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Cylde the guard, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


According to Bo Duke, Clyde is the best guard that has been hired at the Impound Yard. However according to Luke, Clyde is also as 'hung up on Daisy as Enos is'.


The Ransom of Hazzard County[]

After the General Lee is impounded, he opens the gate to let the truck bring it in.

While guarding the impound yard, he paces in front of the gate. He is happily surprised when Daisy passes by in her jeep, greeting him and he waves. Hearing the jeep having issues, he walks over saying hi to her and asking if she has problems. Daisy tells him she does, and it sounds like she has a clogged fuel pump or something as she gets out and opens the hood. He helps her, saying it sounds like something is wrong. Daisy says she’s late for work and puts a hand on his shoulder asking if he can look at it for her. He is surprised but agrees. As he begins looking over the engine he hears a noise and asks what that is. Daisy says she kicked a pebble with her foot and that must be what he heard. He looks to Daisy, not really sure and she suggests it’s the carburetor, which he quickly looks to where she points.

A moment later he hears a car start up and turns to see Bo and Luke in the General. He yells ‘it’s your dang cousins’ to Daisy before watching Bo jump the General out of the impound yard. Furious he leaves Daisy’s side to yell at the boys, firing a pistol in the air and yelling for them to get back there. Daisy starts up Dixie, saying the jeep is running just fine now and thanking him before she drives away. He screams after her saying there was nothing ever wrong with her jeep. He becomes upset, realizing he failed at his job.

He calls Boss Hogg to inform him what happened. Boss calls him a numbskull, saying he let the Dukes snooker him and if they don't get the General back, it's his job.