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Carla is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Arrest Jesse Duke[]

Carla and her friends started working with Boss Hogg for nearly a month, stripping about two dozen cars around Hazzard then selling the parts back to the owners.

When Mr. Benswanger comes into Hazzard, the four shoot out his radiator. While he leaves to find a garage, they all rush to the car. She climbs inside to open the hood before pulling different parts off the engine. She runs back to their jeeps with the parts. She drives off in the red jeep. After reaching base camp they move everything into their truck before heading into town to their Dixie Auto Parts Store.

At the store she gets all of Mr. Benswanger’s parts from the back. Cooter remarks that it sure is something that they have all he needs to put the car back together and she says they pride themselves on their inventory. After collecting the money she goes to the back to put the money in the money box. As her and the other three look over it, Boss arrives. She comments that she swears he just smells money. Boss explains no one can know that they are working together. Boss asks how are they doing and she says he’s doing fine but they are not. She says this is their idea, they are doing all the work and he’s taking 50%. He tells her to cheer up and that the latest victim has thrown the blame on a local and they were arrested. She says that isn’t going to put more money in their pockets. Boss tells her to be patient and when he turns this scheme national, each of them will have their own personal car stripping franchise. She is annoyed.

They strip two more vehicles, a blue car and the General Lee.

Carla, Lil, and Sally arrive at the store after being out to notice the back door is open. Annoyed they go back to the truck and she gets a crowbar, then head in. They sneak in but are spotted by Daisy. They move to attack the Dukes but Bo grabs her and is able to disarm her. However Jane comes back and Bo lets her go. She comments ‘nice Blondie’ and Bo gives her a pained smile as she takes the gun. Luke asks for her to put down the gun and she tells him to shut up. When asked what are they going to do with them she says she doesn’t know but for now they are going to tie them up. Bo tells her no way and she warns him saying she would hate to damage his beautiful body. Before anything else can be said, Luke shoves over a shelf, knocking them over. Daisy takes her gun saying ‘you shouldn’t play with guns hunny’ and the three flee. Her and Sally manage to get up first and after reclaiming her gun, she rides in the pickup as they chase after the Dukes. She shoots at them but if forced to stop when they lose a tire and the Dukes escape.

The four of them go to Boss’ office and Boss asks what are they doing there as he told them not to come to his office in town. She tells him that the Dukes ripped off their Auto parts store. She tells Boss that things  are starting to get rough and when Boss says she has no idea to which she snaps she does. Hughie comes in, surprised to see them. Boss them ushers them out and tells her that he will take care of everything. She tells him they have a lot to talk about and calls him partner before leaving.

When they see a limo driving down the road, they shoot out the radiator and strip it after the two inhabitants leave. After taking all the parts they head to the camp. At their base camp, her and Sally take a shower when Lil and Jane bring Bo at gun point saying they found a peeper. She remarks she would be darned and that she thinks one of his eyes is bluer than the other. Bo says it gets like that when he sees something he wants. Amused she tells the girls to tie him up on her jeep. When the girls bicker Bo tries to help and she silences him, telling the girls to just do as she says as her and Sally need to go to town. After they get dressed they go to Boss’ office.

They go into Boss’ office with guns drawn and see him and Hughie. She says for them not to move and takes Hughie’s gun. She tells Boss they want all the car stripping money and their partnership is over. She keeps Hughie covered as her partner cleans out the safe. She tells them not to follow them and they leave, disabling the cars so no one can follow. They head back to their hideout.

The four women meet up at her jeep. When asked what to do with Bo, she says he’s coming with them and when they get to where they are going ‘maybe we’ll find out if blondes really are more fun’. Bo says they are if she unties him he’d show her. She ignores him and says it’s time to go. As she gets in he asks her if they can talk about this and she says they will talk later. She tells the others to follow her and keep moving. After a while the General falls in behind them. Bo grins saying ‘Here comes Luke and the General’ and she tries to shush him by waving at him. After the previous two jeeps are taken out she doesn’t see Bo get free. Bo and her fight for control of the jeep. When Bo sees the cliff coming up, he apologizes to her and pushes her out of the jeep. She is taken back to town and arrested by Hughie.