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The Driver is a minor character from the Duke's of Hazzard.


Enos Strate to the Top[]

He waits with Cosgroves as Gumbs and his partner rob the bank. He and Cosgroves see Daisy take the two's pictures by accident. He is told to chase after Daisy and that they will get the camera. He is told to run Daisy off the road and quickly pulls up along the pick up. He tries to run her off but she manages to stay on the road. He starts to ram into the back of the truck repeatedly but is forced to abandon the task when the General Lee comes up behind them. Bo and Luke ram them from the side. At his Bosses insistence, he leaves.

While at Cooter’s Garage they see the Duke’s and Cosgroves tells him to remind him to thank the Motor Vehicle Department for leading them to Hazzard. He pulls out his notes to say that the vehicles were all registered to the same address.

When night falls they all go to the Duke Farm. He waits with Cosgroves to see if they find anything. After one of their men hits the horn on the truck, they get back to the car and they flee.

They realize they need Daisy to get the film. They run the truck with Daisy, Bo, and Luke off the road. While the Dukes are surprised, two of them grab Daisy while covering Bo and Luke with guns and take Daisy to him and Cosgroves. However Enos arrives and he comes up behind him to kick him down and out of the way. Bo goes to help but he points a gun to Bo telling him not to move.

Later he watches Cosgroves talk to the Dukes and Daisy attempts to flee but he manages to catch her again. The other two help restrain her.

When Bo and Luke arrive at the meeting place he waits behind the men holding Daisy. When Bo and Luke toss over the film, the others hand him Daisy so they can start shooting. After he drives himself, Daisy, and his boss away. At an intersection they go a different way than the truck. Bo and Luke chase after him. He thinks they lost Bo and Luke and Daisy says he has as much chance of losing them as she has sprouting horns. Daisy tells them to hunker down as they aren’t going to believe what is coming. The General lands on top of the car. They are arrested by Rosco.