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Chet Garvey is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough[]

Cale Yarborough’s assistant. He is helping Cale test a new supercharager in secrete to keep it from the Jethro Brothers.

While Cale is driving, he notices a stock car pull up and approach where he is at the track. He hides behind some equipment, picking up a wrench. Luke remarks that he thinks they are invading someone’s privacy and they should leave when Garvey jumps out to confront Luke and Bo, telling them not just yet. He is calmed a little by Cale coming up and putting a hand on his shoulder. When Bo says he didn’t think they needed an excuse to be there, he informs them they are trespassing and Luke says last he heard the track belonged to Pawtucket County and was sold. He says the boys have an answer for everything. When he realizes Garvey's companion is Cale Yarborough, Bo moves to shake his hands and Garvey holds up his own and shakes his head no, to which Bo immediately pulls back. He sees how surprised they are and remarks ‘y’all snoopers put on a good act’. They deny being snoopers and says that they just came from Hazzard County. He laughs saying they have a nice story but Cale brings up someone he knew from Hazzard. After hearing that they know a friend of Cale’s, Cale says they are alright. Chet becomes more welcoming to the boys, shaking Bo and Luke’s hands. He introduces himself. 

They go over to the car and he opens the hood to show them the new turbocharger. He explains that they have been testing the turbocharger for a week as it’s an out of the way NASCAR approved track.  When asked what the problem is he says 'to keep the Jethro Brother’s from stealing it'. Cale lets the boys drive around and he watches for a few laps before agreeing with Cale that they aren’t bad. He calls Bo on the C.B. and tells Bo that when the red light on the dash comes on, hit a red switch and run around again. He watches them go one last lap, saying ‘that’s nice’ and calling them back.

When the boys get back he shakes their hands again, telling Bo he did some nice driving. Luke tells him that he could feel the compression dropping and when Cale says he wants to regrind the popping valve Luke agrees. He asks where they would get a milling machine around there and Bo says Cooter could do that.

He follows Bo and Luke to the Boar’s Nest and Bo throws an arm around his shoulders as they go inside. He returns the gestureand Luke says he bets Cooter will be there. They come in and Bo pulls out a chair for him introducing him to Jesse and Cooter. Chet takes the seat and shake their hands. They explain he is Cale’s pit boss. He becomes alarmed when Cooter whispers the name loudly but is relieved when no one really pays attention to the mechanic. Cooter asks why are they telling him if this is supposed to be a secret. He is confused when a deputy comes in and Bo and Luke say they need to bolt. He watches, baffled, as Enos chases Bo and Luke out the door before he leaves with Cooter.

At the Garage he asks Cooter how it’s coming and Cooter tells him he can’t rush art. Cooter gets a phone call and tells Chet it’s Luke. Chet goes to answer it and Luke explains they are in jail but the Jethro Brothers are in town and are looking for Cale. Chet is worried but he thanks Luke and tells him he’ll be right over. He runs over to the jail and goes to Rosco and Enos. He asks how much is Bo and Luke’s bail and being told two hundred dollars, he pulls it out saying he would like to bail them out and he’s a little pressed for time so he would appriciate it if they hurried up.

Outside, Bo thanks him and he and Bo give each other a high five as he says not to mention it. They head over to Cooter’s. After Cooter completes the valve, he grabs it and tells the boys he has to get it back to Cale if they are gonna get to the Illinois 500 to register by tomorrow. He asks if there is a quicker way out of there than by themselves and the boys say sure there is but they can’t find it alone. Bo tells him that he and Luke will show him and he tells them fine, lead the way, just make time. Chet gets in his car and follows the boys back.

They return to the track and put the turbocharger back on. He watches Cale start his lap but becomes alarmed when Cale spins out. He shakes his head but Cale tries again. He praises Cale as it works. They hear Daisy call Bo and Luke to warn them that Boss is working with the Jethro Brother’s to steal the turbocharger. Bo concludes it’s the two guys with Boss and Chet tells him they race against them often enough. A few moments later Jesse calls the boys and tells them to get back. Bo and Luke apologize and say they will be back before leaving.

Bo and Luke return and apologize for running off. Chet says that they are sitting ducks right now. He says they need to get going if they are going to make the race. Bo says it isn’t going to be easy seeing as how Boss Hogg will have the roads blocked. He says if that happens then they will never make it. Luke proposes they pull off the charger and carry it while they set up a decoy for the brothers, to which Chet agrees. Following Luke’s plan, he takes the RV out of town as a decoy, waving to Bo, Luke, and Cale as he does.

He meets up with Cale and the boys for the Illinois 500 and has Bo and Luke added to the crew for that race. The three celebrate together when Cale comes in first.