A location in the Dukes of Hazzard, located in Hazzard County, Georgia. Colonial City is three miles outside of the Town of Hazzard by taking Highway 1 and going to the top of the hill. [1]


  • United Shipping Terminal- a shipping terminal in Colonial City. Many trucks and companies organize shipments through this organization. [2]
    Shipping terminal.png
  • The County Historical Society[3]- Jesse says they have a record of every church in the county.
  • Post Office- Colonial City has the main Post Office for Hazzard County. [4]


Season 2

Road Pirates

After learning a large number of trucks coming from the United Shipping Terminal has been hijacked, Bo and Luke go to investigate and learn there is a hijacking operation being worked out of the business.

Hazzard Connection

Cooter picks up two junk cars from Colonial City for Augie Detweiller.

Treasure of Hazzard

The Dukes go to Colonial City to see the County Historic Society. Dr. James Fenwick and Stacy Williams pretend to be members to find out where the location of a historical church is.



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