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Carl is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Carl is a former stunt driver and the first to attempt the Leap for Life after Diane's father crashed. He broke his knee and has been walking with a limp ever since. After watching Diane move on after his accident and get other drives that she also dated, he was angry and sabotaged the cars so that every driver who attempted the Leap for Life would have a major accident.


Carnival of Thrills: Part 1[]

In Ceder City he works as the announcer for the Carnival of Thrills, telling everyone that they need to clear the track and set up for the Leap for Life. After they get set up he explains to the crowed that a driver will now attempt to jump over 32 parked cars and presents Bob Dexter as the star of the show. When Bob comes out, he asks how he’s feeling and when Bob says great to which he comments ‘then get to it boy’. When Diane kisses Bob he remarks that is what he 'would call enough inspiration to make a man able to jump clear out of the arena'. He encourages the crowd to watch and sees Bob wreck. As the crowd is alarmed he tells them Bob is okay. He goes over to Diane to assure her that Bob will be fine before addressing the crowd and saying the same. Diane asked what went wrong and he says Bob lost his nerve at the last second. She says not every stunt driver is like him. Upset he tells her to forget about the past and start worrying about the future. He asks where are they going to find another sucker to make the leap before they get to Hazzard. She says she will find someone.

When they enter Hazzard he stops so Diane can talk to two local men, Bo and Luke, and is unamused when Bo flirts with Diane.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest where Diane and Carl meet with Boss Hogg. They listen to him add up the total costs of renting the fairgrounds and when Diane says they would have to give him a post dated check, Boss says he will accept a promissory note instead. He remarks ‘well now, what do we have to lose?’ and agrees to it.

Later at the fairgrounds, he helps oversee the unloading of the cars telling the drivers to take it easy with them. He turns to Diane saying now that she got the fairgrounds she needs to get a sucker to fill the stands for the Leap for Life. She says it won’t be a problem and he remarks it never is as all she has to do is make a play for some local yokel and it will draw the local crowd ‘flash those baby blues at him, tell him he’s got charisma’. She says they will try to jump 50 cars for her. He says it worked on him and after her father died she inherited the whole show without the star attraction. He says it took her three weeks to convince him he was the greatest thing on wheels, then it took her about that long to replace him. She says he never got over that. He tells her it’s kind of hard with his busted up knee. She says it’s not her fault he isn’t as good as he thought he was and he tells her he is still the best driver she’s ever had. She says he was the best.

The next day they get ready for the race Diane holds with the locals. After Diane hands out the maps for the course, he pulls out a bullhorn and tells everyone else to clear off the track. He signals to Diane and Daisy to start the race. He joins Daisy and Diane to the side and watches the first car flip over to avoid a line of fire. Diane says they may have found a new stunt driver in Bo and he remarks maybe and they need to see how he finishes out the race. They move to keep a better eye on the racers as they go to another part of the course. He is annoyed when Diane points out how good Bo is doing, then sees the cop car and remarks that Bo will win if he doesn’t get a one way ride to the county jail first. He watches Bo lose Rosco and win the race. They run over to greet Bo and Luke. He listens to Diane offer Bo the job and when Daisy says a man would have a be a fool to even think of trying to jump 32 cars, he laughs. When Daisy and Luke try to talk Bo out of thinking about it, he calls out to him and asks if he thinks he’s good enough to make that jump. Bo says with his eyes closed but his stunt driving days are over when they pay him on Saturday. Diane says why wait and tells Carl to pay Bo off now. He watches Bo agree to try the jump.

Later while helping move tires he sees Bo arrive. He watches Bo head to Diane’s trailer and Bo waves at him. He then coordinates a few of the practice runs. He then leans on Daisy’s Jeep that Bo drove out and watches the practices.

He watches Bo successfully do a trial run and becomes annoyed. When Bo kisses her head and leaves, he goes up to her asking that doesn’t she think she’s spreading it on a little too thick. She says Bo’s the best they have ever come across and he argues Bo is the ‘second best maybe’. She says she included him in that assessment and Bo will get them to the State Fair. He tells her not to take the kid too serious and she says she will take him as seriously as she has to.

Carnival of Thrills: Part 2[]

While at the Fairgrounds and working on a car, he watches Bo get arrested. Diane asks him to go pay the bail for Bo.

Carl arrives to the Jail, hearing Boss, Rosco, and Enos say that the bail will be $500 each which the Dukes don’t have. He announces ‘well I do’ and tells Boss to unlock ‘pretty boys’ cell as he counts out the money saying Boss can count it while he makes out the bail receipt. He hands over the money and Boss says he said five thousand. Carl corrects him saying he said 500. When Boss asks why he’s risking his hard earned money on the likes of Bo Duke. He says that is right as Bo sells tickets and they need an audience. He tells Enos to cut Bo loose and when Enos asks about Luke he says Luke’s their problem. When Bo is free he comments ‘come on pretty boy’ and leaves.

Outside Bo slaps his shoulder saying he guesses he had Carl all wrong and thanks him for bailing him and the General out. Carl says he didn’t have him wrong and he would have let Bo rot if it wasn’t ‘for your girlfriend’. Bo says he will have to thank her personal like. As Bo goes to leave he grabs Bo’s arm telling him ‘don’t be too personal about it’ and says Bo won’t last any longer than him or any of the others. Bo thanks him before going to leave. He tells him ‘you do that lover boy’ and says in the meantime he’ll keep his eyes peeled for the other sucker to take Bo’s place. Bo thanks him and he watches him leave. After he gets in his car and leaves as well.

He watches Jesse, Luke, and Daisy come to the fairgrounds to confront Bo and is amused when it ends poorly.

He rides in a car over to Diane to watch Bo do another test. He tells her they will see if Bo is as short on guts as he is on brains when he tries the practice jump this time. He is smug when Bo is forced to bail at the last second. Diane says he thought Bo didn’t have guts and he tells her he thinks Bo lost his nerve and pulled up short. He says tomorrow there will be 32 cars and there will be plenty of Hazzard people and even one little distraction, to which Diane cuts him off saying it sounds like he doesn’t want Bo to make it. He tells her he thinks Bo is in over his head. Bo comes over and tells them he’ll get the General fixed. He is annoyed when Diane and Bo kiss and Bo makes a shot at him about their relationship to which he just smiles.

As they get ready to start the show, he takes the role as the announcer again. While everyone is distracted he sneaks over to the General and opens the hood before cutting the fuel line. He closes the hood, telling the General that he just met his 'applematix'. After he returns to announcing. He encourages the people to count the cars for the 32 car jump before introducing Bo.

He announces Bo to start the jump but he sees Bo get cut off on the track. He creeps over and listens to the conversation. He hears the Dukes figure out that he has been attempting to kill all the drivers and Bo. He takes off but Luke chases after him. Luke wants to hit him but decides not to. He’s arrested by Enos and Rosco.