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Christopher Mayer

Christopher Mayer (born George Charles Mayer III; February 21, 1954 – July 23, 2011) is an actor best known for his role of Vance Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Life and Career[]

Christopher Mayer was born in New York City, New York and has also worked under the name Chip Mayer. His acting work primarly occured between 1980 to 2000. He was the oldest of seven kids and grew up in Ridgewood New Jersey. He described himself as a 'crazy boy playing sports, football, wrestling, and track and working my butt off to get straight As and seek the approval of my dad'. He went to college at Colgate University.

Christopher Mayer was casted as Vance Duke in 1982 as a replacement for Tom Wopat's character Luke Duke during a contract negotiation. Christopher and his coworker Byron Cherry, who played his cousin and partner Coy Duke would start a life long friendship that would last until Christopher's death. Christopher had not really heard of the Dukes of Hazzard before being casted as Vance and commented on having good experiences on the show. In an interview he said he liked working with Ben Jones but Sorrell Booke has the biggest impact on him during the shows run.

After the Dukes of Hazzard, Christopher Mayer had a number of other acting roles. These included Santa Barabra (1987-1989) where he played T.J. Daniels, Kenneth Falk in the movie Liar Liar, and a security guard in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.