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Chickasaw County is a fictional county located in Georgia in The Dukes of Hazzard series. It is West of Hazzard County and can be accessed by either Highway 3 or Highway 16. [1] At least one major town,Chickasaw City, is located in the county.



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  • Harper Shack [2]
  • Chickasaw County Police Department [3]
  • C.V. Gumbles Home [4]
  • Chickasaw Diner [5]- It is implied not to be a good place to eat as the Balladeer expresses some people have been 'delayed permanently' after stopping.
  • Doc Appleby's Office [6]
  • Lakeland Crossroads [7]
  • Chickasaw City [8]


Season 3

Duke vs. Duke

Boss Hogg calls Ma Harper and the Harper Family from their gambling house in Chickasaw. He expresses that he wishes to make a bet of $5,000 on Rosco to win a race. Ma Harper accepts. Later the State Police do a raid on the Harper home, arresting all four members of the family.

My Son, Bo Hogg

Sheriff Little is warned that a moonshine run is going to be made into his county. He stakes out Highway 3 as it is one of the two ways into the county from Hazzard. He gets a call from who he believes is Boss Hogg saying the shipment is coming on Highway 16. He heads out to 16 but returns to 3 to find Boss and Rosco at a van full of moonshine. He destroys all the evidence.

Season 4

Double Dukes

While trying to leave Hazzard, Turk and Moody drive into Chickasaw. Sheriff Little was waiting at the county line for Bo and Luke, and thinking it was the boys, chases after them on 71 going east. After the two are arrested in Hazzard, Sheriff Little picks them up and brings them back to Chickasaw.

Coltrane vs. Duke

In order to have a trusted doctor present for the trial of Coltrane vs. Duke, Bo and Luke are sent to Chickasaw to pick up Doc Appleby to assess Rosco's condition.

Later the Dukes intend to chase down Judge Potts who is driving through Chickasaw. they are chased by Sheriff Little and lead him to crashing in a construction zone. Judge Potts holds a hearing in the middle of the road to discuss evidence the boys have brought.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1

In an effort to trick Bo and Luke to break their probation, Jason Steele and Sheriff Little work together to trick the boys into crossing the county line. However Bo and Luke see the line at the last moment and stop before crossing it.

Shine On, Hazzard Moon

In an effort to get Jesse Duke caught with a still, Boss has Jesse take it into Chickasaw County after informing Sheriff Little. Little chases after Jesse's truck but the still is lost in quicksand.

Miss Tri-Counties

After being unable to get her license renewed in Hazzard, Daisy and her cousins go to Chickasaw so Daisy can use the DMV there. When they enter the county, Sheriff Little chases after the boys. The boys end up going through town to drop off Daisy before leading Sheriff Little around. After they pick Daisy up and cause Sheriff Little to get in an accident as he chased them out of the county.

The Law and Jesse Duke

The Sheriff's department of Chickasaw County went on strike and won, receiving better working conditions, two weeks vacation, five days of paid sick leave, and a pay increase.

Real Life

There are two real life Chickasaw Counties in the United States. One is located in Mississippi and one is located in Iowa. In addition the name comes from a Native American tribe. A number of other counties that surround Hazzard, like Choctaw and Osage share this trait.


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