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Carson is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Song[]

Carson is Jessi Colter's manager.

He agrees to meet with Bo, Luke, and Daisy when they come to town. He apologizes to Daisy after she tells him about her song ‘True Blue Heart’ and tells her that Jessie never recorded that. When Daisy brings up Lester Starr, he explains to the Dukes that Lester Starr hires sound alike singers to make records and sell them, costing the music industry millions. Bo asks why doesn’t anyone arrest Lester Starr if they all know it’s him and the manager explains that you have to catch Starr in the act. He remarks that he heard the police nearly caught Starr the day before in a raid but someone blew it. He suggests maybe the Dukes can help and Luke suggests maybe tricking Starr into making another tape of Jessi, using Daisy as the Jessi Colter sound a-like. The manager thinks it is a brilliant idea and agrees to not only make a tape with Jessi, but call Loretta Lynn and Donna Fargo as well. He says they have been burned by record pirates in the past and would be glad to help. Bo asks where they can find Starr and he tells them to go to River Pines and that a lot of musicians live there. He labels it as a Disneyland for the weird. He then leaves to make the tape.

After Starr is taken down, he gives Bo and Luke a tape from Jessi Colter after she agrees to record Daisy’s song.