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Culpepper is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

Billy Ray calls him to tell him that he and Catfish have their usual set up. He tells them okay and for them to rent some space for a training camp to make it look good and to get it somewhere in town where people can see it. He says he’ll be down right before the fight. As he goes to hang up he says they got it made and he will see them soon. He tells his partner what happened.

They arrive in Hazzard and he and Billy Ray review the contract. He points out the part that says about them getting all the money if Luke doesn’t show and he tells Billy Ray that is the ticket and to take care of that contract as that is the one that will get them the money, slapping his arm. He says it’s like taking candy from a baby. They then turn to watch Catfish practice.

He and his partner drive out to the Duke Farm and he asks if Luke would like a ride to the fight. Luke says he has a ride and he says that isn’t very neighborly of Luke before pulling out a gun and telling him to get in the car. Luke gets in and he keeps him covered as they leave.

Seeing the General Lee coming up, he tells his partner that whoever it is they are coming on fast. Luke says that Bo and the General can catch anything on wheels. He remarks Bo can’t if he doesn’t have wheels and starts shooting at him. He manages to hit on of the tires.

After losing Bo, they pick up Rosco and Jesse. As Rosco keeps getting closer he becomes alarmed. He tells his partner they need to get rid of the evidence and for him to slow down a little bit before turning to Luke and telling him to get out, which Luke jumps out.

They wait at an abandoned barn for Ray Lee and Catfish. When the two arrive he asks where the money is. Billy Ray says he has it but the Dukes are coming and he pulls out his gun saying ‘you mean they were on our tail’. They watch Bo and Luke approach and begin shooting at them. When Bo drives away he remarks they are turning tail if they have any sense. When the boys turn and come back he shoots out the windshield. He is shocked to realize they are about to jump through the barn and take cover. Bo digs them out and helps them up as Luke gets the money. They are all arrested.