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Clarence Stovall is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Clarence Stovall is a long time friend of Jesse Duke's. He started working at the Bank of Hazzard in 1951. After 30 years of loyal service and dedication, he is preparing to retire and move to Florida.


The Great Bank Robbery[]

While working at the bank the day before retirement. As he’s getting the trash from beside Boss’ desk, Boss addresses him and he happily asks what he can do for him. Boss says there is a little thing he has to discuss with him and as of today, he’s fired. Shocked, Clarence asks that he’s fired and protests that isn’t fair, stuttering. Boss repeats the stutter saying just because he’s loyal, dependable, a hard worker who hasn’t missed a day on the job in life isn’t a reason for him to keep him on when he’s cutting down. He asks about his pension and Boss tells him that everyone is supposed to help balance the budget and he’s just doing his part. Boss says he’s not giving any handouts to freeloaders. He protests that he isn’t a freeloader and every week for 30 years Boss has taken $3.98 from his pay that was supposed to accrue at 4.97% interest to give him the residual benefits from the principal sum of $30,000. Boss says he’s a wiz at numbers and he says he’s just protecting his rights. Boss says he’s forgetting the administrative costs, carrying charges, advisory fees and inflation so all the money is gone. Boss says besides that Clarence was supposed to put 30 years in the job before being entitled to a pension. He says he’s only one day shy of 30 years. Boss says one day and 20 minutes and that he advises Clarence to stop wasting time talking and go clean the storeroom or he will take the last 20 minutes out of his pay. Upset he goes to clean up.

After work he sees the open vault and in a fit of anger takes $30,000. Knowing he has to flee town, he heads out to the Duke Farm. He pulls up and Jesse comes over to greet him. Bo says he’s just in time as they are about to have ribs for dinner. He tells Bo he can’t afford the time but thanks him for the invitation. Jesse tells him he’s not going anywhere before Monday and Luke tells him nearly everyone in Hazzard is coming for his retirement party. He says he would appreciate if they would give everyone his regrets as he is leaving this very minute for Florida but he couldn’t go without saying goodbye. Daisy goes to protest but Jesse agrees on the condition that Clarence has ribs with them and spend the night before leaving in the morning. He tries to decline, saying it’s kind of him but Jesse says he just told Daisy ‘not buts’. Jesse takes his suitcase and in a panic, he grabs it yelling he hasn’t got the time. He accidentally opens it, revealing the money he took.

As he picks it up, Jesse asks that he stole it from the bank. Daisy says that doesn’t make sense after all the years of loyal service. He yells that that is the reason, that after all those years Boss Hogg snookered him out of his pension. He tells them he did what he had to do and Bo says he arranged for his own. He explains he was cleaning and only took the amount of his pension. Jesse asks how he was cheated and Clarence explains’ Boss fired him today. Luke says even then, Clarence can’t let Boss turn him into a crook. He says Luke is right and he was too mad he wasn’t thinking straight. He says it’s too late to do anything about it now and Jesse says it’s never too late. He says the Dukes will see him out of it. He smiles at them, grateful when Rosco arrives. Luke takes the suitcase from him and he watches Bo and Luke drive away with the money, leading Rosco away from the farm.

He goes out with Jesse and Daisy to Jensen’s Hollow at Still Site 1. Jesse says they need to get the money back before Boss learns it’s gone. He explains’ it can’t be done telling the Dukes that Boss will be in the bank at eight o’clock on the dot Monday morning. He says the first thing Boss does is open the vault and the second is to count the money. Luke says they gotta get the money in the vault before it opens, which Bo says is bank robbing in reverse. He tells the Dukes that he has a key and a combination to the vault, explaining he wasn’t sitting around the bank like a toad on a stump for thirty years.

They go over to the Hazzard Garage where they meet up with Cooter, preparing to put the money back in the bank. Learning Cletus is in front of the bank and Daisy goes to distract him. Luke says when Daisy has him occupied; he, Bo, and Clarence will dash over to the bank. He tells Luke that at his age, he isn’t much good at dashing and it might be better to forget the whole idea. Jesse tells him if he was to trust Bo and Luke with the key and combination they can do it. He says he feels bad to let the boys take the risk for his foolishness and Jesse insists they can do it. He agrees and hands it to Bo. He gives Luke the combination and tells them not to let anyone see it. As the boys leave he nods as Jesse says they are good boys.

He, Jesse, and Cooter watch Daisy talk to Cletus as Bo and Luke head to the bank over the building tops. They watch the boys go into the bank and become alarmed when moments later Boss and Rosco arrive and head into the bank. They hear the fire alarm go off and Bo and Luke flee, escaping from arrest. As the boys head out of town, Cooter notes they still had the money. He says he never should have gotten the Dukes mixed up in it. Jesse tells him to worry about it as they’ll work it out.

He goes with Jesse and Daisy to Still Site 1 where the boys tell them about the time lock. He remarks that on top of the grief he brought, the boys are fugitives. Luke tells him not to worry about it as they are used to it and Bo says the first thing they gotta do is clear him. Jesse says they are going to help him. He tells them that they will think better over a little coffee and he’ll get the water if someone starts a fire. He goes to Daisy’s jeep and drives away.

The Dukes quickly chase after him. Bo tells him to pull over as they pull up alongside and he tells the Dukes to leave him be as he’s turning himself in. Jesse says he’s not and to pull over. He is surprised when Bo climbs over into the jeep and he moves over so Bo can stop the jeep. He in confronted by Jesse, who says that is the craziest thing he’s ever heard. He tells Jesse it makes no difference and he’s done for. Jesse says the Dukes don’t accept that. Daisy says they will find a way out. Luke says for them to go back to the farm and get some sleep and they will see them at Cooter’s in the morning. Bo gets out of the jeep and Daisy takes the driver seat. The whole way back Jesse scolds him.

The next morning they all go back to Cooter’s. Luke says they need to find a way to get Boss out of the bank at 8 the next morning and he remarks it would be easier to put socks on a rooster. Bo disagrees saying they can create a ruckus. As they talk they hear a gun go off, alerting them to the police outside. He, Daisy, Cooter, and Jesse quickly pretend to be playing poker when Boss and the others come in. They hear Boss and the others spot Bo and Luke and watch them run outside chasing the boys in Daisy’s jeep. Luke radios them to tell them they got away and they’ll see them all the next morning.

Monday morning at 7:15 he meets up with the others at the Garage. After syncing his watch to Cooter and Luke’s, Luke tells him to sit tight and they will be back at 7:45 to pick him up. He asks how he can ever thank them and Bo tells him that as soon as they get the money in the vault they will all have a ‘shindig’.

As he waits for Bo and Luke, he watches Jesse lead everyone away. He looks at his watch, nervous as Bo and Luke are running behind. He goes back in the garage and after a few minutes he hears a horn. He goes outside to see Bo and Luke. They rush over to the bank and get into the vault as it opens at 8. They put the money in the vault before going back outside.

When Boss, Rosco, and Cletus return he goes back in the bank with everyone. After Boss confirms all the money is there and there was no robbery, Boss asks what he’s doing there as he’s a fired employee. Bo and Luke say if Boss doesn’t reinstate Clarence then they will go tell everyone they could get into the bank despite it being closed. When Bo describes the inside of the vault Boss gets upset and agrees to rehire him and getting his pension. Boss agrees.

The Dukes and many people hold a retirement party at the Boar’s Nest. Boss gives him an award of a broken pocket watch. Jesse then presents him with a fishing pool, telling him he no longer needs to worry about the time. Everyone congratulates him.