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Carnival of Thrills: Part 1 is the first episode of season 3


When the Dukes go see a stunt show called "Carnival of Thrills", the star of the show is injured while trying to jump a car over 32-parked cars. Looking for a new star, carnival owner Diane Benson offers Bo the job. While Diane seduces a lovestruck Bo with her charms, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse suspect something is amiss. Their fears are confirmed when an insurance investigator reveals that the earlier stunt show mishap -- along with several others -- was no accident. Luke tries to present his findings to Bo, who refuses to listen. This leads to a huge fight that results in Bo leaving the Duke farm and threatens much farther-reaching repercussions on the Duke family


Balladeer: Now, this here’s a love story. Love between men and women and men and cars. It takes place in Hazzard County. Welcome to the Carnival of Thrills. It’s a little daredevil show that hits a lot of small town in the south and draws a lot of local ledfoots like bees to honey. This here’s the little honey that runs the show.

Bo drives as he, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse head to the Carnival of Thrills. Daisy is excited as she loves them and Jesse says he doesn’t see why they waste the money when they got Bo doing their own show.

Ceder City

Diane Benson encourages one of her drivers, Bob Dexter ,who is about to attempt the ‘Leap for Life’ which is a 32 car jump by giving him a kiss. The Dukes arrive and sit in the stands. The stunt starts and Luke becomes alarmed before the driver is even off the ramp. The car is unable to make the jump and crashes, to everyone's horror. The driver survives but Carl and Diane talk about finding another driver for the carnival in Hazzard in a week.

Duke Farm

While Bo and Luke are on the outskirts of their property, fixing a fence they see Diane’s RV pull up. Bo and Luke talk to her, joking about how she chased them down for not paying for tickets. Diane asks if they know where she can find J.D. Hogg. Luke tells her to go to the Boar’s Nest and Bo tells her to take Highway 7, then a left and it’s the first place on the right. As Carl and Diane leave, Bo comments she is a pretty lady and Luke says he knows what Bo is thinking and to stop daydreaming and get back to work.

Boar’s Nest

Diane and Carl see Boss and Rosco to rent the Fairgrounds. Boss brings up the total $3,797.53. Diane is surprised at the amount. Boss agrees to let them sign a promissory note and they do. After they leave Rosco asks why Boss would do it and Boss tells him that Diane won’t be able to sell enough tickets for the rent on the Fairgrounds so after the show he will take all the property for the carnival. He says after he will run the Carnival. He finishes pouring left over beer in a single bottle and gives it to Rosco to have the bartender sell. A man sits outside watching them.


At the Fairgrounds, Diane and Carl start to set everything up. They talk about Diane and Carl’s previous relationship and how Diane will date a guy to get a star attraction to keep the show going.

Balladeer: Over the next few days Hazzard County was covered with posters, advertising the big race. Diane knew that every ledfood in Hazzard would be itching to get his hands on that prize money. And somewhere in that local talent, she just might find the driver that she needed to get the show back on it’s feet again.

Town of Hazzard

Bo, Luke, and Daisy see a sign for a Cross Country Car race with $100 first prize. Bo and Luke agree to do it. The boys pick up some car parts from Cooter at the garage and Cooter brings up the bill which they try to brush it off until next month. Diane comes in and talks to Bo before asking Cooter to put up fliers for her race. Her and Bo spend most of the conversation flirting and Cooter and Luke are amused with how taken Bo is.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to see Boss to find him in a steam box. Rosco accidentally puts the dial on the box up super high. He tells Boss that the Carnival is putting on a race and if Bo and Luke win then half the county will turn up to see them get the prize money. Boss says to stop the boys from winning and threatens to divorce Lulu if Rosco fails. As Rosco leaves Boss realizes the box is too hot.

Balladeer: And the next day, the cream of the Hazzard leadfoots were all bunched and ready.


Diane hands out the layouts to the five cars that showed up for the race. Daisy tells Bo and Luke to take it easy on the other drivers as she might want to date one someday. Daisy and Diane go to watch the race with Carl as the drivers get ready. Diane kisses Bo and Luke tells him to focus on the race before they start. Bo and Luke end up in the lead early on. A line of fire is set up and one car wrecks to avoid it. The car is red, number 27 and the driver is Tommy Lee, who is also unlucky with women. As the race continues, Diane remarks interest in hiring Bo. Another car, number 44 with Toby, flips and he becomes alarmed since his dad doesn’t know he had the car. Rosco continues to watch the race and when the Dukes pass by he radios Boss before chasing after them. The last three cars continue through the obstacles with Rosco close behind. Bo and Luke notice Rosco and Luke radio’s the other drivers and they decide to split up, Bo and Luke leaving the course. Rosco chases after the boys as the other drivers stay on the course. Bo jumps a creek and Rosco tries to follow but falls short. Bo and Luke check on him and remind him that he’s currently on Jeb Tompkin’s land and the man never liked Rosco. The boys return to the race where the racers allow them to reclaim their spot before Rosco’s arrival. The race finishes with Bo’s victory.

Diane offers Bo the job to jump the 32 cars. Daisy and Luke argue that it’s crazy but Bo shows interest. Luke reminds him of what happened to the last driver. Carl and Diane goad Bo into it despite Luke and Daisy’s protests. The man from earlier continues to watch.

Duke Farm

At the Duke Farm Jesse finishes making crawdad bisque to celebrate their win. He teases the boys saying he might have to charge them their prize money for the food. Luke snaps about Bo turning down the prize money and Daisy and Luke tell Jesse about the job Bo agreed to. Upset, Jesse asks Bo how he plans to do it. Bo argues they can do it no problem and he’ll get an extra $150. Daisy snaps that it’ll be more for his funeral. Bo says it isn't about the money and Daisy argues that it must be the girl before she scolds him. Bo says it has nothing to do with the girl and Jesse says if it ain’t money, or love, and it sure isn’t brains, why is Bo doing it. Upset Bo reminds them of his and Luke's dream to be in NASCAR and Luke says this will actually hurt that, not help it. When Luke insults Bo, Bo gets upset and the two go to fight but Jesse yells at them and tells Bo to sit down. Jesse tells them all to sit down and says grace but the phone rings. He sends Bo to get the phone and it’s Diane. She invites Bo over for lunch, to Luke and Daisy’s annoyance. Jesse calls him back to the table and Bo asks if he can leave. Daisy snaps at him for leaving but Jesse says it’s alright. As Bo goes to leave Daisy tells him to take her jeep and when Bo asks what is wrong with the General Luke says nothing he hopes but if Bo is set on this then he wants to check him over.


Bo goes to see Diane and they have lunch. The Carnival of Thrills tickets start selling after the annoucnement that Bo will be doing the jump.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to see Boss and tells him that Bo is going to do the jump. Boss says he knows Bo is going to succeed and the tickets are selling fast and Rosco needs to stop it. Boss tells him to get rid of the General Lee so Bo can’t do the jump. Rosco them leaves to do so.

Town of Hazzard

Luke and Cooter check over the General’s timing and head for a test run. Rosco chases after them and orders them to pull over. After a truck blocks the road they are forced to stop. Luke accuses him of tailgating and Rosco says he pulled them over for a busted tail light. Cooter and Luke check the car and says it isn’t busted. Rosco kicks it out to their shock. Luke gets an idea and stops Cooter from going after Rosco, saying that the General should be impounded. Cooter and Rosco are shocked. After impounding the General, Enos watches nervous and upset as Boss and Rosco puts the General on a truck to be crushed. Enos protests and wants to call Bo first but is sent with the cars to crush them all.


Bo checks over the ramp with Diane and prepares to do a trial run and she tells him the car he wants to use is her best show car. Bo does a trial run in front of Diane and Carl and jumps over a number of cars. Diane offers Bo an RV to stay at and Bo heads back to town to check on Luke and Cooter. Diane and Carl argue about how much Diane is coming onto Bo and she says they need a star and Bo will do until someone better comes along.

Town of Hazzard

Bo arrives as Luke, Daisy, and Cooter are eating. Bo asks about the General and Cooter says they are done. Bo asks where the car is and Luke says that Rosco impound it. Bo is upset. Jesse, while out, sees the General on a truck and radios the kids to tell them that he just saw a car carrier on Willow Creek Road headed to the crusher with the General. Bo yells at Luke about the car and Cooter takes Luke’s side but they head out to stop the General's destruction by taking a car of Cooter's.

Junk Yard

Enos watches sadly as the cars are being crushed, worried about the General. Luke, Bo, Cooter, and Daisy arrive and Enos is happy to see them. When the employees refuse to take the impound money, they start a fight. Bo, Luke, and Cooter fight with the yard workers and Enos is knocked out and dropped in the car crusher. Daisy pulls him out and kisses him to wake him up. Luke frees the General and the Dukes take the car as Cooter gets his vehicle.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco brings Boss his lunch and Boss shows him his new design. Enos counts to ten and praying for forgiveness before radioing to Boss and Rosco to tell them the Dukes escaped with the General. Boss becomes happy to learn that the car’s impound fee wasn’t paid and remarks they will get the boys for grand theft auto. Rosco and Boss have lunch, Rosco forcing Boss to keep to the diet he is putting on himself.

Duke Farm

The three Dukes arrive at the farm and Bo and Luke start to argue to Daisy’s frustration until Jesse tells them to settle down. Bo and Luke continue to escalate and Daisy tries to smooth things over but Luke stops her and insults Bo again, adding that Diane is only interested in Bo because she can use him. Jesse tells them that’s enough but Bo gets upset. Luke says she is playing him for a sucker and Bo says he’s lucky they are in Uncle Jesse’s house. Luke says Bo is unlucky as they can step outside. Jesse and Daisy become alarmed and Bo tells Luke to go first. Luke goes and Bo follows him. Jesse and Daisy goes out after them and tells them to stop before they do something they will regret. Bo says he has no regrets especially about ‘this’ before punching Luke in the face.

Balladder: I sure wish we didn’t have to stop here. Now we’re gonna have to wait for this feud to fester before we’re gonna see how it comes out.


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Unknown County[]

  • Ceder City
    • Ceder City Fairgrounds

Hazzard County[]


  • The Duke Family enjoys going to Car Thrill shows, illustrated by them traveling to Ceder City to watch the show before it would come to Hazzard a week later.
  • Bo establishes that it is his and Luke's childhood dream to end up on the NASCAR Circuit
    • Luke previously stated in Luke's Love Story that his dream is specifically to build the engine that will win the races.
  • When the Dukes and Cooter head to the Junk Yard, Cooter tells Luke to drive and he will get shotgun. Bo tells him he always gets shot gun. This same exchange occurred between Bo and Cooter in Arrest Jesse Duke.
    • After Daisy nearly drove off the cliff in that episode Cooter said Bo will get shotgun next time.


  • Warner Home Video included "Carnival of Thrills in the season 3 box set and describes it as the season premiere. However Season 3 started late due to the actors strike officially with Enos Strate To The Top, making Carnival of Thrills part of season 2. However it is sill released with the season 3 box sets.