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Minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Enos Strate to the Top[]

After robbing the Atlanta Bank, he and Tom return to Cosgroves to tell him it was a success. However they are informed a woman had taken their picture as they exited the bank and removed their masks. They quickly take off the blue jumpsuits used for the robbery and throw them in the trash.

He gets in the back seat and listens to Cosgrove explain his plan as they chase after Daisy and Jesse Duke. They are surprised when the General Lee comes after them instead.

While they are at Cooter’s Garage, they see the General Lee pull into town and quickly pull the garage doors closed so that the car will not be visible.

When night falls they all go to the Duke Farm. He is sent to check the General. However when his partner accidental hits the horn, he rushes to help him. Cosgroves says it’s too late and they need to leave. They get in the car and flee.

They realize they need Daisy to get the film. They run the truck with Daisy, Bo, and Luke off the road. While the Dukes are surprised, two of them grab Daisy while covering Bo and Luke with guns and take Daisy to the car with the other two.

Later when Cosgroves calls Bo and Luke, he and his partner stand by. Daisy shoves him over and tries to escape but is caught again and they help restrain her.

Later they watch Bo and Luke arrive to their hideout, holding Daisy in place to allow Cosgroves to talk to them.

They hold Daisy as Bo and Luke arrive at the meeting place. When the boys toss the film they hand Daisy over to the driver and start shooting at the boys. They then get in the truck and drive away, turning left at an intersection with Enos following. They realize the truck is useless and head to Hazzard to get a faster car.

They  dump the truck and steal a car. Enos chases after them and they drive off and into a pit of quicksand. They intend to shoot Enos until Enos shows him that they are in quicksand. They surrender and Enos arrests them.