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Chief Lacey is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Chief Lacey is the Sheriff and Chief of the Springville Police Department.


Season 1[]

Deputy Dukes[]

He calls Rosco and asks him if he’s ever heard of Rocky Marlowe. He explains that Marloe was in Springville for his trial but his lawyer won him a change of venue. He tells Rosco that the trial will be in Hazzard County now and Rosco needs to come get him as he’s all Rosco’s.

Later Bo and Luke come into his office. He is alarmed to see Bo and Luke do not have guns and asks that they mean to tell him Rosco sent two deputies to pick up a prisoner unarmed. Luke explains they are on probation. He assumes they were ‘probationary officers’, meaning they are still not fully established yet, and asks what is the matter with that sheriff. He asks if Rosco has some screws loose and if the boys know who they are taking back, explaining it’s Rocky Marlowe, public enemy number one. Shocked Luke tells him they were not informed of that little fact. Lacey tells him that ordinarily he would say it was their funeral but he’s sending one of his officers with them. He explains that Officer Price is one of their top people in weapons and firearms. Bo argues that Rosco didn’t say anything about anyone going but him, Luke, and the prisoner. Lacey says it’s the department policy and the boys will stand a better chance having a sharpshooter like Price along. He tells them that Price will be waiting outside for them before calling to have Rocky brought in. He tells Rocky that the boys are taking him to Hazzard. He then tells them that the prisoner is all theirs and he and his deputy Frank leave to get some chili.

After Ray finds Officer Price locked in the trunk of her car, they try to radio Bo and Luke. Price tells them what happened and he becomes more alarmed telling Ray to keep trying before taking over the radio yelling for the boys to answer.

Unable to reach the boys, he calls Rosco. He informs Rosco he sent a deputy with the boys but a fake deputy had gone with them and they can’t get a hold of the boys.

Season 2[]

The Ghost of the General Lee[]

Lacey drives Ernie and Phil to the County line, pointing it out. He breaks their pool cues and tosses their loaded dice before throwing up their marked cards so they scatter. He informs them that if they ever step one foot back inside his county he will send them off to prison to spend the next ten years ‘pounding mountains in the Mole Hills’. When they nod he tells them bye before leaving. As he drives away he remarks to let the dummy in Hazzard deal with them.

While on patrol, he sees a pick up, the General, a sheriff’s car, Boss’ Cadillac, and another pick up cross into his county and follows them. All the cars pile up and he gets out as his door falls off to see Ernie and Phil. He is not happy and tells them to get out as they are under arrest. Bo and Luke ask him to open the safe in the back of the truck. When everyone starts yelling he tells them all to be quiet and he reminds Rosco that he can arrest him too in his county. He makes Boss open the safe. Annoyed when Boss and Rosco start bickering about having to clear Bo and Luke’s name, he arrests Ernie and Phil.