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Clyde Amos is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


By-Line, Daisy Duke[]

Daisy goes to see him with a number of pieces she wrote for the Hazzard Gazzete, explaining she knows she isn’t a reporter or typist. He questions the first piece about Mabel Horton’s chicken laying a five yolk egg, to which Daisy excitedly asks if he can believe that and she got it first; Cy Meeker withdrawing from the county hog calling contest for laryngitis. Daisy excitedly runs down her other articles. He tells Daisy that he knows she isn’t a regular reporter and is only contributing items to make a little extra money and he appreciates her ambitiousness but at $8 an item he needs something with more bite to it. When Daisy looks devastated, he becomes alarmed. He tells her he will pay for those items but she needs to get over to the Boar’s Nest and find out what the emergency town meeting is. In her excitement she nearly accidentally pulls the lamp off his desk.

Daisy calls him at the Hazzard Gazette. After Daisy picks him up, he rides with her following Rosco and Boss Hogg. He tells her she sure got something she can dig her teeth into this time. He says this might even get her a ‘by-line’ and not understanding Daisy says if it’s all the same to him she could use cash. Confused he just shrugs. When the police crash and the truck slips by he yells 'it’s getting away' but Daisy says not with her ‘by-line and modeling course money’ before chasing it. As she drives she asks him to reach in the back and hand her the bow and arrow. He agrees before pausing in confusion but getting it anyway. She tells him to take over driving which he quickly agrees and does. He watches Daisy shoot out a tire on the truck, yelling in joy. Daisy pulls up by the truck and he gets out. They all see its Bo and Luke. As Boss verbally runs through everything and he looks over to see Bo and Luke take off.

He goes back to the office, Daisy and Jesse having taken him. Daisy says he can’t print those pictures as Bo and Luke are innocent. He tells them that he knows how they feel and Daisy snaps that he doesn’t because she took those pictures of her kin and now they are going to turn it around and throw them in jail. He tells Daisy they aren’t the judge or jury and report things the way they happened. Jesse argues that isn’t how it happened. He apologizes and says he isn’t going to destroy them. He says there is 8 hours to press time and if Jesse and Daisy can prove those pictures lie, then he won’t have to run them.  He reminds them they have eight hours and the two say they can do it before leaving.

The next day he brings out the day's paper to post it, greeting the Dukes and Cooter. He shows them the headline. He waves to them all as they leave.