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Choctaw County (The Dukes of Hazzard)

A map of Choctaw County

Choctaw County is a county in Georgia in The Dukes of Hazzard. It is bordered by Hatchape County to the north and Hazzard County to the south and east.

Choctaw County can be accessed from Hazzard County by way of Highway 22.[1]


  • Casino - A casino was opened in Choctaw County[2]
  • Police Department
  • Demolition Derby Track [3]
  • Old Abandon Mining Town



  • Choctaw County Cross - Country Rally [4]
  • Boxing match- at some point in 1980, there was a boxing match between a local and Catfish Lee. Catfish won the match. [5]



Season 1[]

Limo One Is Missing[]

Boss heads to the old 'abandon' mining town of Chocktow where Boss used to house his moonshine.

Route 7-11[]

Luke crossed the county line to drop off Dewey Stovall to keep him away from Rosco.

Season 2[]

Days of Shine and Roses[]

Boss Hogg and Jesse temporarily cross into the county during a race.

Hazzard Connection[]

In order to keep the stolen engines out of Augie Detwiller's hands, Bo and Luke drive a truck of evidence through Choctaw County to get it to the State Police.

Season 4[]

The Fugitive[]

Jesse takes Mindy Lou to the county line to get her away from Rosco. Rosco was waiting at the county line for them however. Mindy Lou makes it across so Rosco arrests Jesse.

Season 5[]

The Hazzardgate Tape[]

After the new highway is built, many of Boss Bowman's scams have gone down significantly and he leaves to Hazzard to fix the situation. However he is arrested.