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Cullen is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

Knowing that it is Enos Strate’s day off, he takes an unloaded gun to rob a liquor store. He keeps the gun pointed at the clerk when he hears Enos call for whoever is in there to come up. He asks if that is Enos and comes out to see him. Enos remarks ‘not again’ and he fully exits the store fully saying ‘Enos, I swear I thought it was your day off.’ Enos tells him to meet his friends from back home, showing Cooter and Daisy. He smiles saying 'Welcome to California', accidentally pointing the gun at them and making everyone nervous. Enos tells him to stop waving the blessed gun and he looks at it saying it ain’t loaded. Enos says he knows it but everyone else doesn’t. Enos says that Cullen promised him he’d stay out of trouble and approaches him saying his mama is going to have another fit. Upset Cullen asks that Enos isn’t going to tell her and Enos says he’s afraid so. Cullen starts to cry asking why and Enos tells him not to do that. Enos says it will be alright, patting Cullen’s back. Enos again tells him it will be alright and says he’ll take Cullen to headquarters. Tami hands Enos a set of handcuffs and Enos tells him to put the on and get in the car. He goes to protest and Enos tells him to go. He does, remarking his mom is going to kill him. Enos says that is the eighth time he’s arrested him.