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Carl Howard Winters is an antagonist from the series Enos.


A famous international jewel thief that is known to travel in the best circles. He once worked with Jamie Cooper on a job gone wrong where they were arrested and last seen each other in prison. After getting out he became so accomplished as 'The Cat' that he is thought to be the best jewel thief in the business. Five months before the theft of the Kubla diamond, he left France and disappeared.


One Daisy Per Summer[]

He uses a balloon to scale up the side of a building before reaching the window he needs. After opening the window he slips into the room before taking off his mask. After pulling out a flash light he looks around the room before finding an ornate chest. He opens the chest to find a safe before opening the safe. Inside is a little red box. After pulling it out he opens it to see the Kubla Diamond.

While waiting for Julian to fence the diamond, he gets out of the limo to buy a newspaper before getting back in. Before he can read it, Julian comes back out. He asks if everything has been arranged and Julian says ‘no way man, rocks too hot, he won’t touch it.’ Upset, he says the owner promised to get it to Switzerland for him and Julian says the best the owner can do is Mexico, that the man can ship it from there but they need to get it across the boarder. He tells Julian he will find a way and for them to get out of there. He opens the newspaper to see Jamie Cooper on the cover under the words ‘Mexico Run’. He tells Julian ‘I think I found a way already.’

Julian drives him to the hotel where he knocks on Jamie’s door. When Jamie opens it, he greets him saying it’s been a long time, since the Penitentiary. He and Julian go into Cooper’s hotel room and he sits at the table, explaining he wants Cooper to smuggle the diamond he stole into Mexico. Cooper says no and he says he will be passing up a fortune. Cooper insists he can’t get involved and Carl expresses that this is different, that they were inexperienced and stupid then but this time he is taking the smart way. Cooper apologizes and says he’s not interested. Carl says he suggests ‘Jamie’ get interested. He asks what if the ‘respectable clients’ find out he has a record and when Cooper says that is real rotten to which he comments ‘what else’. As he goes to leave, he tells Cooper to just let him know when he’s ready and Julian will deliver the package. Cooper says it’s crazy, that he’s playing with fire and Carl says if anyone will get burned it will be the girl.

He meets with Jamie in the hotel conference room and Jamie expresses there is no place in the car that is safe to hide the diamond and people are going to be all over it. He shoves a can into Jamie’s hand, saying they can’t go in there. Jamie asks what he’s talking about and he picks up the large show can, saying to mount it on top of the roof and put the package inside and no one will think twice about it.

After he leaves, passing two officers in the hotel before getting into his limo and being taken back to the house he is staying at.

Jamie calls him and says everything is set with the dummy can. He asks what the driver thinks and Jamie says Daisy doesn’t like it as it’s slowing down her driving. He says he doesn’t care what Daisy hates and to just see that she gets across the boarder. Jamie agrees.

Jamie comes to see him and he becomes frustrated, saying he is disrupting a very delicate plan, just because of a girl. Jamie says he just doesn’t want her to get hurt and Carl snaps that the kind of driving she does she’s risking injury all the time. Jamie says he’s not doing this and Carl will have to find another way. He says he can if necessary, but Jamie is going to have to find another way to support his current life style. He hands Jamie a picture of Jamie’s mugshot saying all his big shot clients will have that picture by tomorrow and Jamie leaves. He tells Julian that it’s strange the sudden consideration for the girl and that he thinks they need to take out some insurance.

After Julian places a bomb on Daisy’s car, he reports back to Carl. Carl says that is good and when they detonate the explosive the wheel will come off and at that high speed she will loose control. Carl says then they will simply pick up the diamond and Miss Racing Crude’s demise will be blamed on an accident.

Before the run starts, Carl and Julian get in a chopper and fly over the start location. Julian, who is flying, say’s they’ll have to be fast. He turns from the binoculars where he’s watching the start line to say he will leave that in Julian’s hands. Julian asks about Cooper and he says ‘we give him the can’.

As Julian flies, he locates Daisy and tells Julian that he sees her and to wait until the coast is clear. As Julian flies low, he tells him to be careful and wait until they reach the Mexican side of the boarder. They get a good look at the car and notice the can is gone. Julian asks where it is and he recalls Daisy was having trouble with it, proposing it must be in the back as Jamie wouldn’t dare double cross him now. Julian asks if he should land now and Carl says no as there is a second car. The car turns off and he tells Julian to go ahead and land. He detonates the explosive and watches Daisy flip the car. He and Julian land and reclaim the can to see two police officers arrive. He tells them to call an ambulance but they notice the can. He tries to flee to the helicopter but Enos chase him and knocks him out. He is arrested.