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Charlie Cooper Jr. is a minor character from the Duke's of Hazzard.


Birds Gotta Fly[]

An old friend of Luke’s. When Bo and Luke visit him at the office to ask about Molly Hargrove, he looks through the articles and pulls out a few on her. He brings the paper to Bo and Luke, telling them the headline was Hargrove skirting a six car pile up to win at Chattanogga. He explains to explain that Molly was the one to cause the pile up. Luke concludes it may be one of her enemies trying to hurt Daisy. Charlie says he’s gotta level with them and he’s glad it isn’t his cousin being managed by somebody who got kicked off the circuit for reckless driving. Luke says she said it was because of an eye test and asks if Cooper is sure. He says he’s positive as he covered the story himself. Bo thanks him before they leave.


Charlie Cooper Jr. is the second reporter named Charlie Cooper in the series. The previous one is credited as Virgil Cooper but introduced as Charlie in the episode.