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"Coy Meets Girl" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Some old friends of Jesse's are moving from Hazzard to Loomis, and Coy and Vance are driving their antiques to their new home in Loomis for them. Coy and Vance are hijacked and robbed by Clooney (George McDaniel) and Potter (Robert Gray), a pair of crooks that Boss Hogg hired to do the hijacking. What no one knows is that a teenage runaway named Bobbie Lee Jordan (Michelle Greene) stowed away in the back of the truck, and she saw the whole thing. Bobbie Lee ends up at the Duke farm, where she has a crush on Coy. Clooney and Potter hear about Bobby Lee witnessing the hijacking, and they will stop at nothing to silence her.


Balladeer: That ain’t General Lee, that ain’t even close. But that’s an Apex Rent-A-Truck and Coy and Vance are in it because they’re doing a good turn hauling some very valuable antiques for some old friends of Uncle Jesse’s who moved over to Loomis. Now why anybody would leave Hazzard for Loomis is beyond me. But some folks is peculiar. What Coy and Vance didn’t know was that they had a couple of runaway stowed in the back of that truck. A teenage orphan named Bobby Lee and her dog named Max. Things are off to a pretty good start ain’t it?

Coy and Vance drive a truck while a brown car follows from behind. Coy notices the car is swerving, the passenger frantically gesturing to show they don’t have any breaks. Coy and Vance wonder what they can do to help. Meanwhile a young teen and her dog are hiding in the back of the van. Coy lets the brown car slowly bump into the back of the van to bring it to a stop. He and Vance get out to check on the drivers of the car. The two men pull guns on them and Vance snaps at them for their reaction and the driver says they’re breaks are working, they just figured it was a good way to get the Duke boys to stop. Bobby Lee looks through the window to watch as the men express they are trying to get the truck. Vance and Coy fight them but Vance accidently knocks out Coy and allows the men to capture them. Bobby Lee and Max hide in the van, realizing escaping now isn’t going to work. The men move Vance and Coy off to the side before taking the van.

Police Department

Rosco remarks that Boss must have ice water in his veins for hijacking the boys like that. Boss is baking, making creeps and Boss corrects his pronunciation. Boss says that the boys will be out of his hair after this and Rosco says he can’t wait to see the look on their faces.


Vance and Coy, now free, walk along the road, trying to figure out how those men knew who they were and what they had. Coy proposes someone they know, Boss Hogg, had told them about it. Vane asks how they would know what they were hauling. A man comes up on a motorcycle and asks if the boys need some help. Vance is told to go with the man back to the farm to fill in Jesse and come back for Coy.

Dixie Moving and Storage

Clooney and Potter take the truck to the storage building. As they start pulling out items, Bobby Lee rushes past them and out of the truck. Stunned, the men give chase. Bobby Lee runs through the forest, setting a trap for the men and hitting them with a tree branch to knock them down the hill. The men then leave to inform Boss.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy hear back from Jesse’s friends, learning the boys haven’t arrived with their stuff. Jesse tells Myra they’ll be there. Daisy says if the boys aren’t’ back in a half hour they are going to look for them.


Bobby Lee comes onto someone’s farm where she sees a scarecrow. She figures it’s dressed better than she is and decides to swap clothes.

Police Department

Rosco is surprised Boss is going to pour his whiskey into the creeps and Boss gets a phone call. He hands the alcohol to Rosco telling him to pour just a little bit in there and then light it with a match. Boss answers the phone to hear Clooney and Potter. They tell him about Bobby Lee while Rosco pours too much whiskey in the pan. Boss tells the men to find the girl before hanging up. He then lights the pan causing a minor explosion.


Coy continues walking through the woods. Bobby Lee walks through the woods as well, falling into quick sand. She starts screaming for help, and hearing her Coy runs over. Coy grabs Bobby Lee’s hand and pulls her from the quick sand. Coy asks if she is okay, assuming she is a boy. Recognizing him, Coy says she is alright. Coy tries to get them to strip out of the wet clothes only to find it isn’t a boy but a girl. Coy remarks about how many ungrateful people there has been as he begins to take off his shirt. Bobby Lee asks what he’s doing and he says for her to put it on. Coy sits down while Bobby Lee goes into the bushes to change. She thanks Coy for saving her life.

Duke Farm

Vance fills in Daisy and Jesse before saying they got to get Ed and Myra’s truck back as those items have been in their family for five generations. Vance says he’ll find them after he gets Coy. Jesse tells Vance to also report it to Rosco.


Potter and Clooney drive around, looking for Bobby Lee. After they pass, Bobby Lee and Coy come to the road. Coy asks if she always travels that light and she realizes she left her suitcase in the truck. She tells Coy she left it on a bus and Coy says they won’t catch the bus there.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco move the creeps to another room, Boss remarking the day is an obstacle course. Rosco says he looks like a barbecued Hogg. Boss remarks he won’t say what Rosco looks like. Enos comes knocking at the door with Cletus. Boss says Rosco is going to the Dixie Diner to get him a sandwich. Rosco refuses and Boss threatens to fire him if he doesn’t have a sandwich in ten minutes and Rosco agrees. Cletus is unable to hold back his laugh any longer and asks what Boss wants him to do with the wanted poster, holding up the image of Bobby Lee. Enos explains that the girl ran away from Hatchape County and Boss realizes this could be his witness. Boss tells Enos and Cletus to find the girl, don’t let anyone talk to her, and get her to town. Cletus and Enos stumble out of the office. Boss is annoyed with everything and is hungry.

Enos and Cletus go outside. Enos remarks he never thought Boss would be so concerned over a missing orphan and Cletus says she isn’t missing but is a runaway. Enos says they usually run away because they are usually missing something, usually love. Cletus says it’s his turn to drive but Enos disagrees. They argue but Cletus ends up driving.

Duke Farm

Bobby Lee eats at the kitchen table with Jesse and Coy. Jesse asks that she is sure she never saw the truck which she says she hasn’t. When Jesse remarks how young she is, she claims she is eighteen and has a job waiting in Atlanta. Coy says they can probably scrape up a bus fare for her, which Jesse agrees and pulls out some money from his overalls. Vance joins them in the kitchen, taking a cookie. Daisy comes in a few minutes later as well, saying she has a few things that will probably fit Bobby Lee. Vance tells Coy they need to get going if they are going to find the hijackers. Bobby Lee thanks them and Jesse says for her to just take care of herself. The Duke men leave and Daisy goes to look for clothes. Bobby Lee admits to feeling bad about lying to the Dukes but she doesn’t want to go back to the orphanage.

Police Department

Rosco returns to the police department with a pot and Boss complains about how long he’s been gone. Rosco says he had to clean up and Boss remarks he’s still a mess. Seeing the pot, Boss remarks that it isn’t the sandwich. Rosco says he went to the diner but all the waitresses were gone as they don’t eat lunch at the dinner if they can help it. Rosco adds he knew that Boss wanted gourmet food and went to the supermarket. Boss finds that there was a live lobster in the pot.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Bobby Lee get into Dixie, preparing to leave.


Vance and Coy drive around, spotting the car for Clooney and Potter. They chase after the men. Up ahead is Mrs. Morgan’s Molasses truck. They avoid the truck only for the load to be spilled on the road. Coy slides through the molasses, taking them out. Vance comments on his driving.

Daisy and Bobby Lee near the bus stop. Bobby Lee says she’s going to miss them and Daisy challenges her, saying she saw the way Bobby Lee was looking at Coy. When Bobby Lee says that Coy probably has a steady girl, Daisy says there is none that she knows of. They arrive at the bus stop and Daisy apologizes as she can’t stay with Bobby Lee due to helping to catch the hijackers. Bobby Lee asks for a picture of the Dukes after she gets settled and Daisy teases her about Coy again before she leaves.

The two men drive by and see Bobby Lee at the bus stop. They stop and sneak up, grabbing Bobby Lee and taking her away. Bobby Lee screams for help, and Daisy being still close hears it and stops. She rushes back and parks next to the men before jumping on them. Daisy beats one down and grabs Bobby Lee. They flee and Daisy asks who they were.

Police Department

Coy and Vance tell Boss and Rosco about the hijacking. Boss says he doesn’t believe them and the boys become annoyed. Boss accuses them of being the hijackers and Coy takes a clipboard. Boss tells Rosco to investigate the boys and Vance decides to leave. Coy returns to clipboard and they head out. Rosco says he should have arrested the boys and Boss says they haven’t planted the evidence yet. They check on the cooking lobster before the phone rings. Clooney tells Boss that they found the girl but then they lost her. Rosco assumes Bobby Lee told the Dukes but Boss says that isn’t’ likely since the boys haven’t gone to the warehouse. Boss gets another phone call and tells Mable to get him Apex Rent-A-Truck.

Apex Rent-A-Truck

Vance and Coy go into the store, accusing the dispatcher of informing Boss where they were. The dispatcher gets upset at the accusations before getting a call from Boss to rent a truck at seven am the next morning. The boys learn Boss owns the company. Annoyed they leave and realize Boss knew the whole time what they were doing. Coy asks what he wants another truck for. Vance says they are either going to use the other truck for a decoy or to split the load. They boys head back to the farm.

Police Department

As Rosco breaks the lobster’s shell with a hammer, Boss tells the dispatcher he wants the truck at the Police Department in one hour. After hanging up Boss tries to eat the lobster and shoes Rosco how to properly eat a lobster. Rosco asks what will happen to Bobby Lee. Boss says they will ship her back to the orphanage and no one will believe the girl.

Dixie Moving and Storage

While the Dukes discuss plans for the next day, Clooney and Potter move the antiques into the second truck. Boss and Rosco oversees it and tells the boys to use the back road to the Duke Farm to leave it.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy try to find out what Bobby Lee is hiding from them but she refuses to tell them. Vance and Coy arrive, surprised to see Bobby Lee is still there. Daisy tells them about the attempted kidnap. Jesse suggests it’s the hijackers and Coy says she has a knack for getting in trouble. They decide for Bobby Lee to spend the night and Vance says they have some planning to do for now. The boys sit down and fill in Daisy and Jesse about everything.

Boss, Rosco, and the two men drive the truck to the Duke Farm.

Bobby Lee is cleaning the General Lee when Coy comes outside. Coy says it wasn’t necessary and she says she just wants to earn her keep. Bobby Lee helps Coy with the General and they talk. Bobby Lee asks why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and Coy says he figures the right girl hasn’t come around. She suggests he isn’t looking in the right direction and Coy says he isn’t really looking at all. She tells Coy when he does start looking, she would like him to look at her. Coy says she is a nice kid, a very pretty young lady but she needs to go do things with her life. Upset Bobby Lee storms off, saying Coy is just saying he’s not interested in her.

Boss, Rosco, Clooney, and Potter watch from the hill. Boss confirms that Bobby Lee is there and tells Rosco to call Enos and Cletus. Boss orders the men to move the truck into the barn.

Coy knocks on a bedroom door, trying to get Bobby Lee to answer. Meanwhile the men put to the stolen truck in the barn. Thinking they aren’t wanted, Bobby Lee decides to run again. She climbs out a window and starts to run away when she sees Boss and Rosco drive up to the farm. She flees and Boss radio’s Enos and Cletus to find a way to catch her. Enos gets out so he can commander another car. Boss calls Clooney an Potter and tells them to go to the construction site.

In the Farm house Vance and Daisy try to help Coy coax her out to find Bobby Lee is gone. The boys go outside and Rosco and Boss confront them saying they are going to be arrested for the hijacking. They point out the stolen truck and Jesse and Daisy physically hold Boss and Rosco back so that Coy and Vance can drive away.


The two crooks arrive at the construction site to cut off Vance and Coy. The boys arrive, hitting a pile of dirt and jumping over the car. Boss, Rosco, and Flash stop to prevent from jumping and move to go around the dirt pile only to hit Clooney and Potter.

Enos takes a tractor and the owner shows him how to use it. Enos then heads out. Cletus spots Bobby Lee and puts her in his car.

Jesse calls the boys to see how they were and Vance says Boss was probably going to move them today. Jesse says they won’t move the goods as long as the boys are loose. They separate to look and Cletus calls Rosco to inform him that he found Bobby Lee. Coy and Vance overhear the conversation, learning  Bobby Lee is a runaway from an orphanage and that Boss and Rosco want her quiet. The boys talk and wonder why Rosco is worried about her talking.

As Cletus drives, she asks what he was talking about and Cletus asks what difference does it make to her. She tells Cletus she saw the whole robbery and Coy and Vance had nothing to do with the theft. Max crawls over to Cletus and he starts sneezing while also trying to tell Bobby Lee to stay out of it. Cletus is forced to stop from sneezing so hard and gets out of the car. Bobby Lee grabs the CB and calls the Dukes, telling them what she remembers about the location. Coy and Vance realize she means the warehouse at Pine Junction while Boss and Rosco also listen in. Bobby Lee also tells them where she is, tossing Cletus’ keys away.

As they drive, Boss and Rosco are worried about the fact the Dukes now know where the warehouse it. Rosco states he's worried about havign to arrest Boss, which annoys Boss significantly.

Vance calls the other Dukes to see if they heard any of that and Daisy and Jesse confirm. Vance asks Daisy to go get Bobby Lee.

Daisy pulls up to Cletus car and calls for Bobby Lee. Bobby Lee runs to Dixie, warding Cletus off with her dog and getting in the jeep. Daisy drives away and Cletus,, having found his keys, attempts to follow. Meanwhile Enos continues to drive past, waving at Daisy before accidentally running Cletus off the road. Enos stops to check on him, helping pull him out of the wrecked car.

Dixie Moving and Storage

Clooney and Potter arrive at the warehouse to take the antiques to Atlanta.


Potter drives the truck of antiques onto the road near route 16 and 3 junction, with Clooney following in the car. Vance and Coy arrive and fall in behind them, still being chased by Boss and Rosco. The group drive into a field where there is artillery fire. Vance informs Coy that he read in the papers the week before that the National Guard was holding war maneuvers and they are now in the middle of it. All the occupants become alarmed as the artillery continues to go off. Boss and Rosco end up in a hole created by one of the shots, destroying the car. Rosco helps get Flash and Boss out and they flee to safety. Rosco’s car is blown up. Jesse pulls up and picks them up. Vance and Coy are worried about the truck.

Potter abandons the van and gets in the car. The boys run them into another pit and capture the two men.

Balladeer: With Bobby Lee’s eyewitness testimony, Coy and Vance were cleared of all charges, and Clooney and Potter were convicted of hijacking. Boss and Rosco slipped off the noose, what with no evidence against them except for the word of them two heavies. Jesse’s friends over in Loomis not only got back their family heirlooms, but two new members to the family as well. Bobby Lee and Max. Who they planned to adopt, thanks to Uncle Jesse’s help and the orphanage. Now you know she’ll be back, because there’s one thing for sure that little girl’s gonna keep on growing, and Coy Duke better watch out.

Ed and Myra

Police Department

Enos and Cletus take Clooney and Potter to Atlanta, Boss and Rosco watching from the County Building steps.

Duke Farm

Coy, Bobby Lee, Myra, Daisy, Ed, Jesse, and Vance exit the farm house, saying goodbye to each other. Coy and Bobby Lee say goodbye to each other before the Dukes all wave goodbye to their friends.


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  • In the beginning of the episode, Vance hits Coy in a fight. The Balladeer justifies this as the boys just starting to work together again for the first time in a long time.
  • Cletus states in this episode that he is older than Enos.
  • Cletus appears to have allergies to certain types of pet dandruff, never having an issue before with Flash but sneezing around Bobby Lee's dog Max.