]
  • Capitol City Bank [13]



Season 2

R.I.P. Henry Flatt

After Henry Flatt opened a Youth Center in Capitol City, he learns Boss Hogg is about to discover that he is actually alive. In an effort to hide that fact, he goes to the City Morgue where he steals the body of an unclaimed service member and moves it out of the county. The body is legally claimed by Hazzard County.

Season 4

Birds Gotta Fly

While preparing for a novice race, one of the cars is sponsored by Molly Hargrove with the driver being Daisy Duke. However the car is damaged at the track and Daisy decides to withdraw from the race, not wanting to be a race car driver.

Season 5

The New Dukes

A strange tank rolls into Capitol City, shocking many of the citizens. It runs over a fire hydrant and drive into the bank before robbing it of all the money it has.

Dukes Strike it Rich

After buying a piece of property, Boss Hogg goes to the Hall of Records to record the new deed. He discovers there that the property is useless.


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