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This is a timeline for the series of Dukes of Hazzard.



  • June 12, 1872- Thaddeus Hogg goes to see the Duke Family about selling their land. The Dukes refuse. In retaliation, Thaddeus has the Duke Family Barn burned down. [1]
  • June 13, 1872- Hank, Dixie, and Joe Duke arrive to help their uncle. They learn the Sheriff accidentally hired Frank and Jesse James without knowing it and are forced to stop the James brothers from making off with Thaddeus' money. [2]



  • At some point in the 30's, Jesse and Boss Hogg became good friends. They would be life long friends and enemies.[3]


  • In the fall Jesse Duke was on a moonshine run when he was nearly caught by the Feds. Swamp Molly helped him escape and has called in that favor multiple times since [4]


  • At Still Site Number 22, Jesse Duke is arrested by the Federal Agents. To rescue Jesse, Boss Hogg sells his part of their shine and uses the money to bail Jesse out of jail. [5]
  • A huge tornado goes through Hazzard, causing some major damage[6]


  • Approx 40 years ago, the Ridge Raider's had dealt with many of the illegal acts in Hazzard by blowing up buildings to prove their point when fighting against legal issues. They stopped not long after. [7]



  • June 4, Boss Hogg writes an I.O.U. to Cyrus Meadows for $5,000 [8]


  • While in High school, Rosco was part of the Football team and gained two goals for the other team. [9]


  • The 1st annual Tri-Counties Amateur Pool Championship is held[10]



  • The First Annual Retired Moonshiner's Get Together [12]





  • Jesse saves Ira Merchison and Ira tells him that if he ever needs anything to just ask. [18]



  • Boss Hogg betrays a moonshine running partner, Floyd Calloway, to avoid going to prison with him[19]


  • Jim Rogers is voted out of the Hazzard County Supervisory Director by Boss Hogg in an election by Boss stealing the pencils from the voting booths [20]
  • Cooter Davenport and Beverly Hibbs are married. The marriage is soon annulled. [21]





  • Boss Hogg has Digger Jackson arrested for running moonshine. Digger tells Boss in front of the judge and jury that when he gets out he will blow a hole big enough in Boss to drive a truck or tractor through[24].
  • Rod Moffet is born in the Capital City Hopsital[25]



  • A man names Kingston robs a bank. He hides half a million dollars in Hazzard County's Soggy Marsh before being arrested by the FBI. [27]


  • In Oklahoma, Jonas Jones saves Cooter Davenport's life in a fire. The two begin a life long friendship [28]


  • The people of Hazzard County vetoed the Sheriff's pension fund. Furious, Rosco turns from a decent lawman to Boss Hogg, assisting in his schemes to make up for what he lost [29][30]
  • Boss Hogg has Abraham Lincoln Hogg declared dead. [31]


  • Luke Duke meets Candy Dix and they date for a small time[32]
  • Luke exits his service in the Marines [33]
  • Bo Duke graduates High School [34]
  • Bo and Luke are caught on a whiskey run and placed on probation [35] Federal Agent Andy Roach had made the agreement between his office and Jesse Duke [36]
    • Jeb Stewart Duke is put on probation at this time as well and is confined to Placid County. [37]
    • Vance and Coy Duke leave Hazzard for unknown reasons. [38] Vance joins the Merchant Marines and Coy goes to Detroit.
  • The Birth of the General Lee [39]
    • Jesse Duke takes a loan from Boss Hogg to allow Bo and Luke to complete the General Lee and enter a race. Daisy Duke starts working at the Boar's Nest. Bo jumps the General Lee for the first time. Bo wins the race. [40]
  • A Hijacking of $1 million dollars occurs in Hazzard. The money was hidden as the hijackers couldn't get out of the County. [41]


  • Dewey Hogg is forced to leave Hazzard County and is told to never return again [42]
  • Mary Kaye Porter leaves Hazzard County with her boyfriend Andy [43]
  • Sheriff Election [44]
    • Rosco Coltrane and John Ledbetter run for Sheriff office. Rosco is reelected after the Citizens of Hazzard County learn that Rosco had brought in slot machines and all the money made from them had supported the rebuilding of the orphanage.


  • Boss ran a stolen car operation during this year. [45]
  • Mary Kaye Porter is passing through Hazzard on her way to Florida to have her baby. She goes into labor and her son is born on the Duke Farm [46]
  • Amy Creavy wins the Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby [47]
  • October 30- November 11 Hazzard County Fair [48]


  • Ira Merchison dies after marrying a younger woman [49]
  • Thelma Claire Rogers wins against Boss Hogg in the Supervisory Director of Hazzard County by one vote [50]
  • Henry Flatt is declared dead on July 12th [51]
  • Boss organized a robbery of the Bank to collect the insurance money. [52]
  • While Vance is still in the merchant marines, he meets Jenny, a girl he would nearly marry but they broke up over differences in lifestyle.[53]



  • The Duke Family helps Suzy Holmes marry her college love. Daisy loses her car but is gifted with Dixie. [54]
  • Loretta Lynn comes through Hazzard County [55]
  • Early in the year a flood occurred in Hazzard, knocking out a bridge.[56]
  • Bo and Luke help Henry Flatt by making the Hazzard County Veterans' Graveyard [57]
  • Enos Strate leaves Hazzard County to become a police officer in the LAPD [58]
    • Cletus Hogg becomes a full time deputy for the Hazzard Police Department.
  • After being missing for many years, Abraham Lincoln Hogg returns to Hazzard after the death of his and Boss' Great Aunt Emma Lou. [59]
  • Boss Hogg tries to monopolize Christmas by hijacking all the Christmas Trees. Bo, Luke, and Cooter deliver them dressed as Santa Clause [60]


  • At some point in 1981, Mary Lou Tompkins met and married Roger Craig [61]
  • As Boss Hogg is attempting to do his Annual State of the County Address, three bombs are set off through Hazzard. [62]
  • Two Jewel thieves come through Hazzard. Believing Rosco was partners of theirs, Rosco was temporarily fired.[63]
  • The Sword of General Stone Wall Jackson is loaned to Hazzard for Stonewall Jackson Day [64]
    • Jeb Stewart Duke returns to Hazzard for the fist time since he was put on probation.
  • Boss Hogg Sponsors the First Annual Hazzard Derby[65]
  • Hughie Hogg attempts to take over Hazzard County [66]
  • Digger Jackson escapes prison and comes to Hazzard County to kill Boss Hogg. [67]
  • The money from the Hazzard Hijacking that occurred five years earlier is recovered by the Duke Family. [68]
  • Daisy Duke and Jamie Lee Hogg plan to run off and elope. In the end Jamie Lee is arrested. [69]
  • A plane hijacking occurs over Hazzard County, dropping a number of diamonds in the county. [70]
  • Bo Duke comes first place in the Tri-County Motocross and his picture is published in the paper. [71]
  • Clarence Stovall retires [72]
  • Rosco is thought to inherit 10 million dollars, becoming the richest man in Hazzard.[73]
    • Rosco hires a bounty hunter to catch Bo and Luke. However after Uncle Jesse is hospitalized he has a change of heart.
  • Boss Hogg holds the first Hazzard County Drag 'n' Fly contest. [74]
  • Oct 20- Boss tries to frame Bo and Luke for writing a phony check to impress the new State Probation Officer. [75]
  • Hughie Hogg returns to Hazzard with a scam to frame Cooter for robbery. [76]


  • Boss Hogg is arrested for robbing his bank. However it is discovered the money had never left the vault. [77]
  • Micky Gilly holds a Charity Concert in Hazzard. [78]
  • Hector Farley is released from prison after being arrested in 1972 [79]
  • Rafe Logan, a murder who is FBI custody, is being transported through Hazzard and escapes. He is recaptured. [80]
  • A group of Armed robbers take a number of citizens in Hazzard hostage in the Boar's Nest in an attempt to rob an Armored Car passing through Hazzard. The robbery is stopped. [81]
  • Daisy Duke wins the Annual Miss Tri-County Beauty Pageant [82]
  • Lulu Hogg forms the Hazzard Equal Rights Society (H.E.R.S.) [83]
  • Jesse Duke is made temporary Sheriff after the entire police department goes on strike [84]
  • Two prisoners escape into Hazzard County and are recaptured [85]
  • Bo and Luke Duke leave Hazzard to pursue a NASCAR career. Vance and Coy Duke return to Hazzard after being gone for six years. Enos returns to Hazzard as a Deputy [86]
  • Capitol City Bank is robbed by a strange tank that vanishes the same day. [87]
  • Enos and Cletus are awarded as Lawmen of the Year [88]
  • Three Bosses of nearby Counties attempt to overtake Hazzard [89]
  • Cletus Hogg leaves the Hazzard Police Department [90]
  • Senator Maynard is discovered embezzling State Funds. [91]
  • Arapaho County has a sudden election for County Commissioner, resulting in Billie Tucker winning. [92]
  • 37th annual Tri-Counties Amateur Pool Championship is held [93]


  • July 21- the money Kingston hid in Hazzard County after a bank robbery is found. [94]
  • Election for Sheriff of Hazzard occurs
    • Rosco P. Coltrane vs. Hughie Hogg. Rosco is re-elected Sheriff [95]
  • The Mean Green Machine returns to rob the Hazzard Gold & Silver Emporium of a one million dollar gold coin collection. The machine is stopped and the coins returned. [96]
  • Floyd Calloway hires two hitmen to kill Boss Hogg in revenge for his betrayal twenty years before[97]
  • Jesse Duke is hurt in a robbery and the event is put in the newspapers [98]
  • Bo and Luke Duke return from the NASCAR Circuit to Hazzard [99]
    • The second Annual Miss Tri-County Beauty Pageant is held
    • Vance and Coy leave Hazzard County to help other relatives.
  • L.S. Pritchard attempts to buy Hazzard to turn it into a strip mine. [100]
  • Lulu Hogg is kidnapped by three crooks but is rescued
    • The Tri-County Amusement Park opens [101]
  • Mary Lou Tompkins returns to Hazzard to fight for the custody of her son Jamie[102]
  • A man who looks like Rosco attempts to rob one million dollars from Boss Hogg's bank [103]
  • Jud Kane, Luke Duke's little brother, returns to Hazzard after being thought to be dead for many years[104]
  • Boss Hogg and A.C. Tate Jr. make a bet on a children's basketball game. The Boar's Nest Bears beat the Chickasaw Chiefs for the first time in years[105]
  • Boss Hogg wins the Annual Ridge Runners Old Timers Race for the first time[106]
  • John J. Hooper's prize dog Maxine is stolen and recovered in Hazzard County[107]
    • December 25 of 1983, the Hooper Family adopts the boy who comes in possession of the dog, Terry Lee.
  • Daisy Duke and Lulu Hogg accidentally recover a stolen necklace worth $250,000[108]
    • Boss and Lulu celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary
  • Frank Scanlon escapes from prison and comes to Hazzard to kill Enos. He is arrested again[109]
  • Two men attempt to hold a protection racket in Hazzard [110]
  • Cooter's long long daughter, Nancy Lou, arrives in Hazzard [111]
  • Artie Bender is declared dead and his paintings are sold to an Art Dealer in Atlanta[112]
  • Candy Dix visits Hazzard [113]


  • Bo and Luke are commissioned by the FBI to assist in the arrest of J.J. Carver [114]
    • "Bo Duke" officially has his 9th Career win in the NASCAR circuit
  • Dewey Hogg returns to Hazzard [115]
    • Bo Duke leaves Hazzard to help test NASCAR engines for a few days
  • Nervous Norman Willis comes through Hazzard. Willis is arrested [116]
  • Enos is temporarily made the Commissioner of Records. Hazzard receives a bomb threat of destroying the dam, the culpret is caught[117]
  • Fortune tellers pass through Hazzard and attempt a string of robberies. Daisy is originally suspected but suspicions are dropped when the real culprets are discovered[118]
    • Bo Duke leaves Hazzard to help test NASCAR engines
  • A hijacking operation is discovered working out of Capitol City Depot [119]
  • The Duke Family and Cooter Davenport hold a birthday party for the General Lee's 8 year anniversary [120]
  • Upon his death, Boss Hogg's grandfather left him all his belongs, including a paper his father had signed with Jeremiah Duke to receive all the Duke property. [121]
    • The Dukes quickly find the paper returning the land to Jeremiah Duke thanks to the help of Jenny Duke's Diary.



  • Enos Strate leaves Hazzard County to join the LAPD for the second time. [122]



  • Hazzard County holds the 1st Hazzard Hoe-Down to raise money for a hospital [123]
    • Jesse Duke's BBQ recipe wins first place [124]


  • Hazzard County holds a Homecoming Festival [125]
    • Daisy and Enos are nearly married for the second time but call the wedding off. Bubba and Bertha Jo are married instead.
    • Bo, Luke, and Daisy return to Hazzard County. Cooter returns temporarily but comes back to stay permanently before 2000. Enos returns temporarily but returns to LA after.



  • Hazzard County holds the 6th Annual Hazzard Hoe-Down [126]
    • Ezra Bushmaster issues a challenge to Hazzard County to raise $500,000 in ten days and if they succeed he will donate $3 million for the Hospital fund on the condition the Hospital is named after him
  • Toby Keith, Anita Blackwell and other Country Singers come to play at Hazzard County for the Ground Opening Ceremony for the Hospital


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