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Claude Billings is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


At some point Claude was arrested and while in prison his cellmate was from Hazzard County. He had told Claude about the Pringle House that most locals thought was haunted and that he had rigged it with traps to keep people out allowing him to make his shine there. After being released Claude decided to take his son to rob silver and use the house in Hazzard as a base of operations.


The Hazzardville Horror[]

He watches the Boar’s Nest until Daisy is picked up by Bo and Luke before gesturing for Billy Joe to move the van. As he goes to open the back door, Billy Joe bumps into him. He gets the door open and starts gathering silver. When Billy Joe drops a piece of silver, he tells him there isn’t any reason at this stage in the game for him to start getting the ‘yips’. When Billy Joe apologizes, he asks him what does he always keep telling him to think about while they do their job. When Billy Joe asks if he has to say it and offended, he tells him if it’s something worth remembering then it’s worth saying. Billy Joe says a good thief is a calm thief. He tells him to keep thinking that and to calmly pick up the silver.

At the Pringle house he stokes the fire under the smelter. He helps put some of the silver in the smelter that Billy Joe brings over and Billy Joe asks how he ever came across the set up. He explains his old cellmate told him about it for two years.

When Mary Lou Pringle looks around the house, they check on what she is doing to make sure she doesn’t find them. He tells Billy Joe she will hold for a while and pulls him away from the peep holes. As they go down the stairs, Billy Joe drops an item, annoying him. He tells him that the girl upstairs doesn’t scare easily and they still have Judge Peabody and what is left of Boss Hogg’s silver to get. Billy Joe says they should be hitting the bank and he tells him to wait a minute and that you have to crawl before you can walk. He says the silver will bankroll their big job, the right way. Billy Joe says if the girl gets in their way or slow them down they will take care of her. Claude says if either happens, Billy Joe can handle it.

Later they set up a lot of the tricks to scare Mary Lou. However they stop when Daisy comes in and then Bo and Luke follow. He starts to think how to handle it when they all leave and he decides to get back to work.

They go outside to watch the group leave before heading out to steal more. After hitting Judge Peabody they head to Boss’ only to see him and his police department moving the silver and saying criminals never return to the scene of the crime. He remarks to his son ‘ain’t that nice to know?’. He decides they are going back to the Boar’s Nest after dropping by the house and loading up first. He remarks the silver is pretty.

They arrive at the Pringle house and see the General Lee. He remarks they got company again and after watching Luke and Mary Lou leave, his son points out there should be at least one more. They sneak inside and spot Bo. When Bo overpowers Billy Joe, he is knocked over. Bo turns around to deal with his son and he jumps on Bo’s back but Bo throws him off. He picks up his son’s dropped gun and hits Bo across the face, knocking him out. He helps his son up and says they need to load up and get out. He grabs rope and his son tells him to skip it. He says they don’t skip nothing and tells Billy Joe to listen to him and help tie Bo up.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and he picks the lock, going in to see Boss and Mary Lou. They tell everyone to freeze and after Boss freaks out he calmly tells Mary Lou that goes for her too, calling her ma’am. He packs up all the silver. After they go outside and leave in the van, nearly hitting Jesse. They laugh as they leave, yelling ‘bye bye Hazzard, I thank you kindly’.

He gets in the back and fires up the smelter. Billy Joe asks how they are doing back there and he tells him they are about ready to start cooking. He starts melting Boss’ silver. A few moments later a police car follows him and Billy Joe says they don’t have time to melt the silver. He tells him he needs more time and it isn’t chicken gumbo he’s making. Billy Joe warns him someone is on the roof and he tells him to shut up and drive. The van fills with smoke however. After Billy Joe pulls over he tries to run but is stopped by Bo. He is arrested by Rosco and Cletus.