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Chet is a minor character in Dukes of Hazzard.


Limo One Is Missing[]

Chet works for Boss Hogg’s chop shop. He guards the gate and opens it when Boss arrives. Later he hears a noise but doesn’t see what caused it. He’s called into the barn to help with Limo One.

Daisy approaches him as her car stalls out. He is immediately interested, watching her. He asks her if she’s having some trouble and she looks back at him saying the engine is giving her problems. He asks if she has checked her carburetor to ensure it’s working and she tells him she doesn’t know which one is the carburetor. Daisy approaches him and says what she needs is a man to help her. She asks him to help and he tells her he’d love to but if he opens that lock he’d get fired. Daisy says most boys would think it was worth it but if he won’t help she’ll go find a man who will. She waves at him before walking away. He watches her until he loses sight of her. She starts yelling for help in the woods and frantic, he opens the gate to run and help her.

He looks around for her, finally spotting her. Realizing she is in no real danger, he captures her himself, saying she was a decoy. He takes Daisy to the meeting point and uses her as a hostage to get the others out of the cars. When Bo starts hiccuping, Cooter snaps at him saying he just scared Bo’s hiccups back. Distracted he’s thrown off by Jesse’s horn, allowing Daisy to throw him and the others to escape.