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Clyde is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Strange Visitor to Hazzard[]

Having seen a UFO, he calls over the CB to announce that he saw one just fly over his head while he was driving in his car. He insists he saw one fly right over his head again. Luke calls him over the C.B. and tells him to take it easy and not to go running off the road. Hearing Luke he insists he saw one. He says it was round and shiny and gave off an awful light. Bo asks him if it’s still there. He tells Bo that it’s gone now but he’s still shaking. Luke tells him to take it easy and drive on home, get his wife to brew him some black coffee. He tells the Dukes he’s going to drink something a lot stronger than that and he’s done and gone.

As he drives he sees the General Lee coming toward him. Alarmed he swerves to avoid the General, taking out Tarkey, W. Beemer, and S.J. Pruitt’s mailboxes. He yells as his car jumps and lands hard, knocking his hat down.