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Cindy Ballou, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Twin Trouble[]

While helping her sister rob the Capitol City Jewelry store, she calls the teller to distract him so her sister can flee with the money. She waits by the road in Hazzard until her sister calls on the car phone. Sandy praises her for the call and says the job was pulled off. Sandy adds that she got spotted and they need to go with their backup plan. She remarks that it’s no problem and she is on her way. She says she will have an air tight alibi in five minutes. She then gets in her car to move to the road side, pretending to have car trouble.

She sees the General Lee drive by and stop, Bo getting out. She greets him and Bo asks if she is in trouble. She says she is and she has to make it into Hazzard by 11 o’clock to make an important phone call. She tells him that her dumb old car just up and died and Bo offers to look at it. She tells him she would be tickled if he did before introducing herself. He says he’s Mr. Fix it before shaking her hand and properly introducing himself as Bo Duke. She agrees before looking at her watch and shows it to Bo, saying it’s almost 11 and she’s never going to make it. Bo assures her she will. He says not to worry about a thing as he’ll get the car fixed. They talk as Bo works.

She gets in the car and Bo tells her to go ahead and try it. The car starts up and she cheers saying ‘hey, you did it.’ She asks Bo if he can tell her where the nearest phone is. He agrees and she explains that when she left Richmond she promised her mom she would call every day at exactly 11 o’clock. She adds that it’s after 11 now and her mom would be worried. Bo tells her not to worry as he also wrote the book on nervous mothers. Hearing sirens, she gets out of the car, alarmed. Bo puts an arm around her saying not to let them scare her as they are nothing to worry about. She puts her arm around him as they watch the police chase a car by them, Bo greeting them as Rosco and Enos as they do. Bo explains that is the local police department before telling her not to be so nervous. He then tells her to follow him, which she does.

She calls Sandy from a payphone in town, pretending to be talking to their mom and saying she is in Hazzard and everything is find. When asked if she lined up a ‘patsy’ she says she got a dilly of one, the cutest little alibi they ever had. She says if they need him, Bo will swear that Sandy was in Hazzard. Sandy says she’ll see her at the hideout and she hangs up. Bo approaches her and she tells him her mom wants her to find a nice room to spend the night. She asks what a good hotel is and Bo says he would have to say the best hotel they got is the only hotel, and he promises to show her where it is, saying it’s the Hazzard Hotel. Bo puts an arm around her saying if she isn’t doing anything later he would like to show her around town. She tells him that is so sweet of him and her mama really appreciates his kindness. Bo says he appreciates her for the fine daughter she raised. He helps Cindy into General saying she doesn’t have to follow him as they are going in the same car.

She rides out with Bo to the Duke Farm where she meets Jesse and Daisy. Daisy asks how long she plans to stay and she remarks just until tomorrow. She adds that she’s so grateful to Bo for his help. Jesse says that is just the way people are and Daisy says Bo would have helped her even if she wasn’t so cute. Bo and her leave, passing Luke as they do. A few minutes later Luke chases after them, pulling up alongside and telling them to pull over. A truck nearly hits them both and after avoiding it, Bo stops before getting out. When Luke points her out, Bo apologizes before helping her out of the car saying he wants her to meet his rather anxious cousin. Luke says they already met and she becomes confused saying he’s mistaken and she’s never seen him before. Luke accuses her of robbing a store and she realizes Luke is the witness who saw her sister. She becomes defensive at the accusations saying it’s the most ridiculous story she ever heard and for the last two hours she had been with Bo. Bo helps her back into the car, and Luke keeps insisting it was her even telling her to tell Bo everything. Bo insists she was with him before apologizing to her. They head back to town.

After arriving at the hotel, Bo helps her out and asks if she is sure she doesn’t want to keep looking around. She tells him that it was so horrible of being accused of those horrible things and she is too shook up. She apologizes and Bo says not half as sorry as he is. She tells him to call her later as maybe her headache will be better by then. She goes into the hotel until Bo leaves before coming back out and getting in her own car.

She arrives at the hideout, seeing Sandy pull up. She comments ‘hey, you did it’ before opening the door for her sister and hugging her. They go into the cabin, Sandy showing her the gems and she explains about Bo and Luke. She assures Sandy that Bo will defend them. Sandy says if Luke keeps causing trouble they will have to take care of him. Cindy says they cant’ take off until Calloway gets there and Sandy says he’s on his way. She adds that Calloway has been paying them top dollar and they will just have to wait. She heads to town to keep an eye on Bo.

Bo meets her at the hotel and they go outside. Bo says he’s glad she is feeling better and asks if she would mind taking a ride with him as there are a few things he wants to talk to her about. She agrees, asking if Bo talked some sense into the crazy cousin of his. Bo says that is one of the things he wanted to talk to her about. He helps her into the General when she notices Boss Hogg and Rosco on three wheeled bikes heading toward them. She asks what that is and Bo rushes off, saying he ain’t got time to explain it. As Bo drives away, he tells her that Luke called the Sheriff in Hatchape and that Sheriff called Rosco. She asks Bo why is he running away as he is innocent. Bo says he knows that but he doesn’t want her suffering for Luke’s mistake. Bo is forced to stop by a truck and they are caught. Rosco informs her that she is under arrest. She says he can’t arrest her as she didn’t do it and she has an alibi. Bo says she was with him but the police refuse to accept it. Rosco has Bo drive over to the Police Department. When they get there Boss and Rosco help her out, ignoring Bo as they arrest her. Bo tells her he’ll come in with her but Rosco refuses. She tells Bo to help her as they take her in and Bo says he’ll help her.

Boss and Rosco interrogate her and she tells them that she doesn’t know anything about any jewels and that Bo saw her in Hazzard when the robbery occurred. Rosco says that he has an ID on her and Boss says that Bo vouching for her don’t mean anything. Boss says that someone will have to fence the gems and he will pay top dollar. She says she can’t give him what she doesn’t have. Rosco attempts to use a light to force her to talk, but blinds himself. She says this is an outrage and she wants a lawyer. Rosco asks her where she was on the night of August 4th and she says she isn’t’ saying anything without a lawyer. Rosco asks where her lawyer was on the night of August 3rd and Boss announces that he things she is telling the truth. Rosco says she is lying but Boss helps her up saying they made a big mistake and apologizes to her. He tells her she can go and she says it has been a most aggravating experience before leaving. She gets in her car to head to the hideout.

As she heads to the hideout she suddenly hears sirens and looks back to see she is being followed by the police. She loses them when the car flips. She arrives at the cabin and goes inside to see Sandy and Calloway. She tells them about being arrested. They get ready to leave but Calloway says he has to cut the price. Sandy says later as for now they need to leave. As she steps outside she is shocked to see Luke. He realizes what their scam is and her and Sandy distract Luke while Calloway knocks him out from behind.

They put the unconscious Luke in the pickup and Sandy suggests dumping it all in the ravine. She gets in the car with Sandy to follow Calloway, who is in the pickup, to the ravine. Sandy remarks they have never done anything like this before and Cindy says they have no choice. They reach the ravine and push the truck down. As they go to leave they notice the General Lee nearby and see it turn to go after the truck. Cindy tells them that it’s their alibi. Seeing Bo rescued Luke, they flee. Calloway goes in his car and Sandy and Cindy go in theirs. They are surprised when the General Lee follows them. Bo and Luke tell them to pull over before running them off the road into a hay pile. They are taken into custody.

In town, Sheriff Floyd arrests them along with Calloway.