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Carol Dawson is a character from the series Enos.


Carol is the niece of Joseph Broggi, who she addresses as 'Uncle J.' They are close enough that he describes her 'like a daughter' to him and when she is marrying Officer Richard of the LAPD, she asks Broggi to be the one to give her away.


The Hostage[]

She calls Broggi at his office and when he answers she says ‘Uncle J, it’s Carol.’ He happily greets her and she says if he can stop chasing gangsters long enough she wants to remind him that he has an appointment at the chapel at noon for the wedding rehearsal. Broggi tells her that he won’t forget that and he’s getting ready to leave now. He asks what time is the ceremony and she says ‘six o’clock, if my nerves hold together.’ She tells him she will see him later before hanging up.

When Broggi fails to arrive for the rehearsal, she goes to the police station. She comes in, meeting Enos Strate and Turk Adams. She greets them and says she is looking for Lieutenant Broggi. Enos apologizes, saying the lieutenant is at a wedding reception before asking if she’s Miss Carol ‘his niece, the one whose getting married?’ She comments ‘it shows huh?’ before telling them that she was supposed to meet with him at the chapel but he never showed up. Enos suggests he had car trouble. Turk and Enos receive a phone call and she steps away to allow them to take it.

When they hang up the phone, Enos says that was about Broggi and Turk quickly tells her that it was him and he said he’s on a very important and confidential assignment. She nods saying ‘wouldn’t you know it.’ Enos asks wouldn’t she be more comfortable at home, which Turk agrees with and tells her to leave her name and number and they will call her if anything happens. She writes it down, thanking them. Enos calls out to her and tells her that he wants to wish her happiness and Broggi is a fine man to work for. She thanks them, saying she is sure he feels the same way before leaving.

She goes back to the police station when she is greeted by Enos and Turk. Enos asks what she is doing there and she says hi before asking if she can talk to them and she will keep it short. She says she thinks something has happened to her uncle J. Turk asks if she can step into Broggi’s office for a minute as they need to talk to her. She does, saying her Uncle J would pour sand down his revolver before missing her wedding rehearsal. Turk says it is like he said before and Enos interrupts, saying her uncle has been kidnapped. Turk snaps at him but Enos says she has a right to know. She asks if he’s alright, why hasn’t she been told and why they aren’t doing anything. Enos says they are doing something and if word gets out he might be killed. She asks if there is anything she can do and they get an idea. Turk says they need her help.

She talks to sergeant Kick on the phone to distract him while Enos and Turk go into the evidence locker. When Kick says he likes contact sports, she tells him that personally she is into the arts and she needs the closeness of a sensitive man who will bring out the sensitive side of her nature. He tells her that he does finger painting. She asks if he uses both hands. After they hang up.