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A location in the Dukes of Hazzard, located in Hazzard County, Georgia. Colonial City is three miles outside of the Town of Hazzard by taking Highway 1 and going to the top of the hill. [1]


  • United Shipping Terminal- a shipping terminal in Colonial City. Many trucks and companies organize shipments through this organization. [2]
    Shipping terminal
  • The County Historical Society[3]- Jesse says they have a record of every church in the county.
  • Post Office- Colonial City has the main Post Office for Hazzard County. [4]


Season 2[]

Road Pirates[]

After learning a large number of trucks coming from the United Shipping Terminal has been hijacked, Bo and Luke go to investigate and learn there is a hijacking operation being worked out of the business.

Hazzard Connection[]

Cooter picks up two junk cars from Colonial City for Augie Detweiller.

Treasure of Hazzard[]

The Dukes go to Colonial City to see the County Historic Society. Dr. James Fenwick and Stacy Williams pretend to be members to find out where the location of a historical church is.