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The Attendant is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


R.I.P. Henry Flatt[]

An employee of the Capitol City Morgue. When Henry Flat comes in claiming to be looking for his friend and client, he shows him the last unclaimed body and asks what makes Henry believe he’s his client. He asks Henry’s name and is told Clearance James Flatt. When offered the card he goes to take it but Henry takes it back and explains that he isn’t only the attorney but also the boyhood companion of his deceased friend. The Attendant tells him he hopes this is who it is as they have done an awful lot of checking on him and they have just come up empty so he’s ‘just been good old John Doe’ ever since. He opens the coffin and Henry starts sobbing. He asks that it’s him and Henry is sure. He says he’s going to have to make a positive identification, which Henry agrees, and the Attendant remarks ‘including the tattoo on his arm’. Henry says he has all the details and remarks that the deceased was partial to roses. Confused, he says it was an anchor and Henry says he was talking about the deceased’s garden. Henry remarks it’s on his upper right arm and the attendant says left. Henry says it just looked right because they printed the paper backwards. The Attendant asks him to read the number on the tattoo and Henry tells him to read out the number and he’ll verify it. The attendant is confused but read’s at Henry’s insistence. He becomes more emotional as he reads before closing it and saying that is him and he needs to fill out the claiming papers to claim the body. Henry asks to have a few moments to say goodbye to his friend and the Attendant says he understands before leaving.

He returns to see Henry is gone. He runs outside and yells that he hasn’t filled out the claiming papers and he will have to put out an APD on him.