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"Coltrane vs. Duke" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


A beer distributor offers Boss Hogg top dollar for the Duke farm. After Bo and Luke unintentionally run Rosco off the road, Boss Hogg forms what he believes is the perfect plan to get his hands on the Duke farm -- have Rosco fake being injured, and file a $50,000 personal injury lawsuit against the Dukes, so that Rosco can win the Duke Farm for Boss. Boss hires an actor named Slick Doggins to play as a doctor to support Rosco's claims. As it turns out, it is Boss who suffers as Roscoe, playing his "victim" part to the hilt, forces Boss to wait on him hand and foot. When the Dukes get proof that Rosco is faking his injuries, they have to get that evidence to Judge Buford Potts before they lose the farm.


Balladeer: Somebody once said ‘the more things change, the more they remain the same.’ Well that’s sure true in Hazzard. For example, the corn crop is in and the Dukes taxes are due. And if they ain’t paid on time Boss Hogg gets the farm. You can bet he’s sure plotting to see that they ain’t paid on time. Like setting up Rosco to delay ‘em.

Bo and Luke head into town, Luke driving the General. Rosco and Flash wait hidden in a bush. As the boys pass him, Rosco heads out after them. Luke says it looks like Rosco knew they would cut through Mud Flats and Bo says they don’t have time to play with him today. Luke says they need to get to the bank by three o’clock and runs Rosco off the road into a mud puddle. They stop and check on Rosco before driving off.

Police Department

Boss keeps checking the clock to see it’s almost three and Mr. Crystal asks if he’s holding Boss up. Boss denies it and Mr. Crystal explains that the property with the mountain stream he wants to build his new brewery belongs to a family named Duke. Boss explains that in two and a half minutes the Dukes will not have paid their taxes and he will take the land and sell it to Mr. Crystal. Boss looks out the window to see Bo and Luke pull up. He sends Mr. Crystal to his office just as Bo and Luke come in. Luke puts the money in his hand and Boss says he knows exactly when Jesse collected the corn money and there wasn’t enough time for them to get there without speeding. Luke says if they were speeding Rosco would have caught them. Boss insults the Sheriiff and Bo says Rosco is kind of like a stick in the mud. Bo and Luke leave. They get in the car and take off again. Boss looks out the window to see Rosco pull up, covered in mud. Mr. Crystal comes out to see Boss, telling him he has thought about it enough and he wants to buy the land and will pay top dollar for it. Boss pushes him out saying he'll be in contact in the next couple of days.

Boss comes outside yelling at Rosco. Rosco says he and Flash are going after the Dukes. Boss asks how the boys paid their taxes. Rosco says the Dukes have ran him off the road and caused him to have an accident. Boss gets an idea saying all is not lost. He says Rosco is hurt. Rosco says he isn’t and Boss insists he is hurt, that he has whiplash and broken bones. Rosco denies it but Boss insists he is seriously hurt. Rosco starts to catch on and Boss says he has a way to get the Dukes land legally by a court. Rosco goes to hug him but Boss tells him not to.

Boss calls Slick Doggins. Despite insulting Slick on the phone, he tells Rosco that the man is a pure genius. Boss explains that he is in need of a doctor. Slick asks how much he would be making as this doctor and Boss offers 10%. Slick says for 20% he will come with an ambulance and all the proper appearance. Boss agrees. He tells Slick to get over to Hazzard quickly. Boss assures Rosco that it’s going to work. Rosco asks how much he will get and Boss says they will talk about it when he recovers from his permanent injuries.

Cooter is working at his garage when he hears an ambulance pull up. Boss runs out the court house and approaches Slick, telling him the injured is in his office. Cooter runs over asking what’s going on. Boss says Rosco has been hurt bad and worried, Cooter asks what happened. Boss says it was an accident caused by Bo and Luke. Cooter tries to ask about Rosco and Boss says he doesn’t have time to talk about it right now. Cooter runs back to the garage and has Mabel connect him to the Farm.


After hearing from Cooter, Bo and Luke head to town. Bo drives and Luke asks how Rosco could’ve been hurt so bad. Bo says he looked fine to him and Luke says sometimes injuries could take a while to show their effects.

Police Station

While sitting in his bed, Rosco asks Slick how much he thinks Rosco will get. Slick asks if he’s got Blue Cross and Rosco is upset that Slick didn’t take his question seriously. Bo and Luke come in and Rosco pretends to be hurt as Slick hides his cards. Bo and Luke see Rosco and are shocked. Bo admits he has no idea how that happened and Luke asks if he’s in much pain. Bo asks if they can do anything to help and Boss and Cletus come in. Boss says they can and Cletus gives Bo a subpoena. Boss says they can show up in court tomorrow. Bo reads that they want $50,000. Boss says Judge Potts will convene court at 9 am but the client has an open and shut case.

Hazzard Garage

Jesse and Daisy arrive at the Garage to see Bo, Luke, and Cooter. Jesse asks if he heard right or did Mabel have her wires crossed again. Luke says he heard it right. Bo and Luke insist that Rosco was fine after the accident. Jesse asks why are they taking Boss’ word on this as they never have done that before. Bo says they saw him and Cooter says with the group that was there, that don’t mean anything. Luke agrees that something isn’t right. Jesse says there must be a medical report on file and Bo and Luke decide to go look at the records room.

Police Department

Rosco gets up to feed Flash. Boss comes out of his office and asks what is Rosco doing. He tells Rosco to get back in the bed. Rosco says it’s boring and Boss says he doesn’t care and for Rosco to stay put. Boss asks what he needs to be un-board and Rosco says he could read to him. When Boss questions it, Rosco goes to get up but Boss quickly agrees. Rosco pulls out Jack and the Beanstalk and Boss is stunned. He goes to object again but when Rosco goes to move Boss agrees. Rosco says he’s only on page six so Boss can’t spoil it for him. Boss starts reading and Rosco insists he read it slow. As Boss reads about the giant Rosco gets startled and tells Boss not to read it like that.

Bo and Luke go into the Records office to look around. Cletus is eating a sandwich and checking to make sure all the offices are locked. He opens the records office to see Bo and Luke. Cletus greets them and they greet him back. All three pause, realizing Bo and Luke shouldn’t be in the room, and the boys run and Cletus chases them. They shove a book shelf over and after checking he’s fine they climb out the window.

Boss is helping Rosco pick a chocolate covered cherry for a snack but Rosco can’t make up his mind. Boss yells that they are all the same and fan’s Rosco. Cletus runs in and informs them that Bo and Luke were in the file room. Boss tells him to go catch him and arrest them. Cletus leaves and Rosco asks what the boys would be after. Boss says they probably wanted Rosco’s medical records. Boss says they need to move Rosco somewhere else until the trial saying they will go to the fishing cabin at Lake Chickamahony.


Sick and Boss sit upfront in the ambulance heading to Lake Chickamahony. Rosco decides to take a nap. Bo and Luke notice the ambulance and decide to follow it. Boss is surprised to learn Bo and Luke are following them and calls Cletus to tell him they are on Mill Road. Slick hits a bump and the back door opens. Rosco yells as he falls out the back. He starts rolling down the hill toward Bo and Luke. They pass him before turning around and going after him, as do Slick and Boss. Luke climbs out the window to grab Rosco and slide them to a stop, telling Rosco he needs to stop eating pancakes. Slick and Boss arrive and push Bo and Luke back from Rosco. Boss says they caused this and Bo says Luke just saved Rosco’s life. Cletus arrives and attempts to arrest Bo and Luke but he’s too close to the General. Cletus tells them to move the car a bit so he can get out and Bo and Luke get in, agreeing before driving off. Cletus chases them and Boss decides to take Rosco back to the County Jail. Bo and Luke run from Cletus and Bo jumps a ravine, causing Cletus to run up on a branch.

Police Department

While Slick is looking over some documents, Rosco is playing with an electronic wheelchair. Boss comes down and Rosco tells him it’s fun. Rosco says he needs blackberry juice and soda water with some honey, peanut butter, and cinnamon. Boss protests, saying he’s tired of doing that and tells Slick it’s his turn. Slick says he’s being paid to be a doctor. Slick and Rosco start arguing about Slick's capabilities and Rosco says he likes how Boss does it and wants Boss to read Jack and the Beanstalk again. Boss says he’s read it seven times already and he’s sick of reading that book. Boss yells he’s sick of it all and Rosco says then he’ll go do it. Boss quickly says no and for him to stay there. Slick says Rosco has him where he wants him but it will be worth it in the end. Rosco says he’ll get the Duke Farm and has Boss push him to the table. Boss remembers that the chair is powered. Rosco insists and wants Boss to peel him a grape.

Duke Farm

After not finding Rosco, the Dukes all four meet up on their land. Daisy says they are late because they had to lose Cletus and Jesse says they checked the Boar’s Nest among other places but they don’t know where Rosco is. Luke says they went to the still sites. The four see a team of three people on their property. They go to talk to Mr. Crystal to learn Boss had promised to sell him the Duke Farm for his brewery. Luke concludes Rosco is faking for sure.

Police Department

To help Cletus, Boss called Emery Potter to swear him in. Cletus is unamused as Emery protests being a deputy. Boss snaps that Cletus needs lots of help in capturing the boys, making Cletus upset. Boss tricks Emery into swearing in by claiming he looks like Stonewall Jackson in that uniform. Cletus laughs hysterically saying he doesn’t look anything like Stonewall Jackson.

Duke Farm

Jesse calls Doc Appleby, who promises to come to Hazzard. Jesse says that the boys gotta pick up Doc Appleby tomorrow morning. However the problem is Appleby is in Chickasaw County.

Police Department

Boss holds a bowl of grapes for Rosco while reading Jack and the Beanstalk. The phone rings and Boss gives Rosco the book. Mabel informs Boss that the Dukes plan to pick up Doc Appleby for the trial. Boss calls Cletus and Emery and informs then that the next morning Bo and Luke are going to Chickasaw and to set up a road block. Boss tosses a grape to Rosco that he catches in his mouth.

Balladeer: Well the morning of the trial, the road block was set up across the shortest way into Chickasaw County.

Cletus and Emery set up a road block and Cletus argues that no one can cross the bridge. Bo and Luke head toward them and Luke turns around. Cletus concludes they won but Emery doubts it. Cletus asks what are they doing and Emery says they’re gonna jump it. A moment later the boys jump across.

Police Department

Judge Potts calls the court to order. Boss and Slick stand with Rosco, in a bed and Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter sit in the chairs. Jesse asks if they can wait until some of his witnesses get there, but Boss argues that Jesse just wants his nephews who are currently fugitives to arrive. Judge Potts decides to begin. Boss begins by explaining that Rosco was injured by the Duke boys and should be compensated. Jesse objects but is overruled. Jesse remarks he still objects and when Daisy says they need to be able to tell their side Boss objects to all the ‘objectionable people’. Cooter says he objects to that and they all start to fight. The Judge rules in Boss’ favor and asks them all to hold the objections. Boss calls Rosco to the stand.

Chickasaw County

Bo and Luke wait outside the house they were supposed to pick up Doc Appleby, worried. Bo says the trial started already and Luke says that this just had to be the morning for the baby to be born. Appleby comes to the window as the baby is born and apologizes to the boys saying it’s twins.

Police Department

Rosco claimed it was a humongous accident and he’s in misery. Boss pretends to sob before he introduces Flash. The Dukes are annoyed by it, knowing Flash is fine. Rosco says it was clearly a horrendous accident.

Chickasaw County

As they get ready to go, Appleby tells the boys it’s actually triplets, not twins. The boys are annoyed.

Police Department

Boss rests his case and the Judge asks the Dukes for their version. Jesse explains that they hold their land sacred and has been in the family since 1792.

Chickasaw County

Bo and Luke get Doc Appleby settled before leaving. Just down the road was Sheriff Little. When he sees Bo and Luke he chases after them. Little tries to cut them off but drives himself off the bridge. Luke say he don’t look pleased and Bo says he wouldn’t be either and Little is too big to be that mad. They drive away.

Police Department

Jesse finishes his speech about the importance of land. The Judge says while the story was heartwarming he must make a decision and awards Rosco the $50,000. As the Dukes do not have that much money, the Farm is given to Rosco. Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter protest. Bo and Luke arrive with Doc Appleby but the court has been dismissed. Daisy says they lost everything. Boss says they can keep everything except the land and Boss even drops all the charges. Boss says they have until 2 tomorrow to have everything off the farm. Bo and Luke offer to take Doc Appleby back but he refuses, saying he’ll get a bus. As he leaves Jesse asks if they scared the Doc and Luke says they did but they didn’t mean to. Bo asks why Boss picked 2 and Jesse says that is about how long it will take for the papers from the trial to be filed in Atlanta. Cooter says they can stay at the house and Daisy thanks him as they all walk out.

In the lower floor, Boss and Slick celebrate and Rosco asks Boss to take Flash for a walk. Boss says he doesn’t have to be nice anymore. Slick protests as the papers haven’t been filed yet. Rosco goes to walk her but Boss calls Cletus to walk her.

Hazzard Garage

The Dukes and Cooter sit at the Garage. Bo remarks it was nice of Boss to leave them everything but the land and now they got to find out how to move the house. Luke says it’ll be easier than moving the barn. Jesse says they sound like they gave up. Daisy says they still have time. Luke says they need to prove Rosco is faking. They all see Cletus is walking Flash and get an idea. Bo starts walking around, tossing peanut shells on the ground. Cooter goes over to Cletus, telling him he’s surprised at him for letting Bo get away with it. Cletus says all the charges were dropped. Cooter says Bo is littering and they were always told to keep Hazzard clean. Cletus hands him Flash before running after Bo. Cletus catches him telling him he has to give him a ticket. Bo asks if he wants one. Cletus says yes and Bo dumps them on his ticket book before telling Cletus he can give Bo a ticket when he catches him. Bo takes off and Cletus follows him. Laughing, Cooter takes Flash back to Luke.

Bo jumps a fence and moves a tub of water so Cletus will fall in. After Cletus gets soaked he runs back to the garage. Bo comes in through the back saying Cletus has deceptive speed and Luke asks that he’s slower than he looks. Bo asks now what and Luke says for Daisy to get Boss out. He says then they need to get a picture of Rosco moving around.

Police Department

While Boss is feeding Rosco, he gets a phone call. Daisy gives a fake accent saying she is looking for Commissioner Hogg and the Land Development Commissioner Hogg. She says she is Mr. Crystal’s secretary and Mr. Crystal has had a change of mind. She says he is considering another piece of land five miles north of town. Boss says that is the Mulberry Farm and he doesn’t own that. She says Mr. Crystal is out there right now and Boss agrees to go see him. Boss is upset and tells Rosco he doesn’t need the Duke Farm anymore. He leaves to find Mr. Crystal.

As Boss leaves Bo and Luke watch him and sneak into the Court House. They go yelling for Rosco and talking about Flash being kidnapped. Rosco is horrified as Bo does a fake FBI call. Slick tries to stop him but Rosco rushes up the stairs. Rosco asks Bo what happened and they say Flash is down the street. They follow Rosco out, Slick running after them. Daisy takes a picture and Bo and Luke get in the General to go after the Judge.

Boss pulls up saying Mr. Crystal wasn’t there. Jesse, Rosco, and Slick approach Boss and Bo tells him to say ‘grits’. Daisy says she’s taking pictures and takes another one. She gives it to the boys and they drive off. Jesse tosses Boss’ keys and he and Daisy leave. Boss calls Cletus and Emery over the C.B. and tells them to catch the boys. Emery and Cletus crash together and Bo avoids a crash with a pickup, snapping off the CB antenna as he does.

Boss finds his keys. Cletus and Emery confirm they haven’t caught the boys and Boss gets ready to leave. He calls Little to see if he’s listening and tells him that Bo and Luke are headed his way. Boss tells Rosco to get out but he’s stuck. Slick gets in and they leave. Jesse tires to get the boys but is unable to hear from them.


Jesse and Daisy go to see Cooter, filling him in. Cooter says he’ll be right behind them and follows with Flash in his truck. Luke shows Bo the picture and they hope to catch the Judge. Little is waiting up ahead with the road blocked. Bo says he only blocked the middle and goes around by driving on the bank.

Chickasaw County

The Judge leaves the Chickasaw diner where he stopped to eat. Cletus and Emery join the chase with Boss and the others to find the boys. Daisy and Cooter take another road as well. Cletus and his line catch up to the boys leading the line of Judge Potts, Bo and Luke, Sheriff Little, Cletus, Emery, and Boss. Bo and Little blow past Judge Potts, startling him. He stops, forcing Cletus, Emery, and Boss to stop. Potts gets out and sees Rosco in the car. As they all argue Cooter and Daisy catch up. Cooter tells Flash that it looks like he’s got more tow jobs. They all stop and Jesse asks where the boys are.

Bo and Luke continue to run from Sheriff Little. They come up to road construction and Bo jumps over it. Sheriff Little follows but lands in a hole. Luke says Bo really did it this time and he would hate to meet Little next time. They head back to the others.

Cletus and Emery argue about the cars while Boss tries to calm everyone down. Boss says they will get the Judge back to Atlanta but he says he wants to wait and find out what is going on there. Cooter returns Flash to Rosco and Bo and Luke arrive. They show the picture to the Judge. As the Judge starts yelling at Rosco, Bo and Luke shake hands in congratulations.

Balladeer: Now the Judge didn’t have time to go all the way back to Hazzard for another trial, so he reconvened court right smack dab in the middle of the road. Well what with all the evidence the Dukes had, there wasn’t much else the judge could do. So all the charges against the Dukes was dropped. And you see old Slick slippin away? Well he ran right into Sheriff Little, who was in a perfect mood to handle somebody just like old slick. So once again, things was right in Hazzard County. The taxes was paid and the Dukes Farm was saved.

Duke Farm

The Dukes are having a picnic. Daisy and Jesse are at the table while Bo is cooking on the grill with Luke.


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Hazzard County[]

Chickasaw County[]

  • Doc Appleby's Office
  • Chickasaw Diner


  • As of this episode Doc Appleby is introduced and has replaced Doc Petticord as the main physician in Hazzard.
  • This is the second time Boss planed to use a fake car accident injury to get the Duke Farm
    • The previous time was in Uncle Boss. Jesse had thwarted Boss' plan within moments of Boss revealing it by pretending someone was stealing from the Boar's Nest.
  • Boss says to move Rosco to his fishing cabin at Lake Chickamahony. This was brought up previously when Boss proposed Emery Potter and Mabel use it for their honeymoon in People's Choice.
  • When Luke stops Rosco from sliding down the hill, he tells Rosco he has to stop eating those pancakes. Luke told the same thing to Daisy after he pulled her off a rouge horse in The Return of Hughie Hogg
  • Jesse says the Duke Farm land has been in their family since 1792.