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Catfish Lee is a minor character from the Duke's of Hazzard. He is a boxer who has won over 33 fights.


And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

He and his partners run a scam where they travel to small towns and challenge them to a boxing match only to force the other side to forfeit by taking their fighter hostage and getting all the money when the fighter failed to appear.

While at the Boar’s Nest he watches Luke fix a mirror. Billy Ray asks how much he thinks it weighed. He suspects it weights about 200 pounds on each end. He expresses that he is thinking Luke is a pretty strong guy and Billy Ray sends him to set up Luke. He gets up and goes to the bar where Bo, Luke, and Daisy are getting a drink. He tells Bo he’d like to buy their drink and Luke remarks that is real social of him. He pats Luke’s shoulder and orders a round for the three of them. When they all start to drink he spits his out and says it tastes flat and is the worst beer he’s ever tasted. Luke remarks he’s tastes fine and Bo says it is how it usually is. He asks if they are saying he doesn’t know flat beer and Luke says all he’s saying is his tastes fine. Bo suggests it is in his head so he dumps it on Luke. He says now it’s on Luke’s head and Luke tells him he doesn’t like a fight without a good reason. He tosses Luke over a table. Luke gets up saying he guesses that’s a reason before he punches Catfish in the stomach. When nothing happens, he smiles and says ‘I think this is what you had in mind’ before punching Luke and sending him stumbling into the mirror, shattering it. After Luke is arrested, Billy Ray smacks him over where Luke hit, making him wince and he says that Luke hits pretty hard and he thinks they picked a 'tough pigeon'. He stands with Billy Ray as they talk to Boss Hogg, getting him to agree to a boxing match between Catfish and Luke.

Outside he listens to Billy Ray talk to Mr. Culpepper over the phone.

Later he watches Billy Ray negotiate the use of the garage with Cooter.

In the Garage, he starts to train, hitting a punching bag that Billy Ray is holding still. At Billy Ray’s encouragement, he starts hitting it harder, breaking the rope holding it up and sending Billy Ray flying back. He helps Billy Ray up. Billy Ray says if nothing else comes out of this, they know Catfish still got it.

Later, he watches Boss sign the contract agreeing to split the ticket money. However in the event a fighter does not arrive, the other side gets all the ticket money.

After Mr. Culpepper and his partner arrive, he continues to train on the punching bag.

He arrives to the ring when they are supposed to fight. While waiting to see if the other side will forfeit, they stand in the corner of the ring as Daisy sings the Star Spangled Banner.

When Luke arrives he asks Billy Ray what is Luke doing there, as he should have been kidnapped. Billy Ray says something must have went wrong and they are really in a fix now but he corrects him saying Luke is the one in the fix. As they get ready for the fight he is booed by the crowd. He and Luke meet in the center and Cletus goes to read the rules but he is surprised when Cletus reads them their rights first.

As the first round starts, he begins hitting Luke who only defends himself. After the first round he is told not to waste anymore time. When Round Two starts Luke goes on the offensive but he overtakes Luke and starts hitting him low. Cletus pulls them apart and tells him if he hits Luke any lower he’s going to bruise his knees. He starts hitting Luke again. He hits Luke hard in the face but Luke gets up again before the bell for round two. He and Billy Ray watch Boss put the ticket money in his trunk. Round three starts and he goes after Luke again. He knocks Luke down and Luke struggles but manages to get up again. The round ends and he returns to his corner. They both get up for round four and Luke comes on the offensive. He starts to beat back Luke, but Luke starts to hit him. Luke hits him hard in the face a few times before over powering him. He goes on the defensive but Luke hits him down. He loses. As they slip off they steal the money.

They head to the meeting place in an old barn, accidentally leading Bo and Luke there. He watches the other three shoot at Bo and Luke when they arrive and drive by. He watches the boys turn and come back toward them. Realizing what the boys are about to do, they take cover as Bo jumps the car through the barn they are in, bringing the whole thing down. Bo digs them out and helps them up as Luke gets the money. They are all arrested.