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Cops at Sea is the 14th episode of the series Enos


Enos volunteers himself and Turk for boat duty when a rash of burglaries sweeps the Marina. Turk is seeing a police psychologist because of Enos' wild driving.


Enos: My good buddy Turk has been acting mighty strange since he went to see Dr. Bloomburg, the Police physiologist for his medical checkup.

Enos drives the police cruiser “Metro 10” with Turk beside him. They receive a call over the radio for a code 3, which Turk responds to the call, confirming they are going. Enos pulls out his Hazzard Deputy hat, putting it on and telling Turk to buckle up. Turk asks what’s new before continuing to work on a report.

Two men are hot wiring a car when they hear the siren of the police car. Seeing the cops arrive, the two get in the car and drive off. As they go through an interception, they nearly collide into another car. Enos peruses, apologizing to Turk as he does. Turk grins saying ‘no sweat man’ and saying for him to carry on. The two men turn get blocked by Enos and are forced to turn around. Ahead on the road, a truck pulls out forcing both vehicles to swerve around them. Enos remarks that was close, and Turk strangely calm remarks he didn’t notice. Turk wants to use the radio to let the station know what’s going on and Enos asks if he’s alright. Turk claims he is before reporting that they are in pursuit, moving north along Frontage Road. Dispatch informs him that Metro 5 is being sent to assist but they are 10 minutes out. Turk thanks them, saying for them to have a nice day. Alarmed, Enos asks if he’s sure he is okay and Turk says he is thanks to the Doctor. He asks if Enos would believe that all those months he was afraid to ride with Enos. Enos is shocked by the comment and Turk becomes flustered. Enos asks if he’s afraid of his driving which Turk denies. Meanwhile Enos turns his attention back to the chase, saying they got the men now and Turk agrees before calling Metro 5 and says they are headed East toward the old quarry. Enos tells him to hang on again and Turk asks why, saying they are only doing what they are trained to do. They continue to chase the two men around a junk yard and Turk insists that everything is good, even whistling to distract himself.

Metro 5 arrives and joins the chase. In the quarry Enos gets in front of the crooks and forces them to pull over. All three cars stop and all six men get out, Enos asking if they are alright. Dispatch calls everyone who is in San Petro Harbor Area, saying there is a possible bomb reported in the Field Depot. They order all available units to respond. Enos remarks they just got available before asking Frank to take the two men into the station for them. Frank lets them take his car and Enos gives some parting advice to the car thieves, adding the next time they steel a car he’s going to tell their mama.

As Enos heads to the Harbor, Turk says the best thing that happened to him was getting his yearly profile. Enos asks if that is why he talked to the doctor and Turk confirms it, saying it just came out like it was in the back of his mind this whole time. He says it isn’t a problem though as it’s just his problem and it probably goes back to his childhood. Turk says it’s probably him coming up with a problem in his imagination because he’s afraid of something coming between him and his friend. Enos says he thinks he understands as he loved Jackie Bob to pieces as a kid but after he died he’s been trying to come up with anything to get it out of his mind. Turk asks if that is Enos’ brother, and Enos says almost, as Jackie Bob was his hound dog. They arrive at the port and are told by a fisherman that there is a bomb on his boat and it’s about to blow up. Turk asks how he knows that and the fisherman says a crazy man just called and informed him, claiming it might just be his cousin Louie. Enos asks if the man said where the bomb was and the fisherman says his cousin wouldn’t give you the time of day. Enos agrees he has a cousin like that and he is a mean kid who killed a rattlesnake once and put it in his mail box. Turk reminds them all that they don’t have time for this. The fisherman says the bomb is set to go off at noon and checking their watches, they find they have six minutes. Another metro cop arrives, informing them that the metro bomb squad is on the way and will be there in ten minutes. Enos says they won’t make it and Turk decides for them to look for the bomb.

Enos and Turk look around the boat as two more police cars arrive. Turk goes to tell Enos he can’t find it, but Enos says he found it. He looks at the bomb and they say it will go off in three minutes. Turk yells for the people to clear the area. He then notices Enos staring at the bomb and tells Enos to stop thinking what he knows Enos is thinking. Enos says someone has to do something but Turk asks what he knows about bombs. Enos says the wires remind him of his Unable Bud’s cow milker. Enos says his uncle was always experimenting with electronics and looking at the wires since they had no electricity on the farm. Alarmed, Turk calls to see if anyone knows how to defuse a bomb but the four officers shake their heads. Turk tries to tell Enos to keep easy with it and Enos says he thinks he can do it thanks to Turk. He starts singing Amazing Grace and Turk tells him to hold it on the hymns. Enos says there is only one wire left and for Turk to go wait for the doctor while he finishes. However he drops the bomb and Turk yells while everyone gets to the ground. The bomb falls into the water.

Turk is sitting in the reclining chair in the doctors office, saying that one took the cake, and Enos nearly went and did it that time. The doctor asks if Turk is sure that he didn’t imagine it. Annoyed Turk asks how can he imagine his partner dropping a bomb. The doctor asks about him saying Enos was defusing the bomb and Turk says he was, before he dropped it. The doctor says Turk is still here though, alive and well. Turk reluctantly agrees. The doctor says Enos must have succeeded since the bomb didn’t go off but Turk says it didn’t go off because it was a dud. The Doctor says it doesn’t matter that Enos dropped it because all the fear of something happening was in Turk’s mind. The doctor says what the two of them have accomplished as a team, three commendations and an exemplary arrest record with civic volunteer work, he would certainly hate to jeopardize the relationship. Turk becomes alarmed and asks what the doctor means. The doctor says by reassigning Turk a new partner for his peace of mind. Turk becomes alarmed.

In the briefing room Lt. Broggi arrives and asks Sergeant Theodore Kirk if everyone is there. He confirms only Turk is missing and Enos quickly explains that Turk when to see the doctor as he has a problem. Broggi agrees, saying ‘I know, he works with you’, but Enos doesn’t catch the sarcasm saying ‘that’s right!’ Broggi reminds him about the day before they let a fake bomb scare distract everyone while a restaurant ship was being robbed. Enos asks if there is a connection there and that he and the Lieutenant think the same, disturbing Broggi. Turk arrives and takes his seat prompting Enos to announce Turk’s arrival and Turk snapping ‘thanks, I needed that.’ Broggi just writes them off saying ‘bless you both’. Broggi says that in a week there has been three major robberies in the marina. They have confirmed that the thieves aren’t leaving by land as they have set up security at the gates. Enos yells that they must be getting out by sea and Broggi pretends to be surprised saying ‘mercy me, why didn’t I think of that?’ Enos accidentally offends him and Turk looks at Enos to be quiet. Broggi asks how many people know how to run a boat and Enos puts of his hand. Sergeant Kirk is told to take down the names as Captain Dempsy arrives. Enos is the only one putting up his hand and Broggi intentionally ignores him, insisting anyone can do this tasking. Enos has his hand right in Broggi’s face, saying he’s been handling boats since he was three at twin lakes back at home. Broggi continues to insist for anyone else but Dempsy intervenes, looking at Enos. Broggi reluctantly gives the task to Enos and Turk. Enos asks if he likes Halibut and offers to catch one.

Enos and Turk sit in the boat, Enos fishing. Enos gets a bite and pulls up a small ship. He says they are going to eat good tonight before asking why Turk isn’t fishing. Turk says it’s okay as he’s having fun ‘sitting here smelling them’, looking sick. Enos asks doesn’t he want to eat fish tonight and Turk says if he does they can go to the supermarket. Meanwhile on the docks two men load up a boat, the Fin Quest. In the rowboat Enos checks Turk’s fishing pole and finds he has no bait. Turk asks why can’t Enos just let him sit there and be happy for him. Enos puts some bait on the line, making Turk sick and saying he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Turk insists he does, a comfortable car, a hot dog, and his sense of humor. Enos casts the line but accidently takes Turk’s hat. Turk yells at him, standing up to get the hat. Enos tries to stop him and the two fall over. They try to get back in the boat but they accidently flip it. Turk starts screaming, asking if this is in his imagination before screaming for help. The Fin Quest sees them. The two realize they need to stop as not stopping would look suspicious. They pull Turk and Enos out of the water and give them blankets. Enos and Turk thank them, and the men insist it was no trouble. Enos and one of the two, Bob, introduce themselves and Enos asks about the fish. They say they are Marine Biologists. While Enos and Turk look at some of the fish, the two men flip the row boat back up and find a radio in the boat. Turk says the radio is for emergencies as Enos’ wife is having a baby. Enos is confused and Turk insists. All four hear the call for all the harbor patrols to check in. One of the two men quickly lead Enos and Turk away to get changed, leaving Bob with the radio where Broggi insists for Enos and Turk to check in. The second man returns, having found their badge. Bob says this is bad but the other man says it’s good news as they know who to look out for now and they’ll tow the two to the security gate.

Turk is in the doctor’s office again, explaining what happened in the boat. The doctor insists that they were in a boat this time. He says for three weeks Turk has described ‘cars flying 50 feet in the air’, to which Turk corrects ‘100 feet Doc’, then Enos dropped a bomb, and now Enos nearly drowned him. The Doctor says he hears Turk telling him this was a real experience and Turk says it was, using a phrase Enos used before to the Doctor’s confusion. Turk adds that he will not team up with anyone else, he just wants to cope with Enos. The doctor says he has another appointment before tossing Turk out.

In the briefing room Broggi informs everyone that ‘Queen Feerima’, one of the richest women in the world will have her yacht with over a million dollars in jewelry will be in the marina for the day. Enos remarks that Broggi has a reason to have a headache and he says it’s actually two since he is putting Enos and Turk back on the stake out. Enos is happy but Turk is alarmed. Dempsy says they are counting on them and Broggi says that they will also have the Coast Guard helping. Enos offers to get them some fish again.

In the marina, the Fin Quest reads the newspaper about the Queen. They talk about the number of check points in the marina. Bob is worried about them getting caught but the other insists they can use the cops as hostages.


Main Character[]


  • Enos gives a little information about his family
    • Enos had a hound dog named Jackie Bob who was like a brother to him and Enos was devastated by his loss.
    • Enos says he has a cousin who is mean and once killed a rattlesnake and put it in Enos' mailbox
    • Enos mentioned his Uncle Bud who likes to take apart electronics to see how they work. He says his Uncle was fascinated with them since they didn't have electricity at the farm and once he was done he would give them to the kids to play with.