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Charlie Burns, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Brotherly Love[]

After Jud Kane causes Tex Tompkins to lose a lot of money, he is hired to find and kill the boxer. He follows Jud to Hazzard, chasing after him in his car. Jud goes through a construction site, jumping over a rock pile and Charlie stops, not able to follow. His car stalls out and he gets out, frustrated.

He calls Tex, informing him that Jud is still alive. When Tex becomes angry, he tells him that he lost Jud but he bet’s the man is still there in Hazzard. Tex says for him to find him. As Tex starts getting worked up he calms him saying for Tex to catch the next bus to Hazzard and he’ll meet him at the bus station at two before hanging up.

After hanging up, he drives around the county looking for Jud. Later while in town he sees the General Lee and decides to follow it. When Bo speeds up, he does as well, coming up alongside the General and beginning to ram into it. He pulls out a gun, intending to shoot those in the General but Bo rams him and forces him into a ditch.

After getting out, he goes to town and picks up Tex at the bus stop. He tells Tex not to worry as they will get Jud and when they do it will be a permanent ‘KO’. He says all they gotta do is find out who owns the orange car. Tex suggests going to the police, confusing him, but Tex says that if they are good, they will help law abiding citizens and if they are crooked than they are his kind of people.

As they head into the police department, they pass Enos. As they enter the main booking area, they see Boss and Rosco talking about needing to find something on Jud Kane. He asks Boss if he said ‘Jud Kane’ which Boss confirms asking what is it to them. When Boss assumes there is a price on Jud’s head, he asks that they know where ‘Killer Kane’ is. Rosco tells them that Jud is at the Duke Farm and Boss says they will go with them. He pulls out a gun, saying they are loners before locking Boss and Rosco into a cell.

While Tex drives them out to the Dukes Farm, he points out Jud’s car to Tex saying it’s coming directly toward them. Tex follows the car and he begins shooting at it. He hits a tire and the car goes out of control before crashing and burning. Assuming Jud is dead, they leave.

At the Boar’s Nest, Daisy serves them a beer and they hear Enos inform her that Luke, Jud’s brother, was in the car and is currently in the hospital. They head to the hospital to find Jud, Charlie saying Jud won’t go anywhere if his brother is in the hospital.

When Jud comes out of the hospital, he gets behind him with a gun. When Tex confronts Jud, Jud goes to return inside but he says for Jud to come with them before any more of his family gets hurt. They head to the car, but Bo comes outside looking for Jud and he shoots at Bo. Bo dodges and gets on the car, trying to grab him through the window. He knocks Bo off and tries to run him over but misses. He leaves.

Tex tells him to find a quiet isolated spot so he can kill Jud. A few moments later he sees the officers coming toward them and tells Tex they have company. He is told to take the road to the right, which he does. They lose the officers when they crash. They think they are in the clear when an ambulance suddenly cuts them off and they turn over into a lake. They are trapped in the car until Bo dives down and smashes the window, pulling them out. They swim to shore where Enos arrests them.