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Clara Coltrane is a minor character in Dukes of Hazzard.


Clara Coltrane lives in Hazzard County. She is the aunt of Rosco, Lulu, and Hortense Coltrane.


Sadie Hogg Day[]

As Hazzard prepares for Sadie Hogg day, she goes to the Police Department for the drawing. Boss makes a joke about his great great grandma starting the holiday as she mistakenly ordered a cotton gin thinking it was a way to make moonshine to which she politely laughs about. When Lulu is drawn for Boss of Hazzard, she congratulates her. Boss then draws for Sheriff, drawing her name, surprising her.

The next day she changes into the police uniform and reports to Cletus for duty. They are greeted by Boss and Lulu, saluting them.

Later she sees Rosco stuck in town and approaches him, asking what happened. Rosco snaps telling her to never mind what happened and to just push. She goes to do so until she pauses, giving Rosco a disapproving look. Cletus calls Rosco and tells him that Bo and Luke robbed the bank. Rosco says he’s coming and she tells him she’s coming with him. Rosco says she can’t come as there is liable to be shooting and hurting. He says ‘this is your sheriff speaking’ and she snaps at him saying ‘I’m coming, this is your Aunt Clara speaking’. Rosco agrees and she gets in the car. They join the chase. As they catch up to the others, Rosco proudly tells her that 'this is called hot pursuit.'

After the boys stop, Rosco and Cletus do as well. Miz Tisdale and Clara get out of the cars and stand together, watching as they attempt to arrest the boys. She is stunned at the ‘evidence’ thinking the boys actually robbed the bank. However they are stunned when the bank bag is full of trash, commenting on it. She watches Bo and Luke tie Cletus and Rosco’s ties together before fleeing and moves to help untie them.

As a Bank Examiner is coming, she starts dusting down the bank.

Later she meets up with Cletus and Miz Tisdale when they see Jesse, Daisy, and Handley leaving the bank. Knowing who Jesse and Daisy are, they chase after them. She gets in the car with Miz Tisdale and they force Cletus in the backseat. However she is stunned when Miz Tisdale takes the car on two wheels and horrified when Miz Tisdale’s hat temporarily blinds her. They go through the junk yard and catch up to everyone at the incinerator. They are all stunned to learn Boss had embezzled all the county funds.


  • As she is Rosco's Aunt and shares the same last name, it is possible that her brother was Rosco's father. As Mama Coltrane is the only other Coltrane shown, it is possible that Rosco's father is dead and Mama Coltrane is her sister-in-law.