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Carnival of Thrills: Part 2 is the second episode of season 3


When the Dukes go see a stunt show called "Carnival of Thrills", the star of the show is injured while trying to jump a car over 32-parked cars. Looking for a new star, carnival owner Diane Benson offers Bo the job. While Diane seduces a lovestruck Bo with her charms, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse suspect something is amiss. Their fears are confirmed when an insurance investigator reveals that the eariler stunt show mishap -- along with several others -- was no accident. Luke tries to present his findings to Bo, who refuses to listen. This leads to a huge fight that results in Bo leaving the Duke farm and threatens much farther-reaching repercussions on the Duke family.


Duke Farm

After Bo punches Luke, Luke tells him he just started something he’s not half man enough to finish. Daisy and Jesse watch in horror as the two wrestle around. Daisy screams for them to stop and Jesse goes back inside. Daisy keeps screaming for them to stop but Jesse returns with a shot gun and fires it, telling them to knock it off. Jesse tells them to apologizes and Luke helps Bo up before saying he’s sorry and Bo refuses to accept it. Luke says all he said was maybe Diane is out of his league. Daisy says Bo can’t let a girl come between them. Bo apologizes and decides maybe it’s time he left the farm. Luke and Daisy are horrified and try to get Jesse to stop him, but Jesse says there are some things a man’s gotta learn himself.

Balladeer: Now what you’ve just seen is more than a dang fool in love. It was a piece of Hazzard history. It was the first time Duke fought Duke since the war between the states. Friends just remember, pride is one terrible master.

Daisy and Luke watch shocked as Jesse tells Bo that if he’s leaving he wants Bo to know that he loves him dearly. Bo starts to cry as Jesse wipes the blood from his face and tells him that whenever Bo figures out whatever he needs to do, this is his home and he can always come back. Bo is crying and leaves in the General.


Bo arrives and storms into Diane’s RV. She gets him a drink and he apologizes for the scene he caused. He asks if she can loan him $250 so he can make a down payment on Luke’s half of the General. She agrees. Bo also asks about the RV and she says the extra one is his.

Duke Farm

The Dukes attempt to have diner but Daisy refuses as she isn’t hungry. Jesse remarks men in love change and Luke scoffs saying it can’t be love if it comes between a man and his family which Daisy agrees. Rosco is driving and radio’s Boss to let him know where he is. Boss is still working out at the Boar’s Nest for his ‘t.v.’ image. Enos arrives at the Duke Farm and Luke opens the door for him. Enos tells them he has to arrest Luke. Luke agrees to go with him. Daisy asks what now and Jesse says the first thing is to get Luke back.


Rosco arrives at the Fairgrounds and sees Bo and Diane. Rosco says he’s there to arrest Bo for stealing the General. Bo says everyone knows the car belongs to Bo and Luke and Rosco says he got him for not paying for the impounding fee. Bo goes with Rosco.

Town of Hazzard

While arriving at town, Bo snaps at Rosco for damaging the General. Rosco takes Bo into the Police Station where Luke is already in a cell. As Rosco, Enos, and Boss put Bo in a cell, Bo and Luke start arguing.  Boss is amused and tells Rosco that he is witnessing a historical moment. Boss says it will be $500 bail for each. Carl comes in and announces he’s paying the bail for Bo. Enos is happy and quickly frees Bo. Bo offers to come back and pay Luke’s bail later and Luke gets angry saying he’ll rot there before taking a dime of Bo’s money. Outside Bo thanks him and he tells Bo that he didn’t do it for him but only because Diane said too. After Carl and Bo leave, Daisy borrows on her jeep to get the money to bail out Luke. Her and Jesse go to see Luke and Enos remarks that he wishes Bo hadn’t been bailed out as he would be safer in the cell than the jump. Luke finishes his and Enos’ checker game and Jesse says Luke was taught by and expert.


Jesse and Daisy tell Luke they are headed to the fairgrounds. When Luke says Bo doesn’t deserve to be called a Duke, Jesse tells Daisy to stop. She does, shocked and he yells for Luke to get out of the car. He yells that there are two sides to every argument and Luke says this time Bo is on the wrong side. Jesse says Bo’s excuse is he’s in love so what is Luke’s. Luke says he doesn’t take kindly for getting punched in the face and Jesse says his pride has been hurt and tells Luke to hit him. Daisy is stunned and Luke tells him he can’t. Jesse says he would rather Luke hit him then watch them hit each other. Jesse says all they have is family and he prepares to fight Luke to which Luke and Daisy laugh. Jesse tells them it’s not funny and Luke says he wins and asks Jesse to get in the jeep. They head out again, Jesse admitting it’s a little funny.


Daisy, Luke, and Jesse arrive at the fairgrounds to see Diane. The Dukes tell her they intend to talk Bo out of the show and she says she isn’t going to stop them but they need to wait because Bo is doing a trial run. Bo goes to do the jump but the front tires of the General go flat when the hits the ramp and Bo is forced to break. Diane, Jesse, Luke, and Daisy run to check on him while Bo checks on the car. He talks to Diane but is surprised when his family run up. Bo asks Luke what he’s doing there and Luke tries to pick a fight but Jesse yells for them to cool it. Jesse tells them to shake hands and make up. They do, but with an attitude and Jesse makes them do it again, this time mean it. They hesitates before genuinely apologizing to each other and shaking hands. Luke tries to hint for Bo to come back to help with the farm but Bo offers to hire a few farm hands. Upset Luke storms off.

Jesse thinks they should have left Daisy to talk to Bo but Luke and Daisy think it wouldn’t help. Daisy notices they are being followed and Luke tests hit. They confirm the man is following them and stop to find out why. They meet Zimbra, who has been following around Diane and Bo, and he explains that they think someone is trying to kill all the drivers who attempt the 'Leap for Life' and they think Bo is next.

Bo attempts another test run but has an issue with the car and is forced to bail out again. Diane and Carl talk about him and the fact the Carnival is the next day before Bo and Diane talk. Bo tells her he doesn’t know what is wrong with the General but he’ll get it fixed.

Cedar City Hospital

Jesse, Luke, Daisy, and Zimbra go to see the last driver, Bob, in the hospital. Bob tells them that the car had no issues but had suddenly up and died on him. Luke asks where the car is and they head out to check it over.


Bo and Diane start to get ready for the jump.

Cedar City Garage

The Dukes and Zimbra arrive and look over Bob’s car. They find that the fuel line had been cut on purpose so that the car could never make the jump. Zimbra confirms it was attempted murder and they realize Bo really will be next.


Cooter looks over the General again as everyone is setting up. Bo and Diane thank him and when Cooter expresses concern over the jump, Diane pulls Bo aside. Rosco, Enos, and Boss watch the people come in and discuss food. Boss refuses to break his diet as he hopes a last minute miracle will occur to force them to return the money. Jesse tries to make a few calls but no one is around to answer. They head back. They go to drive back. Carl cuts the breakline. They start the carnival with a number of vehicle stunts to impress the crowd. A car is flipped and a few motercycle stunts are done. Boss tells Rosco and Enos to do something and debate different charges. In the RV, Diane treis to assure Bo that everything will be fine, but Bo is getting more and more concerned. Luke and the others decide to cut across country. After a double car explosion, Boss realizes that the crowd won’t leave and starts to eat.

Carl annouces Bo as they get closer to the time. Luke jumps over Choctaw Gully to arrive in the back of the fairgrounds. Bo attempts the jump but is stopped by Luke and the others. Bo gets angry and the two start to fight again and Daisy and Jesse stop them. Seeing Jesse and the others arrive, Boss thinks this is the miracle he needed. Jesse makes Bo listen as they explain, Cooter also walking over, and they are all told about the attempted murders. They find the break line was cut and realize it was Carl. Carl treis to run but Luke chases after him as Cooter holds Bo back. After Enos and Rosco arrest Carl, Enos asks if he can wait until the jump is over. Jesse says there isn’t going to be a jump. Boss explains that if that is the case they have to return everyone’s money and he gets the Carnvial. Bo and Luke become upset and Boss asks that they are sticking up for Diane. Bo says all that happened was he was being a jackass. Bo and Luke make up and Bo decides he is going to do the jump anyway. Daisy, Jesse, and Luke are happy and Luke says he’s going to ride in the car with Bo. Bo and Luke agree they are happy to be in the car together and Bo heads to the ramp, Luke coaching him the whole time. Bo makes the jump and everyone cheers. Bo and Luke hug and congratulate each other.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco brings Boss his lunch and Boss shows he is no longer dieting.

Balladeer: Boss decided to make up for his dieting with a vengeance. And that’s how the Carnival of Thrills left Hazzard, without it’s star attraction. And Bo grew up a little and like all growing it wasn’t without pain. And Bo finally got to eat his victory lunch, the crawdad bisque that Jesse had been saving for him. Like fine wine, aging only improved it. All the Dukes were finally back together, bonded even closer by adversity and love. And I told y’all that this was a love story didn’t I. In Hazzard County, we tend to like happy endings.

Bo says goodbye to Diane and returns to the farm where they eat the crawdad bisque.


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  • Cedar City
    • Hospital
    • Garage


  • This episode picks up exactly where the previous episode left off
  • Jesse taught Luke how to play checkers growing up