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Carter Stewart, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Carter Stewart's daughter and son-in-law were killed many years before in a plane accident. However their five year old daughter Vivian, his granddaughter, was never found. Convinced she is alive somewhere, Stewart hired Harry Bobo to find Vivian and even authorized $200,000 to be paid to whoever finds her.

In the meantime he continues to run his business with his nephew Alan and Alan's wife Vonnie. They remain his only heirs unless Vivian can be found.


Heiress Daisy Duke[]

He paces in his study while Alan and Vonnie watch, wondering why Harry hasn’t called yet. When Vonnie suggests Harry failed again, he protests that Harry told him that he had the best lead he ever had. He says that if Harry doesn’t find Vivian this time, he thinks it’s about time for an old man to give up his dream. He adds that he’ll call off the search before leaving the room.

Late that night the phone rings and he answers it, telling Harry he had been waiting for his call. Harry says that he is at the Boar’s Nest in Hazzard County, Georgia and he found Vivian and they will leave in the morning. He remarks ‘splendid Harry’ before hanging up. He announces Harry found his Vivian and that this calls for a drink. He says he is going to get the brandy he’s been saving all those years for this occasion.

While sitting at home, drinking a glass of brandy and looking at a picture of his daughter, he hears a knock. He says to come in and Harry comes in with two people. He stands up in awe and Harry introduces the woman as Vivian. He hugs her, asking if she remembers him at all. She confirms and he says he can’t thank Harry enough. Harry then introduces Boss Hogg. He tells Boss that there aren’t words enough to express his gratitude. Boss says that just seeing the two of them together is thanks enough. He asks if Harry told him about how he planned to reward him and Boss declines. Carter says they can discuss it over lunch before leading Vivian to a couch and saying there Vivian can meet Alan and Alan’s wife Vonnie.

He sits with Vivian, holding her hand and addressing her as child, before asking if she remembers some things when she was a little girl. He asks the name of her favorite call. She thinks a moment before saying Annie Marie. She says it was him who gave it to her, addressing him as ‘grandpoppy’. He laughs saying if she remembered that there is no need for anymore questions. He welcomes her home before hugging her. He gets up and tells Boss that he insists on showing him his gratitude. Vivian starts to speak but Boss cuts her off. He asks if there was something she was going to say and Boss says she was just so overwhelmed meeting her kin. Vivian agrees and Boss asks what he was about to say. He asks Vonnie and Alan to show Vivian around. He says he wants to write the check to J.D. Hogg, but Boss quickly corrects it to Jefferson Davis Hogg. As Vivian, Alan, and Vonnie leave, he says he assumes Boss wants the check written out for Jefferson Davis but Boss says J.D. will do.

After he learns that it wasn't Vivian but a girl named Daisy Duke, forced to believe she was Vivian by Boss and Harry. He also learns Alan and Vonnie were going to kill the real Vivian if she ever appeared. After the two are arrested, he properly meets Daisy, Bo, and Luke before he hugs Daisy having no ill will to her and is happy when Daisy promises to come visit him periodically.