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Chickasaw Thins, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A Little Game of Pool[]

When Boss Hogg realizes he can’t beat Jesse Duke in a pool contest, Boss contact’s Thins and he agrees to play for Boss. He owns the pool hall in Chickasaw County and Jesse describes him as a professional pool hustler. Jesse agrees to his substitution in the game and they start with Jesse's break.

As the game starts, he moves the chalk aside and watches Jesse break and is impressed. He chuckles when Jesse remarks it wasn’t bad for starters. He continues to nod along to Jesse’s shots. Jesse has him move aside for another shot, but this one misses. He remarks that it is too bad, addressing him as ‘pop’s saying it is the last shot Jesse will get. He removes his coat and Jesse says he has him locked in. He tells Jesse to hide and watch before making a shot. He continues to look at Jesse between each shot, getting mildly annoyed with Rosco for touching the pool cue.

As he lines up another shot, he takes his time and Jesse becomes annoyed asking if he’s going to shot or not. He smirks before taking the shot, knocking two balls in. He then has Jesse move out of his way and Jesse offers him some chalk but he shows them that he has some in his pocket. He announces he will hit the eight ball in the corner pocket, pointing out the furthest corner from the ball to everyone’s surprise. He makes the shot.

After he shakes Boss' hand and collects his pay.