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Cowan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Rustlers[]

He is waiting in the truck for Dunlap to finalize a sale when Dunlap comes rushing out and turns on the C.B. He asks what is going on but is quickly shushed. He hears the Sheriff say he saw a horse run a quarter mile in 19 seconds and tells Dunlap that isn’t possible but is shushed. After the conversation ends he asks Dunlap where are they going, and is told they are going to the Tolliver Farm.

While at the farm they see the horse get spooked and take off, commenting ‘look at that horse go’. After he turns to his partner commenting ‘what a horse’ before asking when they take him. He is told as soon as they get the horse trailer.

When he and Dunlap are at the Fairgrounds the next day, Dunlap comments that the horse has been switched. He asks if Dunlap is sure to which Dunlap reminds him that he has been around horses his whole life. He asks what is going on as the Sheriff arrives. Despite not knowing what is going on or where the horse is, Dunlap decides to call a buyer and sell the horse. Confused, he asks that Dunlap is going to sell a horse he doesn’t even have yet.

At the base camp he listens to Dunlap sell the horse. When Dunlap hangs up he tells him that is just great and he hopes Dunlap knows how to find the horse. Dunlap says he doesn’t have to, as someone else will do that for them.

At Dunlap’s insistence they follow Rosco and he asks how he knew to do that. Dunlap gives him a metaphor but he doens't understand and is sent to get the truck. They load up the horse and he drives while being told to be careful as he almost crashes into Bo and Luke going the other way.

As they drive the radiator goes and he comments that’s terrific as they were just leaving town. Dunlap tells him that he will stay with the horse and for Cowan to take the van to town and get it fixed. He promises to talk to no one as he unhitches the trailer.

He goes to Cooter’s Garage and nervously waits on him to look over the engine. He asks how long will it take and Cooter tells him about an hour and asks what he’s been doing in Bronson Canyon with that much red dirt and clay. He asks why and Cooter says he was just wondering. Cowan asks if the drink machine gives cold drinks and Cooter says sometimes before he goes to get one. He stays close to Cooter until Cooter finishes, then he leaves to go get Dunlap.

While at the camp he starts to break it down. As he is putting the horse in the trailer, Bo traps his shoulder from behind. When he turns he is knocked out by a punch from Luke and is carried by Bo. Bo throws him on Dunlap and he wakes, grabbing a shovel to attack Luke with. Luke knocks him ono his back, stunning him. He wakes up to see Bo driving away in the van and they chase. When Dunlap says not to let Bo get away, he says he won’t and Bo can’t go too fast pulling a trailer. When Bo jumps out of the moving vehicle he continues to chase the van. When they see it’s empty he remarks there was no other way to get the horse out. He is told to go off road. They spot Luke and the General and chase after them. They are about to enter the fairgrounds but see Rosco. He tries to flee but is cut off by Cooter and Bo and are arrested by Rosco.