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CIndy is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1985)


She, Squirt (Will Jason), and Bubba have a band together called the Pine Valley Rockers that plays at the church for socials, BBQ's, and even at the American Legion Picnic in Tyler. She sings and plays guitar. They gathered $1,136.15 for a recording from Platter Records in Nashville but the recording was a scam. They decide to kidnap Loretta Lynn to get their money back.


Find Loretta Lynn[]

When Bubba is driving and runs the General off the road she yells at him saying he nearly killed them and to slow down. They come up on a detour sign, alarming her but Squirt says it will make things easier.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to be confronted by Daisy. When Daisy and Squirt start fighting she gets out of the car. She watches Daisy leave, Luke confront Squirt, and Bubba knock Luke out.

As they get ready to kidnap Loretta, she takes the air out of the General Lee’s tires. When the tour bus with Loretta leaves the Boar's Nest, she follows in their car to the Hazzard Stock Yard.

She goes into the bus and sits on the couch, playing her guitar. She tells Loretta that it won’t be long now and Squirt is making the call. She says as soon as they get their money they will set her loose. She tells Loretta that they want her to feel at home with them.

After Squirt’s return, he, Bubba, and Cindy sing for Loretta. Loretta tells her that she and ‘these big time kidnappers’ are pretty good. She asks that Loretta really thinks so and Loretta confirms it. She tells Loretta about their band.

The three go back to practicing. They are interrupted by Loretta telling them that they are sounding really nice, however she feels Bubba is just a little flat. She tires to ignore Bubba and Squirt fighting until they ruin all of Loretta’s makeup and scolds them. They realize Leona is gone.

Later they get groceries and she listens to Bubba getting upset about Leona's escape. Squirt piles up all the items on her and sends her to carry them in. Later they hear a crash. She asks what that was and Bubba says they are leaving. She asks about Squirt and he says they will pick him up and she goes to get the car. As she drives Squirt suddenly starts throwing stuff out and she nearly wrecks. A few moments later her back tire is shot out by Luke’s arrow and she spins out.

After everything settled, Loretta Lynn decides not to press charges and even offers to help them get a real record deal.