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Nathan Cosgroves is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Enos Strate to the Top[]

Leader of a group of bank robbers. As Tom and his partner of his men come out of the bank and he sees them remove their masks and get their picture taken. When they approach him and tell him it was a piece of cake and no one will know what hit them he snaps that they will now, calling them idiots. He explains that their picture got taken as they left the bank. He tells them all to tail the truck and they will grab the film at the first lonely spot Daisy and Jesse pass. He tells his driver to move and he does, but after a few moments the General Lee with Bo and Luke start to ram into them. He tells his men to pull away and when they ask about the film he says they can trace the truck and ‘that orange bomb’.

While at Cooter’s garage, he sees the General Lee pull into town. He orders his men not to let anyone see the car and tells his driver to remind him to thank the Motor Vehicle Department. His driver tells him the pickup is also registered to the same address as the General, the Duke Farm.

When night falls they all go to the Duke Farm. He tells Gumbs to check the glove compartment in the pickup. He says if they can’t find anything they will have to pay the Dukes a surprise visit. When Gumbs hits the horn he yells they blew it and they need to get out. He says he will cover them. When Bo and Luke come outside he shoots at them, causing them to take cover. He takes out the tires of all the vehicles and they flee.

They realize they need Daisy to get the film. They run the pick-up truck with Daisy, Bo, and Luke off the road. While the Dukes are surprised, two of them grab Daisy and he covers Bo and Luke with guns before taking Daisy to the car with the other two. After they make their escape, he has Daisy call the boys over the C.B. and he tells them that he will give them Daisy for the roll of film she took. Luke asks what he’s talking about and he says he wants the prints and negatives. Bo tells him that they dropped the picture off to get processed and that they won’t be back until that afternoon. Cosgroves says they have nothing to say until then and Luke asks how do they know Daisy is alright. He lets her talk again. He tells the boys to have no tricks.

Later he calls Bo and Luke and says he hopes they are smart enough to tell time. Luke says they will be doing time if anything happens to Daisy and he tells Luke that depends if they got the film. Luke says they should hand it over to the Sheriff and Daisy tells him they can be stubborn and she should speak to them. He agrees but tells her to mind what she says. Daisy tells them to do as asked as the fishing is terrible and they need to keep trucking. She tries to take off but his men grab her. He assures Bo and Luke that she is safe on the radio before insisting that they bring the film.

The group moves to another location, figuring Daisy told the boys where they were in her message. He watches the truck from on the hill, seeing Bo and Luke arrive. He uses a bull horn to call them and tells them to step out where he can better to see them. He tells them to toss the film over and Luke says they didn’t bring it. He says that he’s lucky to not forget his gun and pulls it out. Bo tells him he has to believe them. He tells them all he’s gotta do is kill Daisy and Luke pleads again. He says they will keep to the original deal and they need to come alone.

The back of the car Daisy says that he isn’t going to get away with it and Bo and Luke are way too smart to let him. He says they will do anything for her but she is the only one who can identify him and he can’t let her live to do that.

When Bo and Luke arrive at the meeting place, he watches the exchange happen and his men shoot at them. They flee in the car and as his driver does Daisy tries to jump out but he holds her in. Daisy tells them to hunker down and he looks back seeing the General flying at them, shocked he dives down. Daisy laughs saying she told him he should have gotten down and takes his rifle saying ‘looks like you can't use this cute little thing anymore’. They are arrested by Rosco.