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Clayton is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Good Neighbors Duke[]

He approaches Josiah Benson at his new farm with his partner Dixon, commenting that the garden looks real good. When he gets a blank look back he apologizes, correcting it to Venable and saying maybe this time it’s for keeps. After being dismissed, they leave. When his partner comments that the man isn’t very friendly, he says the man has reason and asks if Dixon remembers the Dixie Davis kidnapping. He explains to his partner that Benson was a security service member who was hired to deliver a random. When Dixon says it was a million dollars of diamonds he corrects him saying it was two. He explains Benson was blindfolded but he got ‘a gander at Mr. Big’ and they picked up Zender and Benson testified against him. He says that is why ‘Uncle Sammy’ changed his name and relocated him. When his partner asks why Benson is still hiding Clayton says the diamonds have never been recovered.