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Cash Calloway, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Twin Trouble[]

Sandy calls him to inform him that she stole a large number of gems. He leaves for Hazzard to meet up with her and her sister Cindy to buy them.

He arrives where Sandy told him to go, and they greet each other. He asks if she got the gems which she confirms. They head into the cabin to discuss business. After looking over the gems he says he will take them off Sandy’s hands right now for twenty thousand dollars. Sandy says they are worth more than that and he says they are hot and he won’t be able to move them for a while. Cindy arrives and explains she was arrested. As Sandy packs them up, he comments that the little rocks are hotter than they figured and he’s going to have to cut his price. They tell him to worry about that later. They go to leave when he hears someone else outside. He sneaks around the other side, coming up behind Luke and while the girls distract him he hits Luke in the back with a piece of wood, knocking him out.

They put the unconscious Luke in the pickup and Sandy suggests dumping it all in the ravine. He drives the pickup and Luke over. They reach the ravine and push the truck down. As they go to leave they notice the General Lee nearby and see it turn to go after the truck. Cindy tells them that it’s their alibi. Seeing Bo rescued Luke, they flee. Calloway goes in his car and Sandy and Cindy go in theirs. He is suddenly cut off by Daisy in Dixie, causing him to crash. Rosco arrests him.

In town they are turned over to Sheriff Floyd.