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Clooney is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Coy Meets Girl[]

Clooney and Potter are hired by Boss Hogg to steal some antiques from Coy and Vance Duke. They go down the road, pretending they don’t have breaks and yelling for the Dukes to pull over. As Coy passes him he yells that they have no breaks and asks for help. He tells Potter he had nice driving as Coy stops them. Vance approaches his window to see if they are okay and he pulls out a gun, forcing Vance to step back with his hands up. He gets out of the car with Clooney. When Vance says they have no money, he gestures for Vance to move, taking him around to the other side of the car and saying if they did have cash it would be chicken feed compared to what they are driving. He says to tie the boys up when Vance attacks him. He flips Vance on the ground and overpowers him. Coy tries to help but he moved, allowing Vance to hit Coy. He grabs Vance, knocks him down and reclaims his gun. After he helps tie them up. He moves Coy to the side of the road and they leave with the van and their car.

They arrive at Boss’ ‘Dixie Moving and Storage’ building and start to unload the van. As they start pulling out items, Bobby Lee darts by them and out of the truck. She asks where the girl came before chasing after her. They find Bobby Lee only to be hit with a tree branch and roll down a hill. They struggle to get back to their feet and decide to tell Boss about her.

They get to the phone booth and he calls Boss. When Boss asks who it is he remarks its Clooney and tells Boss they ran into some trouble. Boss asks that they got the truck, and he confirms it but tells him about Bobby Lee. Boss says to find her before the girl babbles about it. He hangs up and tells Potter that Boss says to find her and fast adding ‘what else was he gonna say, I knew he’s gonna say that anyways.’

They drive around, looking for Bobby Lee. When Potter says that Boss will give them a hard time for not finding the girl, he says if they don’t find her they will be doing hard time.

While looking for the girl, Vance and Coy spot them. However they lose the boys when they swerve by a molasses truck that causes the boys to spin out. They continue down the road when they see Dixie driving away from the bus stop. He see’s Bobby Lee standing at the bus stop and comments ‘well what do you know, there she is just waiting for us.’ They sneak up and grab Bobby Lee. As she screams, Daisy returns in her jeep, stopping and leaping out of it and onto them. Daisy knocks him over before hitting him hard multiple times. He shoots at Daisy and Bobby Lee as they flee.

He calls the Police Department and when Rosco answers he says to give the phone to Boss. He informs Boss that they found the girl but then they lost her. He says Daisy Duke spotted them. Boss snaps at them before saying for them to go back to the warehouse and stand by for the finale phase of his ‘ingenious plan’. Clooney hangs up and informs Potter, saying he hopes this is the last one of Boss’.

Boss delivers a second truck and they move all the antiques into it. Boss tells them there is a back road to the Duke Farm and to use that so the Dukes don’t see them plant the stolen truck. They drive out to the Duke Farm and stash the stolen truck in the barn. Boss then instructs them to meet him at the construction site. In an effort to help Boss stop Vance and Coy, they go to the construction site to block the road, however the Dukes jump over them. They attempt to drive off but crash into Boss and Enos. They go a different direction after that.

They arrive at the warehouse and get the moving truck full of antiques, heading for Atlanta. He stays in the car and follows Potter in the van. As they hit the road, near the 16 and 3 junction, the Dukes and Rosco comes up behind them. In an effort to lose Coy and Vance, they go through a field where the national guard is firing artillery, but the boys follow them through it. Potter stops to abandon the van, and he pulls Potter in through the window before driving off again. The boys catch up again and force them into a pit. He is knocked out and captured by Vance.

With Bobby Lee’s testimony, he is arrested and taken to Atlanta by Cletus and Enos.