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"Cletus Falls in Love" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Cletus initiates a traffic stop with the Dukes. When Daisy uses her charms to get Bo and Luke out of a phony ticket, Cletus thinks that Daisy is in love with him. Daisy tries to end Cletus' courting of her without hurting him. Boss Hogg is upset when he is told that the state probation supervisor is coming to Hazzard to see what kind of a job Boss is doing. In order to impress the supervisor, Boss needs a conviction against Bo and Luke so he can continue to receive a big paycheck as the Hazzard County probation officer. To do that, Boss frames Bo and Luke for passing a bad check, and they must once again clear their names. Boss Hogg fires Cletus after he bungles an arrest, prompting Cletus to side with the Dukes in their efforts to clear their names. To make sure Boss's scheme goes according to plan, he brings in Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big Ed" Little to guard a jailed Bo and Luke until they can be taken to the state probation supervisor. Daisy eventually tells Cletus that she is not in love with him (Cletus takes it well and begins dating another woman), and Bo and Luke get some unexpected help from Flash, who clears Bo and Luke by eating Boss Hogg's forged check.


Balladeer: Well it was one of fine spring mornings in Hazzard. One of them day’s that it was a privilege to be alive. You could hear the sounds of cotton buds popping, birds chirping, and Cletus eating.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy head to the Boar’s Nest in the General. Seeing the General, Cletus chases after them. Bo notices him first and attempts to run but finds the road blocked and is forced to stop. Bo remarks this is embarrassing but Luke says it’s worse than that because if Bo gets one more phony citation from Boss he’s going to lose his license and he’s not far behind. Daisy says she’ll talk to Cletus. Cletus however is behind on tickets and Boss threatened to make him the meter maid. Cletus apologizes to Bo and says it’s on Boss’ orders Daisy approaches Cletus and says she is going to vouch for Bo. Cletus accidentally writes on his uniform and Daisy shows him what he did before asking if Cletus can find it in his heart not to give Bo a ticket. Cletus agrees and rips it up. Happy, Daisy kisses his cheek thanking him and telling him she loves him before leaving with the boys to get to work. Cletus thinks Daisy is in love with him and cheers.


Boss gets a call from Mr. Hodges who explains he is investigating all the County Probation Officers and wants Boss to meet him tomorrow morning. Upset, Boss hangs up calling him a ‘son of a revenuer’ and tells Rosco that the new state probation supervisor wants to look at his case file and with the case file he has on Bo and Luke he’ll be canned for sure. Boss says that the Dukes have 287 suspected violations and not a single conviction. Boss tells Rosco to start thinking of a way to nail the Dukes because if they lose the County Probation officer job, Boss will take it out on Rosco. Boss tells Rosco he got an idea and holds up the cash receipts from the Boar’s Nest for the entire week. He tells Rosco that they are going to use the bag to get a conviction on the Dukes.


While driving, Cletus is swerving all over the road.

Boar’s Nest

Luke calls the railroad depot to check on a seed order. Luke is upset when Harlan tells him the price changed and is now $57. Luke goes to where Daisy and Bo are waiting at the bar, telling them it’s an $11 difference from what Harlan told Jesse. The boys ask Daisy if she has some money and they all confirm they have no extra money so they will have to go to the bank. Cletus walks in with a bunch of flowers, greeting the Dukes. He trips over some chairs and tables and Bo and Luke pull him up. As Cletus offers Daisy the flowers, Bo points out there is poison ivy in it, causing Cletus to throw them. Cletus tells her that she made him the happiest fella in Hazzard and leaves to get her flowers so they can have lunch. On the way out he trips into Luke, a wall, and a chair. The boys ask what that was about and that Cletus doesn’t drink. Daisy realizes she told him ‘I love you Cletus’. Bo and Luke laugh hysterically and Daisy says she says that to everyone. As they leave Bo tells her he loves her and blows a kiss to which Daisy throws a rag at him. After she worries about Cletus.


Rosco places a bag on money in the road before hiding in the bushes. He tells Flash to watch, explaining he will arrest them for grand theft. Bo and Luke drive by, running over the bag. Rosco is upset that they didn’t stop and sees Flash was asleep.


Bo and Luke arrive at the bank. Boss learns from Rosco that the boys didn’t fall for it. As Boss talks to him, Bo and Luke come in. Boss tells Rosco to hurry over as the boys are at the Bank and he’s alone with Lavern leaving. Boss approaches Bo and Luke and calls them delinquents saying they are wasting their time. Bo gives him a check to cash from their joint account. Boss says to come back later and Luke says they don’t have time and its only $11.  Boss checks their account to see there is a balance of $26, which he scoffs at before cashing the check and asking why he messes with such small accounts. Boss tosses them the money to leave and the boys comment on his service before leaving. Boss curses them wondering what he can do. He notices a wanted poster for a man passing bad checks. Rosco arrives and asks if the boys did anything. Boss says they passed a bad check. Rosco gets excited before seeing the check isn’t for $1100 like Boss is claiming but only $11. Boss tells Rosco that by the time he gets the boys in the jail it will say $1100. They celebrate and Boss tells him to go arrest the boys as he’s got work to do.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy sets up for lunch when Cletus arrives with new flowers. He offers her the flowers and Daisy says they need to have a little talk. Cletus agrees and she reminds him of the road. Daisy tries to say it wasn’t like that but doesn’t know how. Cletus gets happy, laughing and misunderstanding saying she is as nervous as he is. Daisy tries again and Cletus tells her every time he gets close to her he hears music. The phone starts ringing and Daisy says it’s only the phone and goes to answer it. Mabel is calling for Cletus. As Cletus takes the phone he calls Daisy ‘honey’ and learns Rosco is looking for him. Daisy tries to stop him from leaving so they can talk but Cletus rushes out, tossing the flowers to Daisy as he goes.

Railroad Depot

Bo and Luke pick up the seed and while Luke loads it, Bo pays for it saying he still doesn’t think it’s fair. He’s ignored and Luke calls them bandits as he and Bo leave. As they drive down the road, Rosco falls in behind them.


Luke tells Bo to shake him as they got the seed for Jesse. On the other side Cletus comes swerving all over the road. As Cletus starts pulling the petals off a flower he stops watching the road. Bo loses Rosco but Cletus crashes. Bo and Luke rush over to check on him and are unimpressed to learn it was over his crush for Daisy. Rosco arrives and Bo asks him to just give them a ticket. Rosco tells Cletus to arrest them and Luke demands to know what it’s about. Rosco says it’s about the $1100 check and Bo and Luke start laughing. Bo says he only wrote a check for $11 and Luke agrees.



Boss finishes copying Bo’s hand writing and makes a check for $1100. He laughs in amusement.

Police Department

While Bo and Luke are in jail, Boss, Rosco and Cletus show them the check. Bo confirms it’s his handwriting but insists he didn’t write it like that. Luke agrees. Boss doesn’t allow Bo look at it any further. Jesse and Daisy arrive, furious about the charge. Daisy says Bo and Luke have never written a phony check and Jesse asks to see it but Boss doesn’t allow them. Jesse shoves past Rosco and goes after Boss to see the check. While the three are busy Daisy gives the boys the keys to the cell. Daisy hugs him and starts talking to him and flirting as Bo and Luke slip past them. As the boys go out the door, Rosco sees them. Rosco and Cletus chase after them but as they go outside, Bo and Luke drive away. They chase after the boys in the police cars.


Bo warn Luke about a creek and Luke jumps it. A fisherman is furious at the interruption. Rosco and Cletus both jump the creek as well, dumping huge amounts of dirt in the creek. Cletus lands in a tree and Rosco spins out from watching him. Bo and Luke leave to investigate the check. Cletus remarks he should get a pilots license.

Police Department

Rosco and Cletus return while Boss is on the phone. After hanging up, they tell Boss the boys got away and Boss angrily explains he was just talking to Mr. Hodges that he was bringing the boys in. Rosco says that Cletus should be fired and Boss agrees. Cletus protests it isn’t his fault but Boss rips off his badge and part of his shirt. Rosco takes his hat and gun and Cletus leaves. Outside Daisy sees him and is stunned. She asks what happened. Cletus explains he was fired. Daisy apologizes to him and Cletus says he’s glad the boys got away. He gets close to her despite her protests, saying again that when he gets close to her he hears music, honking the horn on Dixie. Daisy tells him they have got to talk. Cletus says he would rather smooch and Daisy and him bicker for a moment before Daisy says she can’t right now and drives away. Cletus writes it off as she’s shy.

Still Site

Bo, Luke, and Jesse meet to talk about what is happening. Jesse says he never thought Boss would stoop to forgery. Luke says they need to get the check. Daisy arrives and she tells them that they need to talk to Cletus and that he got fired. Bo asks if Luke sees what mess he got Cletus in this time and Luke says it took both of them. Luke apologizes to Daisy and Jesse says that it is their duty to get Cletus his job back. Luke agrees to talk to Cletus and he and Bo leave in the General. Jesse and Daisy head home.

Police Station

Boss talks to Rosco in the file room. He explains that he is going to keep the check in the file room until the meeting with the state probation officer. He tells Rosco he wants him to guard the file until he has to leave. Rosco says he’s only one person and has no help. Boss says he already hired someone else and they will be there soon, making Rosco happy. Boss tells Rosco to stay by the check.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke park in the ally when they see Cletus in a suit come out of a sweet shop. He is nearly ran over by Miz Tisdale, who scolds him for not watching where they were going. They talk about possibly getting a double date with Jesse and Daisy. Bo remarks ‘well there he is’ referring to him as lover boy. Luke asks if Bo can handle the check alone. Bo agrees and Luke says it’ll save them some time if he talks to Cletus. Bo wishes him luck, which Luke says he’ll need. Bo leaves and Luke calls Cletus over. Cletus greets him. Luke apologizes for them getting him fired and Cletus says for him not to feel bad as he would get fired from a hundred jobs for Daisy.

Bo creeps up to the Police Station where he looks in the window. Rosco leaves to feed Flash and Bo opens the window before climbing in the file room. Outside Luke tells Cletus that he and Bo put Daisy up to flirting with him. Inside Bo opens the file box as Rosco puts a plate of food in front of Flash. In the file room Bo finds the file just as Rosco returns. Rosco asks him what he’s doing and Bo drops the file on the ground. As Rosco picks it up, Bo jumps out the window. Rosco tries to make him freeze but the window falls on his wrist. In the alley, Luke tells Cletus that he’s his friend they have all been friends since they were little kids. He says Daisy likes Cletus, they all do, but she doesn’t love him. Cletus insists that Luke is wrong and he’s on his way to the farm with a five pound box of pralines because Daisy want’s to have a talk. Bo runs over announcing he struck out. Luke looks at Cletus saying so did he. Bo climbs into the General saying they gotta go. Luke runs over and gets in.

Boss is coming outside as a pie man goes to walk across the street. As Bo hits the road, Luke tells him the pie man isn’t looking. The man sees Bo and rushes back, avoiding being hit. Boss sees the boys and starts yelling through the food in his mouth. Rosco exits the Police Station and gets into his car, yelling at them. As Rosco passes, the pie man is trying to cross the street again and in an effort to keep from getting hit he dumps the pies on Boss. Rosco stops to check on Boss, allowing Bo and Luke to escape. Boss tells Rosco to arrest the pie man and the two fight over what kind of pies are on Boss. Boss asks what the boys were doing and Rosco explains they were in the file room. Rosco says he’s got the check in his pocket and Boss begins wiping the pie off of himself and onto Rosco. They head to the court house only to nearly be hit by Sheriff Little.

As Little parks, Rosco and Boss run over to him. Boss explains that Little was hired to help protect the check. Rosco hands him the check and Little puts it in his helmet. He tells Rosco to go off and play with his rubber duck, which Rosco corrects him saying Boss has the rubber duck and Boss says he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Little says he has his own plan to catch the boys. As little leaves, Boss and Rosco continue to fight.

Still Site

Daisy waits for the boys and they return, explaining they struck out twice. Luke says Cletus is really going and Daisy says she has to sit him down and talk to him. As she goes to leave, Luke says she’ll find him at the farm with pralines. She asks what about the check and Bo tells her that Luke will figure out something. Daisy tells them to be careful as they are her two favorite fella’s. Daisy drives away in Dixie.

Town of Hazzard

Luke, figuring that it would be the last thing Boss would expect, decides to go back to the file room. After parking in the alley, Bo and Luke head to the Police Department. He and Bo climb into the room and Bo points out the file. They approach, not seeing Little sitting in the corner. He greets Bo and Luke, explaining he knew they would come back since he figured they would think it would be the last thing Boss would expect. The boys bolt for the window and while Luke gets out, Little manages to catch Bo and throw him into a file cabinet. He yells for Luke to come back as he has Bo, and Luke does.

Duke Farm

Daisy arrives at the Farm and Cletus runs to greet her but trips over a number of chickens. Daisy asks if he’s alright but the food has had it. Daisy holds him asking where it hurts but he says nowhere as long as she is in his arms. Daisy says they need to talk but Jesse runs out of the house saying Cooter just called and the boys have been arrested. He says they have to go and Daisy tells him she is coming. She tells Cooter that they have to talk still and her and Jesse leave. Cletus wonders what she wants to talk about, concluding that she wants to propose to him.

Police Department

Bo tells Boss that they didn’t do anything wrong and Boss can’t keep them in there. Boss says he doesn’t intend to as tomorrow morning they are all going to Capital City. Luke asks why would they want to do that and Boss says he’s meeting with the state probation officer. Rosco spills about how Boss is doing it to keep his probation officer job. Luke says that is why he was so hot to frame them and Bo says he won’t get away with it. Boss says they are leaving at 7am and tells Little to watch them before he and Rosco head upstairs. Rosoc tells them to sleep tight and Boss says it they are going to sleep now they must be awful tired as it’s four o’clock in the afternoon (according to the clock it’s 4:24).

Cooter, Jesse, and Daisy arrive and are stunned to find the door is locked. Rosco peaks out and when Jesse says he saw them, Rosco says they are closed and no visitors. He shuts the door and Cooter yells ‘that dog don’t hunt’ and to open the door. Jesse says he wants to see the boys. Rosco opens the door again to tell them to leave before he arrests them. Cooter clears his throat and Rosco yelps in surprise before slamming the door closed. Cooter asks what are they going to do and Daisy says they can’t let Boss railroad the boys.


The three return to the Garage and Cooter says he heard that Boss plans to turn the boys in for violating their probation tomorrow morning at 9. Daisy says they need to break them out before that and Cooter says it won’t be easy with Little standing over them with a shotgun. Jesse says in that case the only other way is through the window and asks if Cooter can do something about it. Cooter says it could be arranged if someone can keep Ed busy. Cletus arrives and Daisy says she has an idea. Cletus walks over asking if Daisy is ready for their talk and Daisy says she can’t’ talk until the boys are safe. She asks if Cletus believes the boys and he tells her of course he does. Daisy asks if he would help them and he agrees. Daisy says he’d go against Boss and he says that he’s 1/8 Hogg and the other 7/8 of him agrees. Daisy and the others thank him.

Police Department

After night falls, Bo and Luke sit up against the wall together. Bo says they can’t sit there like two horses waiting to be taken to the glue factory. Luke says they will wait until Little goes to sleep but Little tells them to be quiet before standing up and telling them he ‘never sleeps’.

The next morning Daisy and Cletus head to the court house, dressed up. Cooter and Jesse start up their vehicles, Jesse in the General and Cooter in his truck. Sheriff Little tells the boys to get up and start moving. Bo starts waking up from where he was laying but Luke, who was already awake, tells Little that they were unaware he was for hire and maybe they can do him a better deal. Little says to forget it.

Outside Cooter and Jesse get the truck backed up near the police station. Inside, Bo, Luke, and Little are surprised when Daisy and Cletus come down, giggling. Little asks what is going on and Daisy says her and Cletus are looking for Boss so he can marry them. The boys realize something is up before hearing a noise by the window and seeing Cooter connecting a cable to it. Luke congratulates them and Bo says Cletus has their blessing. Little starts to get annoyed and says for them all to shut up. Cooter drives off, pulling out the window. Bo and Luke start climbing out and Little tries to stop them, accidentally shooting the ceiling. The boys thank Jesse and Cooter as they get in the General. Rosco goes down to investigate the shooting and Little says the boys are escaping before chasing after them.

The pie man gets out another tray of pies. As he walks across the street the General comes around. He rushes behind the truck. He goes to try again but Cooter comes racing by and he’s forced to run back to the truck again. Rosco and Little come outside to see the Dukes leave town in the General. Boss runs over to the officers to learn the boys escaped. Boss tells Little to find Bo and Luke and bring them to his nine o’clock meeting. From the bushes, Daisy and Cletus listen in. Rosco and Boss get the check to head to Capital City and Little leaves to find Bo and Luke, nearly hitting the pie man again. Rosco puts the check in his lunch box and puts it next to Flash. This time they pass the pie man, who trips and plants his face in the tray. Daisy and Cletus leave to call the boys.


Bo and Luke drive through a creek and Bo watches for Little. Daisy calls them and Bo responds and thanks them for the help. Daisy explains the situation to the boys, then calls Cooter and Jesse in Cooter’s truck to get them to stop Boss before her and Cletus leave to assist Bo and Luke.

Bo assures Luke that things are clear behind him and Luke says that’s because he just came from a different direction. Little comes up behind the boys saying he’s got them now. Luke runs him into a bush. Little finds his car is stuck.

Boss tells Rosco to keep driving and Cooter and Jesse come in behind them. Boss tells Rosco that they are being followed and wonders what they are up to.

Bo and Luke set out after Boss and Rosco and Cletus and Daisy catch up to them. Cletus says there is no Little and it looks like the boys shook him off. Daisy says all they have to do now is catch Boss and get the check back. Cletus says when they were pretending to get married he liked that. Daisy tells him she has to tell him the truth.

Boss and Rosco are in the front, followed by Jesse and Cooter, then Bo and Luke, then Daisy and Cletus. Little comes in behind Daisy and Cletus. Cletus asks Daisy what she’s talking about and Daisy apologizes. They all notice Little has joined the line. Little tries to shoot at Bo and Luke with Daisy and Cletus in the middle. Cletus is shocked and Daisy says she don’t care because she has got to tell him something. Bo calls them on the CB to get out of the way but Daisy turns it off. Daisy explains there is a misunderstanding and she’s is sorry. She says she doesn’t love him like to marry him. She says he’s like a friend or a cousin but that’s all. In despair, Cletus goes to hug her, letting go of the wheel. Daisy gets control of the truck as Little is ran into the creek.

Bo and Luke catch up to Boss and Cooter. Cooter lets them pass and they get in front of Rosco. Bo tells him to pull over. When Rosco doesn’t, Luke forces him to stop. Bo, Luke, Boss, Rosco, Jesse, and Cooter get out. Flash opens the lunch box. Cooter sits on his truck while the Dukes confront Boss about the check. While Boss and Jesse fight, Rosco notices Flash got into his lunchbox. Rosco get upset that Flash is eating the check but the others are laughing.

Balladeer: And so, old Flash saved the Dukes. With the check eaten, Boss had no case against the boys and had to drop the charges. Which earned him a royal chewing out from the state probation supervisor. And even worse than that, he got docked six months’ pay. And to top it all off, when the boys threatened to sue for false arrest he was forced to give old Cletus his job back. Looks like poor Daisy’s gonna have to tough it out. But I figure something will happen to keep her busy. Cause things usually work out like that in Hazzard County.

At his meeting, Boss gets scolded. After Boss pins Cletus’ badge back on, rehiring him as a deputy. Boss looks upset but Rosco and Cletus are both happy. The Dukes and Cooter wait outside for him and Daisy hugs him and goes to kiss him. Cletus thanks her but says she had her chance and he’s going with Laverne now.


Main Character[]

Guest Star[]


  • Tony Brubaker


Hazzard County[]


  • Luke says that if Bo gets one more phony citation he will lose his license.
  • Boss says that at this time he has 287 suspected violations to Bo and Luke's probation
    • T.C. Rogers was the boys last known probation officer, having won the election in People's Choice. Boss is once again the boys Probation officer
    • Boss mentions there is a large paycheck that goes along with being the County Probation Officer. However in People's Choice he discovered that he was the probation officer without knowing it because the job didn't bring in any money
  • Cletus is given two major parallels to Enos in this episode. Besides having a crush on Daisy, Luke also says Cletus doesn't drink.
  • This episode occurs on October 20 1981 as seen by the date Bo wrote on the check he gave to Boss.
  • Luke says that Dukes all grew up with Cletus since they were little kids
  • Rosco again references Boss Hogg's rubber duck.