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Collins, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Collins and Buck work together to make contracts with various companies to dispose of their toxic waste. They begin looking for a place to illegally dump the waste.


Cooter's Girl[]

When they enter Hazzard, he sits in the passenger seat while Buck runs a stop sign and forces a brown car driven by a girl off the road.

They go into the Boar’s Nest and he approaches Daisy, addressing her as honey and asking if she can tell him where he can find J.D. Hogg. Daisy tells him that she’s sorry but he isn’t there and is in his office in town. He thanks her and tries to get Buck to leave but Buck takes the beer off Daisy’s tray. He is annoyed when Buck ignores him and starts a fight, screaming at him to knock it off. He gets jumped by a local and thrown into a table. He gets up and knocks over the man who hit him before smacking him with a bar stool. He then tries to pull Buck off Cooter when two other men, Bo and Luke, join him to separate the two. The boys nearly stop the fight almost to start another. He drags Buck out of the bar.

He and Buck arrive in town, seeing some health event going on. They approach Boss, Collins petting Flash as he passes her, asking if he’s J.D. Hogg. Boss offers to sell him a health week shirt and he declines but says he’s interested in the land at Spruce Hills. Boss asks what he wants to use it for and he says a sheep ranch. They go into Boss’ office to discuss business.

They finalize the purchase of the land and he tells Boss that if everything goes well they will look at buying more property. They head outside and Buck remarks about Boss buying their story about being sheep ranchers. He says if Boss really learns what they bought it for he will have a fit. He says for them to call their clients as they now got a place to dump their toxic waste. Buck says they need to stop for gas and they go to Cooter’s garage in the pickup. As they park he pulls out the phone, telling Buck the place isn’t open. Buck says the pumps are and he tries to stop Buck, asking for the man to listen to him and saying he’s already caused enough trouble today. He says they need a low profile. When Cooter comes out of the garage, he quickly gets out and goes to Buck. Buck starts a fight and he watches, annoyed, but is surprised when the Dukes arrive. He quickly puts some money in Cooter’s pocket, drags Buck to the truck, and they leave.

As they head to the property, he tells Buck that he needs to control that temper of his as he doesn’t want any trouble while setting up the dump sites. Buck says it’s part of their cover and he gives him a disbelieving look. They are surprised when an orange car catches up and they see Bo and Luke. Luke tells them to pull over as they want to talk. When Buck refuses, Bo forces them to stop by cutting them off. They get out of the pickup and he tries to keep Buck calm while Luke says they were just trying to return their wallet. He takes a few bills out, saying he would like to thank them but Luke declines. Luke asks what brigs them to Hazzard and he says that it isn’t their business but they got themselves a spread In the hills for a sheep ranch. Bo questions it and Luke asks if they are bringing in winter wool or long coat. He says long coat and thanks them again for the wallet before leaving.

As they leave Buck remarks the two were pretty nosy and he agrees, saying he doesn't like it one bit. He says the back orders are piling up and they need to get the trucks rolling. Buck suggests killing them but he stops him, saying he told him a dozen times, he doesn’t want any trouble as they need to keep a low profile. He adds that maybe he can get ‘that little blimp’ J.D. to give them a hand.

They go back to Boss’ office, and Boss promises to give them protection and keep the Dukes away from them.

On the property they set up some fences and he gets a call from the companies. He tells them that everything is all set and none of the locals are wise. He says they can start loading the trucks and start dumping in about three hours.

Buck and Collins go to a valley on the property and he says it is a good place for a dump site.

They are alerted to people trying to get on the property and spot Bo and Cooter trying to cross their fence. They approach the two with pistols drawn, telling them to hold it where they are. Seeing Bo, he asks ‘you’re still roaming around lose plowboy’ adding that Bo should have been arrested for assault. Bo says they were just looking for some sheep. Buck wants to shoot them but Collin’s stops him saying they are going to do this legally. She says they caught the boys trespassing and now they are going to hand them over to the sheriff on a silver platter. They are startled by the General’s arrival and dive to the ground to keep from being hit. Bo and Cooter escape in the General. As they get back up, he says he is going to have the guards shoot them on sight if they come back.

He calls Boss Hogg, asking if Boss remembers the additional land he was going to buy. When Boss confirms he says Boss can just forget it and says the Duke Boys are still running around loose and he has an additional charge of trespassing. He adds ‘and their good friend, Scooter, Cooter, whatever his name is.’ Boss confirms it’s Cooter and says not to worry about nothing as he will tend to it himself.

After he and Buck go to see the guards. They explain that there has been a change of plans, they switched routes just to be safe, and that the trucks will be coming over the back hills. He says he and Morgan will let them in.

They hear on the radio that there is a break in and head out to cut them off. They arrive as a glider is getting off the property an in an effort to stop it, Buck puts them in a ditch.

He is arrested by Rosco and Enos.