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Coy Randolph is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


He is wanted for armed robbery, felonious assault, and suspected homicide. He was once arrested by Jude Emery and vowed to never shave again until he kills Jude.


Jude Emery[]

He joins Russel Harmon in Hazzard and serves as the gate guard for their hideout.

After a fight breaks out between Bo and Luke with Snake's men, he sneaks into the clearing while Jude is trying to get everyone to calm down. When Jude says he’s arresting Snake, he pulls out a gun saying ‘you ain’t arresting nobody cowboy’ and tells him to drop the gun. When Jude doesn’t recognize him, Snake informs Jude of who he is and Jude asks ‘is that you Coy? I didn’t recognize you with all them whiskers’. He greets Jude before explaining that he vowed to not shave again until he got Jude, and it looks like tonight he’s going to shave. Jude tells him not to shave on his account as they give him character and covers up all the ugly. He watches Patch and Snake decide to have an arm wrestling contest against Luke.

He watches Luke and Patch arm wrestle until Daisy arrives, interrupting it. Daisy gets out and volunteers to drive for Snake and he hears Willie want to test her. When Patch and Luke go to fight again he fires his shotgun to get their attention. Patch wants to settle with Luke first and they agree to jump cars in the morning with Bo and Snake riding shotgun.

The next morning he is guarding the gate when the General comes tearing at him and he is hit by the car as Bo and Luke destroy the gate and make off with Jesse, Cooter, and Snake. When the Dukes and the others come back through he goes to shoot them with Patch but Grady shoots at the ground in front of them, making them surrender and they are arrested by Enos who says they have some nice wanted posters of them in the men's room.

After Snake is arrested and they are all taken into custody, he is taken back to Texas by Jude with Snake, Willie, and Patch to face the law there. As they prepare to leave, he helps tease Jude for kissing Daisy.