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Clark is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


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While he and Dickens go through Hazzard they get chased by a police officer. He curses saying they got away clean with the bag of credit cards worth a million dollars and they get a yokel cop on their tail for a speeding ticket. He tells Dickens to punch it. When Dickens is unable to lose the officer he says they have to do something with the bag. Dickens points out a log and tells him to toss the bag behind it. He asks if Dickens is sure, which he confirms saying they will come back later. He tosses the bag as they pass.

They pull over and Cletus gives them a ticket. He asks if Cletus needs a copy, which Cletus confirms and he hands him the ticket copy saying ‘here’. He offers Cletus the original as a joke too before they leave to get the bag. After getting out and looking, they find nothing. He asks where is it, saying it landed right in there. As Dickens gets upset he snaps from him to knock it off and to keep looking, that it has to be there as it didn’t sprout legs and walk away. Dickens reminds him about the orange car they saw parked by the road. Clark says no one was in the car and Dickens says not that they saw.

While out driving they pass the General Lee. He yells ‘that was them’ and they turn to chase the car. They catch up to the car and start ramming it. He encourages Dickens to keep doing it. However the General stops and they have to turn to chase after it. After the General is ran off the road, they pull up in front of it and he draws his gun, telling Bo and Luke to hold it right where they are. He gets out of his car before telling them nice and easy, get out of the car and bring the satchel.  The boys says they don’t have it and he says they are just making it real hard on themselves. Luke says to search and he tells Dickens to do it. When Dickens confirms he tells them they have thirty seconds to tell him where it is. Luke says the Sheriff’s got it. Bo suggests for them to call the Sheriff to confirm, saying the phone is by the bus stop. He remarks that might not be a bad idea and that if they are lying they are dead.

They go to the bus stop and he calls the Sheriff while Dickens watches the boys. He says he is from Atlanta and got a tip that Rosco busted a stolen credit card ring and has the evidence. Rosco partially confirms it but Boss Hogg comes on the phone and says they have two suspects named Bo and Luke Duke and that the boys still have the cards. He thanks Boss saying that is all he wanted to know. He hands up telling his partner that the boys lied but he is shut in the phone booth and Dickens is knocked out and his body blocks the door.

After Dickens gets up, he looks through the phone book and finds the Duke Farm. He rips out the page with the address. He gives it to Dickens and they leave for the Farm.

They arrive on the farm to see Jesse sharpening an ax. Jesse stops when he notices them and after Dickens takes the ax he paces a moment before shooting at the ground. He then points it at Jesse saying ‘look old man’ and that his boys have a bag that belongs to them, they want it, and he won’t waste the next shot. Jesse says the Sheriff has it. Hearing Bo on the CB he goes over to the CB and tells Bo that Jesse is with them, safe and sound for the time being. Bo begs them to believe him that Boss and Rosco have the cards and lied so they can sell the cards, something Jesse backs up. He takes the mike and says for them to listen to him, that he doesn’t care and all he wants is the bag. He says maybe they are telling the truth and maybe not but he will give them one hour to bring it to the farm or the next time they see their uncle to bring some flowers.

While waiting for the boys, he remarks the time is almost up and he sure hopes the boys ‘didn’t take a powder’.  Jesse says the boys will do what they have to do. He says he hopes so.

After tying up Jesse, they hear Bo tell Luke over the CB about Daisy and Lulu in the car with the credit cards heading to Chickasaw County. They leave to chase after the women.

They catch up to Lulu and Daisy, overtaking them and forcing them to stop.  They are confronted by Lulu and he says for them to just get in the car but Dickens says too many people are looking for it. When Dickens tells Lulu to get in the back, he tells Daisy to get in the front. As he drives he sees Bo and calls him on the CB, saying he’s got the car, the cards, and the girls. He tells Bo to turn around and go home. A few minutes later he notices that not only is Bo behind him, but so is Luke and Jesse. He announces to the car that the boys don’t listen. He tells Daisy to sit still as his partner takes care of the boys. He is distracted when a tow truck pulls out and Daisy punches him in the face, knocking him out.

He is arrested by Cletus and sentenced to ten years.