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"Comrade Duke" is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


A Russian gymnastics team passing through Hazzard stops at Cooter's garage to get their bus serviced. The team's star gymnast, Natasha (Dawn Jeffory), escapes and hides out in the bed of Jesse's pickup truck in the hopes that she can get to Detroit, Michigan, where she has relatives. Problem is, a group of KGB men and their leader, Borov (Hank Garrett), were on the bus to prevent anyone on the bus from defecting. The Dukes, always glad to help out anyone in need, find Natasha in the bed of Jesse's truck, and they decide to help her escape from Borov, who will stop at nothing to find her, and he even seeks the help of Boss Hogg.


Balladeer: Now y’all know that a Duke can drive anything that moves. And that includes airplanes, cause that’s Daisy Duke up there. I sure hope she don’t decide to jump somethin’. Now you’re probably thinking that that bus marked C.C.C.P. is filled with young people from the County Conservation Core P. It ain’t. That C.C.C.P. is Russian. And it means the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. No, I don’t speak Russian, but I do watch the Olympics. And inside is a bunch of young Russian gymnasts. And them two sour dudes upfront, they sure don’t look like coaches to me.


The General Lee is driving on the road, trying to keep a small plane in sight. Coy and Vance watch Daisy fly, Vance saying it looks like Daisy is doing alight especially because she’s only been taking lessons for a couple of weeks. Coy says he figures that is what happens when you get a girl hooked on flying and a pilot hooked on the girl. As Daisy flies, her and Darcy notice a bus below marked C.C.C.P. having some engine trouble.

In the bus, Natasha looks around nervous among the other gymnasts while Borov and Sergie talk about the engine trouble the bus is having.

Hazzard Airport

Daisy and Darcy continue to fly back to the airfield, and the boys arrive as Daisy comes in to land. Vance and Coy watch as Darcy coaches her through the landing. The boys come over to congratulate her. Darcy tells the boys that he thinks Daisy is ready to fly solo. Darcy asks if Daisy will come back tomorrow and she says only if he finishes crop dusting first. The Dukes then leave, teasing Daisy for ‘playing hard to get’.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter looks over the bus and tells Borov and Sergie it won’t be a problem to fix. Borov expressed relief, saying they needed to be in Atlanta that evening. Cooter is surprised and says it will take about a half hour and offers for them to tour the town. The men decline. Vance, Daisy, and Coy arrive and Cooter excuses himself. Vance remarks about the out of town business and Cooter jokes that he’s got a world wide reputation. The boys ask if the new radiator is in the pickup and Cooter says it’s ready to go.

On the bus, Natasha gets up and sneaks out the back window. Cooter asks if any of the Dukes have cash, to which Vance says he does. Cooter tells him to come along so he can happily take it, which Vance does. Natasha finds the nearest vehicle, Jesse Duke’s pickup, and climbs into the back hiding under a tarp.

After paying for the truck, Vance gets in and drives it away, following Coy and Daisy in the General. Cooter goes back to fixing the bus.


As the Dukes head down the road, Daisy notices the tarp on the pickup moving. She informs Coy before radioing Vance. Vance pulls over and the three Dukes approach the back of the pickup, Vance removing the tarp. All four are surprised. She quickly pleads with them, saying she meant no harm and was just trying to escape. The Dukes ask who she was running from and she tells them about the men on the bus, who are trying to keep them from getting away. Vance helps her out of the truck and introduces them all to her. Natasha shows a fancy for Coy. Coy concludes she is defecting and she says she is now at the Duke’s mercy. The Dukes tell her they are going to take her back to the farm and introduce her to Jesse. She protests but they insist. Coy takes her to the pickup and Vance asks if Coy is sure he doesn’t want Vance to drive her. Coy says it’s alright and Coy and Natasha get in the pickup while Vance and Daisy take the General, Vance joking that they are like Romeo and Juliet.


Borov and Sergie pay Cooter for fixing the bus before they depart. Borov pays Cooter, trying to give him a big tip was well but Cooter declines. The men are amused and leave, Cooter wishing the contestants luck.


Sergie counts all the people and the bus and realizes one is missing. He informs Borov, telling him it is Natasha who is missing. They recall that Natasha has family in the U.S. and realize she is defecting. They turn around to go back to the garage. Borov orders his backup to come to Hazzard before telling the others they will go straight to Atlanta and not say a word of what has happened.


Borov and Sergie approach Cooter, asking if he has seen Natasha. Cooter admits he hasn’t and when they ask about the local authorities, he gives them directions to the police department.

Police Department

Sergie and Borov go to see Boss Hogg, who is working out with Rosco watching. Boss Hogg gets his name wrong twice before settling on Mr. B. When Boss asks that a girl defected, he says they would prefer to believe she just wandered away. Rosco says enamored is the worst kind, before asking what enamored means to the two Russian men’s confusion but Sergie defines it for him. Borov threatens Boss with the repercussions if he doesn’t help find the girl, alarming Boss into action. Borov and Sergie are not impressed with Boss and Rosco overall. Boss concludes he could be a hero and asks if there was anyone else around Cooter’s. The men tell him about the General Lee and Rosco announces it was the Dukes. Boss says they probably have the girl hidden and he and Rosco leave for the farm, the two men going with them.

Duke Farm

Daisy serves tea as Natasha sits on the couch with Coy and Jesse, telling all the Dukes about her adventure. Vance says it took a lot of courage. The Dukes assure her that things are better now. As Jesse talks to her about America, Vance looks out the window to make sure no one is coming. Natasha tells them about her family in Detroit.

Outside Rosco arrives, calling to them through a bullhorn telling them all to come outside. Surprised they all go to the window as Boss says to hand over Natasha. Vance and Coy decide to sneak Natasha out the back and she protests, saying she’s caused them enough trouble. They insist. The three get into the General Lee and Vance drives off the Farm property. Boss spots them and they chase after the boys and Natasha. Rosco assures them that the Dukes will not escape.


Natasha is alarmed but Coy assures her that Vance will lose them. Vance makes a sharp turn and Rosco has to slow down bit to follow. Vance drives under a crane, alarming Natasha but they go under without incident. Vance stops and they turn to watch the others. Rosco, holding Flash, sees the crane and Boss orders him to hit the breaks. Rosco does, stopping right under the machine. It falls on the car, breaking it in half and shocking the inhabitants. Vance drives away. Vance says they have to get another car and Coy says to have Uncle Jesse meet them at the abandoned barn at Morgan’s Hollow.

Borov and Sergie blow up one of the phone poles to cut off the communication outside of Hazzard County.

Morgan’s Hollow

Jesse and Daisy arrive at the shack and Daisy asks if Natasha is alright, who admits she was a little frightened. Natasha says she feels bad that they are in trouble with the police, and Coy specifies that they are in trouble with Rosco, which is normal. Vance asks what is going on and Jesse says that the two men were looking for Natasha and Coy says that looking and finding are different things. Coy brings up some stuff he read about people defecting, but Daisy says they can’t do it in Hazzard. Jesse suggests they take Natasha to the FBI in Atlanta. The Dukes agree but Vance suggests they call the FBI. Vance says there is a phone about half a mile down the road and Jesse leaves to take care of the farm. Natasha addresses him as dyadya Jesse, startling and embarrassing him. Daisy refuses to go with Jesse, saying she is going to give Vance some company.


The four drive down the road and Coy and Natasha use the phone booth. Coy gets annoyed as he realizes the phone is dead and Natasha admits she’s frightened. Coy says it happens all the time and they’ll just go to town and use the phone there. Natasha gets worried but Coy assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her, to Daisy and Vance’s joy. They leave to use the phone by Cooter’s garage.

Town of Hazzard

Borov’s men arrive at the County building, six men, and they go inside to wait with their boss while Sergie gives a list of items they need to Boss Hogg. Boss protests, saying he isn’t even charging them rental fees for the car they are using. Borov says money is no object and they will pay whatever Boss asks. Rosco remarks that they just gave Boss permission to rip them off to Boss’ amusement. Boss agrees, and says he will get the two fastest cars he got sent to them and he’ll have Enos start looking as well. Boss starts thinking about doing business with Russia.


Outside Enos is waiting, not really wanting to help find this girl for the Russian men, but he leaves with them all.  Enos and the men all split up, looking for the General Lee. Meanwhile Vance, Coy, Daisy, and Natasha head toward town, and Natasha tells the Dukes more about her childhood. Daisy and Vance tease Coy about falling for Natasha until they notice Enos.

Vance turns around, trying to avoid Enos and Coy remarks he doesn’t know if Enos is trying to help them or catch them. Vance says it is likely both because Enos using his siren like he was gave them plenty of time to change course but Enos is still a police officer. Enos calls Sergie and tells him where the Dukes are. A miscommunication occurs because of language and Enos tries to explain better directions. Enos continues to follow and the Dukes notice Sergie in front of them. Vance turns around, aiming to get to the crossroads before Enos. They make it just in time, jumping off the road. Enos collides into the perusing cars. The Dukes stop and check as Enos checks on everyone and they drive away.


Coy and Natasha arrive at Cooter’s garage and go in through the back, seeing Cooter welding. Not really looking, Cooter calls out that he’ll be right with them. He finishes up what he was doing and turns to greet them, saying for Cooter not to tell him but that girl must be the dangerous criminal everyone is looking for. Coy uses the phone, asking Gussie if she can put him through to the FBI in Atlanta. Gussie informs him that all outside communication is down. Coy hangs up before informing them what he learned. Natasha realizes it’s Borov. The two flee, Cooter telling them if they need anything they know where he is.

Out back in the alley, Coy and Natasha inform Vance and Daisy about what hey learned. Vance says it’s probably Borov’s doing, which they all agree. Vance adds they probably have all the roads watched too before suggesting they go over. Daisy asks if he means to fly in Darcy’s crop duster. Coy asks if Daisy can get him to do that. She tries to call Darcy on the CB at the Airport and the Mechanic answers saying he isn’t there right now. Pete tells her that Darcy has three farms to dust today and Daisy thanks him. The Dukes conclude they need to hide somewhere until Darcy gets back. They all get in the General to leave.

Town of Hazzard

Boss shows the men the cars as promised and then gets in a car with Rosco. They all drive off.


The Dukes hole up in a barn. Coy and Natasha talk and Vance and Daisy watch from the other side of the barn, Daisy saying they have been talking for a half hour. Coy tells Natasha about test driving and realizes he is possibly coming on too fast. Natasha says she is just thinking about where she’ll live and how she’ll support herself. Coy suggests she marries a country boy. She wonders about being a teacher and Coy says he can help, doing a backflip for her. Daisy and Vance are even more amused and Natasha demonstrates flips and cartwheels for him. The two go to kiss but Vance and Daisy intentionally interrupt by clapping.


Pete comes out of the hanger to see Darcy returning. Surprised, he tells Darcy he wasn’t expecting him for a bit longer and Darcy mentions there was a malfunction. He promises to get right on it and tells Darcy that Daisy called looking for him, adding that she said it was urgent. Darcy gets on the C.B. and calls Daisy.


Daisy goes to answer but Vance and Coy stop her as others might listen. Daisy asks what should they do and Coy suggests maybe Darcy will give up. Darcy puts out a call to everyone saying if anyone should see Daisy, tell her he’s waiting at the airport. Everyone who is searching hears the call. Coy realizes everyone is going to the airfield and Vance says they will just have to get there first.


Borov realizes they intent to fly Natasha out of the airfield and sends everyone in that direction. Rosco decides to take a shortcut but gets them stuck in water. Rosco tries to get them out but they are just spinning wheels. Meanwhile everyone heads to the airfield.


The General Lee makes it first, and the four go toward the hanger, Coy showing Natasha the plane. The two say their goodbyes. They go inside and attempt to talk to Darcy when they are surrounded by Borov’s men. Borov comes in and approaches Natasha but Daisy dives on him. Darcy tries to pull Natasha out of danger while Coy and Vance move to support Daisy. One of the men capture Natasha and Darcy is given a concussion. A gunshot makes everyone freeze and Natasha surrenders. Vance and Coy watch helplessly as the men all leave with Natasha. They go back inside and Daisy tells them that Darcy is hurt. The boys tell Daisy they need to get him to a hospital and for her to stay with Darcy while they go change a tire on the General that was shot out.

Police Department

Enos is ordered to lock Natasha in a cell by Borov but is against it and he doesn’t see any legal reason to lock her up. Boss and Rosco come down, saying they have the right and they want her put in a cell for illegal immigration. Enos reluctantly agrees and Borov says it is just until they can move her to the consulate. Boss says in the meantime make her comfortable. Boss and the others leave to talk about moonshine deals and Natasha starts crying. Enos reassures her that things aren’t as bad as they seem since she has the Dukes on her side.


Daisy comes out to tell the boys that Darcy has a bad concussion and is unable to fly. Vance says they have to change plans. They hear Enos call them over the CB. Enos says he needs to see them and Jesse. Vance says to meet them in a half hour in the place they had lunch last Friday. Coy asks if Enos will even remember where that was and Vance says he should as it was Enos’ turn to pay.


Enos fills in the Dukes and Cooter about what happened with Natasha and expressed he has no idea what to do. Jesse says Enos will have to work it out for himself. Enos says they are taking Natasha to Atlanta at three o’clock. He says they are going to use a black limo as a decoy to draw out the Dukes and then Sergie will be taking Natasha and Borov in Enos’ patrol car. Enos adds Boss, Rosco ,and the other men will all be riding shotgun on the vehicles. Enos then says he can’t say anything else and that he loves them very much and begs for them not to tell him any of their plans to tell Natasha before leaving. Cooter remarks poor Enos and Daisy corrects it as poor Natasha. Vance says they can still fly Natasha out and Jesse reminds him that Darcy is in the hospital. Coy says that Darcy said Daisy can fly solo and Vance gets an area to weld some motor teeth on the side of Jesse’s pickup.


Natasha is put in Enos’ car with Sergie and Borov. Boss and Rosco prepare to follow in Rosco’s patrol car. Enos watches from the station as the decoy leaves followed by Natasha. He’s sad not to see any of the Dukes.

Down the road Vance checks the teeth on the side of the truck. The decoy limo heads in another direction while all the other cars continue together but are being watched by Cooter. Cooter follows the convoy, remarking they are going to have a surprise. Meanwhile Daisy takes to the air in the plane.

Cooter speeds onto the road, nearly cutting off the first car and slowing the convoy down. Jesse is driving the General with Coy shotgun and Vance in the pickup. They head out to join the chase. Vance cuts into the convoy right by Enos’ car, using the blades to rip into the car and pull off fenders and doors. Vance pulls off the back door on Borov’s side and Borov yells for the backup to come. Meanwhile Coy and Jesse join the chase and Coy ties a rope to the General.

Daisy flies down, warning Coy about the oncoming cars. She drops down and uses the pesticides from the crop duster to blind Sergie. They radio Cooter, who runs the lead car off the road. With Enos’ car stopped, Coy and Jesse stop. Coy knocks out Borov and grabs Natasha, putting her on the back of the General with him as Jesse drives off again. Coy and Natasha stand on the General’s trunk as Jesse drives, holding the rope. Meanwhile the backup cars follow. Daisy does another low pass with a ladder down but Coy misses the rope. Daisy turns to do another pass, this time Natasha grabs it and is able to climb onto the plane. Daisy and Natasha fly away.

Coy gets back into the General with Jesse, remarking that it was quite a climb, all the way to Atlanta and clean out of his life. Jesse says maybe, maybe not and she will never forget about Coy.

Balladeer: And that’s how the U.S. of A gained a future citizen the hard way. Well Boss had to forget all about winnin’ the Nobel Peace Prize and the ‘grits connection’. But he took it like a man. Never did find out what happened to ‘em other two Russkies. But I sure do hope they got some warm overcoats. Darcy got a thank you kiss from Daisy that just went on and on. And somewhere in the Kremlin, somebody is writin’ up the goddangest report on a place called Hazzard. And what they don’t know is, nothing much unusual happened.

Washington D.C.

Natasha is ecstatic as she gets her citizenship.

Police Department

Boss is sobbing in his office while Rosco tries to cheer him up. Outside Borov and Sergie leave to return to Russia.

Duke Farm

Darcy arrives at the Duke Farm and Daisy hugs and hisses him. Meanwhile Jesse, Coy, and Vance sit at the picnic table. Jesse says Natasha didn’t stay but it’s just as well, making a joke that East is East and South is South.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Daisy has developed an interest in flying and started taking lessons from Darcy Kincaid
  • Natasha addresses Jesse as 'Dyadya Jesse' or 'Uncle Jesse' in Russian
  • The Dukes and Enos meet up for lunch periodically and rotate who pays for it